Scam Email(s) from Rupert Marc-Andre to Mary (Canada)


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Letter 1

Hello Dianne...Thanks for sharing this much with me i enjoy reading all you wrote am still very much interested in getting to know more about you ... how have you been doing hope you having a great weekend , actually am new to this and am doing my best to express every bit of me if you will like to text or call some times am open to that you have my number you can as well send me yours here , i also want you to know that i will love to meet with you some time in the future as we get along though i don't know what you schedule could be but when ever you feel is convenient for you to meet i will be available ,i want you to know that i was on the dating site because i want someone i want to spend the rest of my life together with for a long lasting relationship am not just looking for facial beauty am looking for the outside and inside beauty some one that knows the true value of a relationship , someone i see myself going on a long ride with , going to the mall with to do shopping , some i want to spend time with in the beach having nice time , spending time together in the kitchen cooking together some one that will be there for me now and always and i believe we can both make this right.

Sharing a lot more about me with you, As A child growing Up has a long Trace Spend most of my life with my late uncle who Adopted me when i lost my Parent in Switzerland.I like lot of Colors but my favorite color is Blue, for Occupation Professionally am Business Entrepreneur in to General Contractor i deal in the production and sales of Chemicals, n ( industrial , Agro & Allied Chemicals) . For Sport i like a lot of sport but my favorite is Tennis, For Music i like Classical , Jazz and R&B don't like Hip hop because it always noising, For movies i like Action and Horror Movies ,Food i love Sea Food. some day i would love to visit Paris and China , For gathering i prefer Intimate than large ground because i could be shy at times.

I thought it would be helpful if I shared what some of my likes,dislikes,Interest and Passion with you. This will give you an idea about the man you are communicating with and probably spend the rest of your life with.....

- honesty, trust, compassion, thoughtfulness, caring, considerate, respectfulness, intimacy, touch, caressing, helpfulness, handiness, motivation, hard working, loving, reliable, supportive, down to earth, flexibility.
- the four seasons, favorite being fall. Least favorite, winter.
- being by the water, lake, stream, river, waterfall, ocean etc. I love to being it, on it, near it.
- I am very sensory stimulated. I love all kinds of music, smells, sounds, tastes especially coffee and chocolate!
- My favorite flower are painted daisies, hence the name of my golden retriever Daisy.
- I love a good fire, inside or out and of course the smell of the wood burning and the crackle of the logs.
-I enjoy the outdoors.
- Liars, cheaters, story stretchers, gossipers, irresponsibility, laziness, rude, disrespectful, complainers, poor parenting, unreliable, selfishness, possessiveness, etc.
- I hate the Noising environment
- trying new, unfamiliar foods.
- Being the best man and person I can be for my partner
- Always being there for my family, friends, partner
- Being a hard worker.
- To see me and my partner be successful, happy and healthy in Our relationship
- To full fill my bucket list before my time ends.
- To travel around the world.
- To find love that will last for ever
That's basically me in a nut shell. I am an open book so if you have any questions, ask away!

Let me see, what else can I share about me i will wait to receive your mail . I trust that you will have a lovely day.. You are in my thoughts,
Will be thinking of you am happy to have a new friend Like you this relationship means a whole lot to me now.
Always i Care.




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