Romance scam letter(s) from Dennis Menz to Kelly (USA)
Letter 1

I was born and raise in Germany Berlin and move to United State 4 yrsnow.I have been single for about 4 to 5 yrs now...My ex wife was a cheater and i hate to be single so i just want to give my self a second chance to see how things can work true out here,,,I haven date American woman before so am giving it a try to see how it goes and how things can change in my life..Am very simple guy with few words and hate to cheat or play silly games with someone feelings..The reason why i divorced my ex wife was because she was sleeping with my best friend i used to take good care of him and his family..I used to travel a lot,because of what i do for a living,Then they are very happy that am living for a project work,so they can have fun and sleep together.The was a time i travel to France Paris and my business doesn't exist so i used to come back home and i was trying calling my ex phone and the phone was off and i try calling my house line and she doesn't pick the call...So she is not knowing that am on my way coming home,I came and enter my house and looking around and i couldn't saw anyone around..My daughter as been in school on that day...Then i have to go upstairs and change my self then get some rest to wait for my family to return back home...But the time i went to upstairs i hear some noise going on over and over...I open the door and it was my ex and my friend making love together and laughing at the same time...I didn't say any word to them and i went down stairs and pick somethings and went to see my ex parents..I told them what happens when i got back home from my trip,this is what isaw..I told them am done with their daughter and i can't be with prostitute and am getting a divorced papers right away...That means my divorced ends 4 and half years now before i moved to U.S.A...My parents have pass away for about 6 to 7 yrs now and am the only child..My parents are very wealthy before they pass away,My dad was a gold dealer and he put me into his business in about 35 yrs now...I do enjoy the business very very much and is very interesting job...I take in charge of the 2 houses because am the only child...I rent the 2 house for 15 yrs before i move to here,I do this because the must be a time my daughter will be mature and handle everything her own..She is my queen and everything i own in my life...I want to be with someone who can love me with all is heart and not because of my money..You seems very nice person to me and i will like to know more about you...I'm looking for someone,caring,understanding,trust,honest,kind,passionate,affectionate,cheering,respect,faith,God fearing and good sense of humor.
Letter 2

Good morning my dear..How are you doing and how was your day going...I just came back from walk and i will love to hear from you this morning..I hope everything is ok with you this morning..Are you having a busy day or less busy...Dennis
Letter 3

Yes tomorrow is Friday and am leaving to Germany and pick my daughter to the State on Monday..Her name is Doris
i miss talking to you right now and am online waiting for you before i should jump into bed...Dennis
Letter 4

i missed talking to you and it seems like you are always busy and can't visit the chatting im...Dennis
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