Romance scam letter(s) from Lawrence Smith to Sophia (South Africa)
Letter 1

I am positive, by the challenges life has brought; playful and fun, but passionately and serious about the important stuff(love) I have learn to throw some things back and move forward, I believe LOVE goes to those who believe in it, know that whatever you give to life must return back to you good or bad. I am ambitious to touch the lives of those in need of help and heart broken in any way I can. without trust and faith love cannot go any where. I lost my wife and I am not searching for a woman I will jump in bed with but I'm determine to find my precious Eve(Wife) I wanna spend the rest of my life with and I will be her Adam(husband).
I am successful in my career, hard working but at the same time enjoy a social life.. I live by certain standards. I take great care of my appearance and I am very strict on personal hygiene. I grant respect and expect the same in return.. I am never moody and have been told to have a great personality. I love outdoors and I appreciate nature as well. I work full time but also know how to cook up a storm in the kitchen and love to spoil the special people in my life mostly my daughter. Going to the gym to keep fit love beach too, love to live show. So I'm seeking for a companion who live by the same standards. Especially someone who takes extra care with her appearance and personal hygiene. Above all this we must put God first in all we do before our family.
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