Romance scam letter(s) from Wisdom Palmer to Kitty (Germany)
Letter 1

I am General Wisdom Palmer A native of West Chester, Pennsylvania, I earned commission from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York in 1976. My assignment was Commanding General of the United States Army Forces Command. Additional commands include: the International Security Assistance Force - Joint Command (IJC) in Afghanistan; the 82nd Airborne Division; 2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division; and 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). I commanded companies in 75th Ranger Regiment, and 1st Armored Division. I holds a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College and a Masters of Military Art and Science from the United States Army Command and General Staff College. I was born 23/10/ 1957 I'm a single father with two kids , there means the whole world to me.I would love to find the perfect woman to spend the rest of my life with,A woman who should not be scared to be loved and to show love too.I had a situation whereby my wife sleeping with my ex boss and ,when i confronted them they denied this and i later got to know about this. Unfortunately for me it took me awhile to trust any male or female.i have since got over that.I' a man of my word and don't play around nor joke with something that is so important in a man life . Well a little about me I'm Divorced for 5 year now . I am a easy going man,winky and always happy am of a good sense of humor,honest,straight and caring with a good understanding am a responsible man cause I was brought up from decent home by a decent parents. I am a Christian by religion and practice it when I am less busy do love reading news-papers, watching daily news and discovery channels,goes out for good wine taste with friends on my off-days and then love to travel as-well . I love English foods, sea foods, vegetables and fast foods, pizzas,roasted meat and more. Can you tell me more on your like and dislike, things that gets you angry easily and make you happy, your favorite foods, drinks and more on your occupation? I hope to hear from you ........please send me pic of you.
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