Romance scam letter(s) from Louis Smith to Kathy (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello, How are you doing today?? and how have your day and week been so far?? I'm Blessed and wonderful By the Grace of God.. And Yes i Made it here safely, thanks for all your prayers, Smile. Well i just got the internet connection working here today, so that now i can be able to write and email you sometime.. You have been on my mind allot and I've been thinking of you much.. Have you been thinking of me as much as i've been thinking of you, hmmmm Well I look forward to talk with you again soon and hearing your sweet voice and Laugh.. I'll try calling you tomorrow, Until then, please take very good care of yourself for me always because i care... Hugs, kisses and lots of love from me to you, God Bless, Guide and Protect you always, Your Black King, Me, Louis.
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