Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Marvin Stanley to Meiling (Philippines)
Letter 1

Hello Madam , we just receive an email from our Military Vacation head office that your request has been approve , you most be a very lucky woman, Madam at this point you have to send to us some vital information about yourself, this information will enable us arrange a document for you called (BROWN CARD MILITARY DOCUMENT), This document stand as a prove to the United State Of America that this Vacation which was given to your Husband was requested from you as the wife.

And why this document is also needed its because your Husband will be coming to your country directly and this document will cost you just little , which is Three Thousand Five Hundred American dollars , we will send to you our secretary bank information on how you are to send the money to us here in America to enable us get the document for you and with out this document your Husband will not be allowed to move out from our base here in Syria cos there is no document to prove that he has a vacation from our Military Vacation Authority. this are the personal information we need from you.

1.Your Full name .....
2.Your Age ...............
3.Your country and state .........
4.Your home address ....
5.Your Personal Phone Number...
6.Scan us any of your identification, such as your international passport or identity card.

Once we have received this information from you we will send you our bank information on how you are to send the Three Thousand Five Hundred America Dollars to us here in America. immediately we receive the money from you the (BROWN CARD MILITARY DOCUMENT) will be scan and send to you so you can send it to your Husband OK.Once we have received this paymnet for the (BROWN CARD MILITARY DOCUMENT) from you we will send you our bank contact which is (STANDARD CHARTERED BANK) so you can contact them and let them know that you where instructed from Military Vacation Authority and you want to know how your Husband vacation allocation allowance will be transfer to your account. the money which our bank will transfer to your account is for your Husband vacation allocation allowance,will be Six Hundred And Fifty Thousand American Dollars this was the Vacation Allocation Allowance that was issue out from our Military Vacation Authority for your Husband . Congratulations once again for your Husband approval .

Managing Director Ray Scott.
Congratulations once again for your Husband approval General Mark Stanley.

Managing Director Ray Scott.
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