Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Golden to Francy (Italy)
Letter 1

Come on yahoo..I just wanna know if your okay and pls don't forget to make the payment tomorrow morning as you promised
Letter 2

What is going on there?? Have you make the payment cuz I don't have much time on me here at the base
Letter 3

Letter 4

Good morning Francesca, How was your night? hope you slept well! i have to thank you for everything you have done in the past for me and also for trusting and for your promise to help me. Dear Francesca , i was so sad yesterday regarding what is happening and i understand that you were also sad as well but please i care about you so much so i want you to be happy always . I was very concerned and confused because i don't want you to make any mistake . You started by telling me that the USA military gave you details which is where i became confused because i have already explained everything to you and gave you the receivers information to the base where my leave will be processed. Dear Francesca , Today is the last day i have to stay in this quarters and i am not sure what my fate will become but please i want you to keep to your promise and make sure you are following the right protocols so that everything will go well ok . I want you to know that you mean the world to me and i cherish you so much so be happy with me and always try to understand me instead if arguments .What i want you to know is that it is dangerous to keep the MTCN 10 digit numbers of an already sent western union information for security purpose, if you have sent the first payment then release it to the department and when you send the rest everything will be added together . I will give you the email address of the department so that you will contact them yourself for personal verification Also make sure the payment was sent to Akeju Roland which is the information i gave you in the Federal Capital Territory , please do not make payment to any other western union information that is not what i gave you , this is for security purpose ok. Below is the department email address so you can send an email to them and give them the information of the money you have already sent and they will keep it in the their record ok That is it , i hope to hear from you Duke
Letter 5

Now I will leave you alone with michael and I will never interfere between both of you,I also hacked commander Steve Bruce email account so that I can get in-touch with you,have a good life mrs
Michael Golden
Letter 6

My name is Mark Donovan from Economic and financial crime commission(EFFC) in Nigeria.
We got a notice that you have made different transaction to our dear Country Nigeria through Western Union and Money gram in recent weeks.
Therefore we have contacted Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) about a named Sgt Michael Golden and Duke Amato which has been told us as a fake names
We have also contacted Western Union and Money gram about the details of all the money you have sent and the names which the money is been sent.
We want all your full co-operation and without informing anyone including your friends and families about this operation until we get this criminals.
Therefore,Western Union and Money gram will send the full details to us soon and we will be on the trail to get all this criminals who scam innocent people on social site but we promise you that your money will get back to you as soon as we get them and Nigeria government will reward you.
Thank you for your full co-operation and we want your reply soon.

Acting Director
Ibrahim Lamorde
Letter 7

Good morning ma'am
We appreciate everything you have done for Sgt Amato,I'm assuring you that he will get home safe and sound,I want you to make the rest of the payment this morning so that we can finish what we have started,mail the rest of the payment to Sgt Michael Golden.
God bless America
Letter 8

This is the man that has been killed yesterday by talibans
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