Romance scam letter(s) from Spencer James Johnson to Margaret (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello beautiful Margaret, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about myself, I am really happy to have received your message. Just a short honest description about myself, My name is Spencer Johnson,I Live in England at the moment, I am due to retire in a couple of months so I am making plans to move here and settle down. I love it here in Wellington, Its quiet, the people are friendly, accommodating and also very receptive. I am here right now, in the final negotiation process of purchasing a property here, I am very excited. I've heard so many good things about Kiwis and people that Live here in general, my Dad was American but My mom is from here, she is a Hastings girl, My assistant also is married to a Kiwi and they have such a beautiful Life together. I am not bothered about Ethnicity, I mean romance and love has nothing to do with where you from, its who you are and what you want but I just thought I explained one of the motivating factors that has influenced my moving down here. This whole thing is new to me, my assistant actually put me up for it, I've never been on a dating site before so forgive me as I ramble on.. I've been married, but now Widowed. My wife died from Child birth and I've still not been able to forgive myself for not being there at the time. It took me a while to recover as nothing and no one meant anything to me thereafter. I've been single for 8 years now. I am looking for a woman who would let me Love her like I've never loved anyone else before, who would open up her heart the way I am ready to open up mine, who I can build a future with on a foundation of friendship, companionship, trust, communication and Love. A woman who I can spend the rest of my Life with, someone who is capable of loving me,the way I am ready to love her. We would spend quality time together, we would laugh together, share jokes, hold hands, go on walks together, talk about and do everything together and Live forever in Love and Happiness. This seems unrealistic and fictional but if you put your mind to anything,it is achievable. I am a very passionate Lover, I give my 100% and I don't turn back or give up no matter what. I believe in the concept of Friendship and Love and all its attributes of selflessness, Patience and Kindness.. All these years, after the death of my late Wife, I've exerted all my energy into my Job and Career and ignored my ability to be a great lover. I will do anything to be that Loving man again. Time will tell.. I'm creatively driven, hard-working, generous, kind, considerate, compassionate and very ethical. I always try to do the right thing-even though that's usually the more difficult path. Love to laugh I think I laugh too much. lol I also like to travel, read, take walks and dance, I hate to blow my own trumpet but I'm a good dancer and a very good cook. You should see me on the dance floor and in the kitchen. Lol. I like golf, Tennis, basketball and of-course football. Maybe I'm talking too much, LOL..sometimes I get carried away, I don't intend to bore you. I look forward to reading from you too, so you can tell me more about yourself. Any question you would like to ask, be rest assured that i will be glad to answer. I've attached A picture of myself. you can do so in your next email as well... Warm Regards, Spencer Johnson
Letter 2

Hello Margaret ........ First of all,I'd like to say thank you for your beautiful piece of email. It did put a smile on my face and i was also a bit shocked and suprised at your outburst. it took me alot more than an email to open up to someone i havent met before and only to get this sort of email. I run my own construction company, i am a responsible individual,if i had a partner i won't be on a dating website. just so you know darling i was literally forced to register on this site by my best friend just because he and i felt it was about time i open up to someone else. I will just quickly say that all I am looking for is someone with a good heart, who's capable of loving me the way I am ready to love her. We seem to have a lot of things in common. You know exactly what you want and that's very admirable. I don't desire a woman who's confused.. I'll like to be Friends with you first,I'll want to talk to you every day,Friendship breeds Love.The reason why a lot of relationships have failed today is because they were never friends with their partners. Communication is very Key in every relationship, it makes things much more easier. I look forward to talking every day, share our experiences (Bad and Good), tell our funny stories, tell me about work and your family and kids, Laugh together and become great friends, great friends always turn out to be the best lovers. I always tell people that a relationship is like a piece of Cake, where Friendship is the cake itself and Love is just the icing. I am also very sorry about your last relationship,but Like Myles Monroe would say, Good things fall apart for better things to come together.. Like I said,I want someone to love and be happy with. I am not looking for someone to mess around with; I want someone I can show love and be happy with for the rest of my Life. All this years, I've not been with any woman. After the death of my Wife 8 years ago, I've dedicated my life to my work, and suppressed my needs and my ability to be a great lover. I will give anything to be that man again. i have a half brother who is at the army in America, we get to speak once in a while the last time i saw him was in April, we were in canada together.My mother lives in England,i bought her an apartment couple of blocks away from mine so i can keep an eye on her every time. Since she lost her husband i think life have been pretty difficult for her because i knew how much she and my dad were in love. Also congratulation on been a Grandmother, i am sure it's one of the best feelings in the world, the joy, the excitment it's just unexplainable. and i have no doubt that you did make a great and sweet grandmother. between you look absolutely beautiful and gorgeous in the picture you sent to me. i have saved it on my computer. also congrats to your son, when i was much younger i always used to wish i was part of a band because i love dancing and cooking as well. you should see me when i am in the kitchen cooking i always have the music on so loud just so that i will be able to dance and sing while cooking. So tell me a little more about you, Tell me more about your work and exactly what you do. How long have you been on the site and are you talking to other people? Do you believe in Love and all its attribute? Do you want to get married again ? Do you believe in God? I will like to know your view on these issues. I can be that man that you want, I am not perfect but I am a good man and your definitely the kind of person I am interested in knowing. you seem like an amazing woman, your email hit me somewhere I can't explain, I hope things work out between us, I will like to meet face to face as soon as possible and spend some time with you, I am already excited just by talking about it.. I hope to read from you soon and I am looking forward to getting pictures from you.. Anything else you want to know about me ? Please ask, I'll be more than happy to answer. Regards, Spencer Johnson
Letter 3

No i haven't bought the property yet, i am waiting to have a second viewing on the property before making up my mind. My mum lives in West London, which is where i also live as well. still waiting to read and get to know more about you darling. hope to hear from you soon....
spencer johnson
Letter 4

Was so nice reading from you this morning, woke up with thoughts of you and no i am still in london..Such a wonderful experience I am glad we are both beginning to have a wonderful conversation, we are getting to know each other better and I love the feeling although sometimes when I think of internet dating in general , it looks so awkward but what can we do. Earlier in our life's we met people either , at work, parties, bar, movies . When I sit back and look at my life 15 yrs ago I never ever felt thought I would one day be back on the dating scene searching for a partner and soul mate, I am not looking for a perfect partner and neither am I searching for a perfect woman I am not perfect and I do not see the possibility of meeting a perfect woman, all I seek is a woman who knows what she wants and is completely honest with me about everything. i don't care about the age difference as i believe everyone can be as young as they want to be. i am not bothered about your age all i am bothered about is winning your heart and treating you like a princess the way you are meant to be treated. Thanks for asking about my Mum she is doing great and still strong as ever loool. Hunger Game is such a beautiful movie, i saw the first one and i am hoping time and my schedule from work will permit me to see this second one. I have learned so much through life and this has kept me going non stop, I know good things don't come easily and I am ready to put in what I can to make to make it work out. I am being optimistic that I will be lucky and will easily find someone that will sweep me off my feet , someone that will walk beside me and not in front or behind me. I want to walk with my woman hand in hand down every valley and up any mountain. I was married to a wonderful woman for over 25 years of my life and I never had to regret it even for once and I learned that communication is a very important factor in starting up a relationship. I run my own construction company, i am into railway construction and management, i have been doing this for the last 15yrs of my life and to be honest i love my job so much. Due to the nature of my job, i have visited almost 32 different countries and mostly Asia and the Far East. i tend to do management consultancy on railway development for most European countries as well. i have done well for myself and it's all been with the help of God because i believe he was the only one that understood what i went through after the death of my wife. I am looking forward to getting to know much more about you and if you do have any questions about me feel free to ask me, that's why we are communicating...Can't wait to meet up with you and good luck with the interviews and i hope the best man gets the job. Yours
Hopeless Romantic
Letter 5

Hello Margaret,
I am sorry if you found me calling you Lyn offensive or disrespectfull, but in all honesty i felt Lyn was the short form for Margaret, in all honesty i didn't think it will get you upset and all i sincerely apologise for that. Now i know better not to call you pet names anymore. i hope to read from you soon. i do enjoy reading your mails Margaret,i hope you find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. spencer
Letter 6

Hi Margaret,
how are you doing? just thought i say hi to you i miss reading your mails..... Spencer Johnson
Letter 7

LOOOOOOOOL, very funny seriously????? don't mind changing my name for you. Yes i am still in the UK,should be with you in a couple weeks...can't wait to see your pretty face and spend quality time with you. what's your cell phone number, will love to put a voice to the pretty face and gorgeous smile of yours. attached to this email is a picture of me hope you like it. lots of love Margaret
Letter 8

send me more pictures of you darling,can't stop thinking about.can't wait to see you soon. also will call you later on in the day
lots of love
spencer johnson
Letter 9

Hello Margaret,
happy new year and i hope you had a fantastic christmas????? i have been trying to get in touch with you but for some funny reason your phone number which i had doesnt seem to be working. i miss talking to you and reading mails from you. could you please get back in touch so i know you are ok as i havent heard from you for such a long time. i am really worried.
hope to hear from you soon lots of love
spencer johnson
Letter 10

Hello Margaret, I am very delighted to have read your message, every word has a way of bringing me closer and closer to you.. I am so sorry for the delayed reply. The last few days have been horrible for me as it has been one meeting after the other and I went straight to another meeting as soon as I arrived England. Its hard for people to keep up with me sometimes. I arrived London Early hours of this morning from Monte Carlo which is the south of France where i have been for the festive period, I am still very jet-lagged but I've been itching to check to see if I had a message from you. Its easy for me to mobilize from here most of the time as It is central Europe so I am here most of the time.. I am back in a few weeks....I am very excited because i would like to meet up..
I believe in Love and all its attributes and its such a beautiful feeling when the one you love, loves you back. Like I always say, I would like a honest, loving and caring woman who will always be there for me,who would let me love her and care for her too, a woman who can be my best friend and I can tell everything to, Laugh, talk and walk together. i will never mess you about or play games with your feelings. i do not have a lady friend with me and i haven't had a lady for almost 5months. i have dedicated all my time and i have channelled all my energy into my company since i am due to retire in a couple of month. please Margaret believe me i don't have anyone else apart from you and since the day i started talking to you i havent spoken to anyone else. call me or send me a text when you get this please i am so anxious to hear from you again baby..... hope to read from you soon lots of love
Your darling Spencer

Letter 11

Hello Gorgeous, I have been sleeping since I got off from work, I didn't realize how tired I was. I've gone into a deep trance thinking about you and our life together if this works out and I know that It will..I am in a really happy place in my Life right now Margaret. I can't explain the Joy that overwhelms me when I receive your messages, The feeling is like when you are so sure that you've struck a balance, an equilibrium between how you want to feel and how you feeling already. I don't even know how to explain this, I feel like I am speaking gibberish. But what I feel is so strong already, I can't even contain it.. Please forgive me if my communication is in-consistence,my plate is so full at the moment, sometimes I feel like 24hrs is so no longer enough..I want you to know that I'm not perfect, I hope I don't pose that image, I'm a Man who might have some flaws and my life has been a bit of a roller coaster, you could never imagine what pain I went through loosing My late wife. I know all about the lonely heart but you have woken mine up and now i have something to look forward to and my heart just always smiles now.

I look forward to our time together and that is what i want to focus on. I can't wait to meet you. I feel like a kid waiting to go on a vacation to Disney Land.. You are a part of me now and I don't want to ever lose you. I don't say all these words just to make you smile or happy, I don't even want to sound sweet, I actually mean them. I wish I could rip out my heart, just so you could see how much this means to me. I believe in a lot of things, especially in the law of Karma that says 'what goes around comes back around', it keeps me in check especially with my utterances so I don't promise what I cannot deliver.

Knowing this, I promise you today, never to hurt you and be there when you need me always. My feelings for you would never be compromised, it has gone way passed physical attraction,I will do anything to make you happy and I'll do what it takes to make this work, This is a promise. You've hit me in a place that no one has been able to and I can't express how I feel, Its such a strange feeling especially when I have never met you, it seems like we have been together for so many years. I just want you to be safe around me and Know everything about me. I stay in 63 Clayponds Gardens W54ER, in a small apartment that I bought here in London, Its small but its beautiful. In the US, I live on 39 Tamarack Road, 07620, Alpine New Jersey in a Duplex with a beautiful garden and a pool.

I will also like to know where you live, I trust you,

I know we were meant for each other, Please don't ever lose fate us Okay? I am not putting you under any kind of pressure, take your time, but this is how I feel already... THIS SONG TO YOU: by John Legend. I hope I haven't come across as a bit insane. I understand the need to be cautious and to be honest I don't want to pressure you into anything, I am ready to go every step with you, as slow as you want it, until you can genuinely give your heart out. Let me quickly assure you that the last thing I want to do is hurt you.. I want to be that man that you want, Please trust me to take you to a happy place, sometimes its hard for me too you know, to say these things I say without feeling like a complete idiot, after I had typed this email to you, it took me about 20mins to decided weather to send it or not, I didn't want to feel stupid or rejected, I was almost certain your reaction would not be pleasant but i took my chances anyway.... Its funny how I can feel like this already, Its quite embarrassing but the last thing I'd do is hide my feelings.. i hope to call you when you wake up....sweet dreams
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