Romance scam letter(s) from Alexander Bruce Michael to Jennifer (Switzerland)
Letter 1

Hello, This is Bruce from OKC. I want to say thank you so much for the chat over there and thank you once again for your email address i really appreciate it. But before we move any further i am really going to put a lot of effort into writing this letter to you in hopes it will provide you with a good understanding of who i am, what i am all about and what has made me the person i am today. The reason i am going to write a letter rather than just send a message is, because i am serious about wanting to establish a quality friendship with you and because of the fact i rarely contact anyone on here, so when i do you can be rest assured i am serious about my intentions. Am looking for a partner that will be able to listen to me, communicate her feelings to me, make me laugh, hold and comfort me in need, stand by my side, respect me, passionate lover in every way, support me in every way, love me and only me, make me smile, protect me when needed, romantic time to time, constantly reactive and treat me right.... I know you will think what is a cool guy like me doing on here.. Yes the reason i came on to the internet to find the special person who deserves all the love and passion that makes up my heart and soul is because i do not have the time to meet others out in a public setting and the fact i feel you can learn so much about someone through letters, as a person has to take there time and think about the words they want to express, so it allows you to gain a better understanding of someone than you would probably otherwise. Dear, the very reason i am interested in establishing a friendship with you is, because i feel i have alot to offer you in the way of a friendship and i know i have a lot to share with you that will be of interest to you and even some things that will surprise you. I am very much a man of substance and i am very unique in today's society. I have such a strong understanding of what i feel my role in life is suppose to be. I am a man of integrity and my word is my honor!. I have very high standards for myself and my life is all about providing love, peace and happiness to others. For you to get a better understanding of me. Picture a waterfall in your mind and instead of all the water overflowing it is all the love and passion i have in my heart to give to others who are deserving, as the love and passion has an endless flow coming out of my heart. Where others write many people keep their messages short because they are all about how many they can write. I am the opposite and very selective in whom i choose to write and i like to give them my very best even if it is in a long letter such as this. I know the type of person who i want to build a friendship with so i am willing to put the time and effort in my messages to show that to you. I want you to tell me all about you and the kind of relationship you seek as i would also do the same. I will stop here and wait for your reply Warm hugs to you
Letter 2

Hello, How are you? fine i hope. Thank you for the reply i really appreciate it. I ill be happy if you can always be honest with everything you tell me on here, because am new to this internet Scene and i ill like to meet a caring, loving woman to keep a friendship with and always make each other happy all the time. I hate to be cheated on. I don't know how to cheat on a partner and i ill be very happy if you can always keep to your words too. I am so gratified to write you, because i am really interested in talking with you more to see how this goes. let me start by introducing myself. My Names are Alexander Bruce Michael, but my preferred name is Bruce. I was born here in the US, but brought up in Ontario, Canada and later relocate back to San Bernardino here in CA. I am 6.2ft, Light Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes. I'm sales distributor of Antiques, jewelries (Gold, Silver and Diamond ) to be precised. I spent most of my life in on tour, because i traveled a lots. Over the years, I have been very lucky to have traveled to some inspiring countries, with lots of interesting people. It broadened my horizons and gave me an insight into other ways of life. I am still single, never married and searching for a decent lady for a serious relationship. My Dad is from CA while my Mum is from the Canada and right now I'm just out of Canada. I'm in California right now. Basically my reason of coming to CA was, because of my business and some other reasons as well, but will fill you in as time goes on, though my dad was from CA and i have been here a couple of times that's why i chose to come back here. I'm the only child of my Parents. I was young when i lost my Dad to an Auto crash and also lost my Mom to a Cancer illness 5 years ago. I am now in CA to start a new life. So a little more about me, i am the type of guy that believes in chivalry. I like opening doors and holding hands and i thrive on both giving and receiving affection. I have learned to be more of a communicator and better listener to my partner. I value my integrity and will defend it whole heartedly if necessary. I place a high value on my friendships and relationships with people and if you have earned my respect you have earned my loyalty as well. When I love someone i am very intense and allow myself to be vulnerable and put it all on the line. I never pretend to be something i am not. I am more of what you see is what you get. I am not the best looking guy or claim to have the best body or have a lot of money for that matter, but i know who i am and i am secure in the fact that i am a good person. I have a kind sense of humor, Outgoing type, laid back, Communicative and love to laugh and to make that special someone laugh also. I am very sincere in finding true love for a life time and am a very loyal Man. I do not smoke or do any drugs. I am very easy going, Down to Earth. I am also a very passionately romantic Man, but can be with only that one in which i will share all life with. I am 43yrs old Got no kid. I am a Catholic by Faith ( Practicing ) and do have the fear of God in me. I love to listen to music. I also like animals too. I like so much to list. What i am seeking in long term is based on Love, mutual respect and understanding. I have not been into many relationships, though got out of one 4 years ago and have been single ever since, but will tell you all about it as time goes on. I want someone that will love me unconditionally, be there for each other and that is how i see the future. My goal in life is to be with a partner that loves me and loved her in return and have a happy life in a home filled with love. Also for you to be my best friend, to share everything with, as well as passionate lover. I know that not everything in life can be perfect all the time, but i am willing to always do my best for my future Partner. She will always be my first priority. I am very, very sincere in finding my partner in life and and I hope that the above gives you a brief insight into Bruce, i will stop here and please do tell me More about yourself, where you from, what you do for a living and what you are looking for?
Hope to hear from you soon
warm Hugs to you
Letter 3

Hello, How are you? fine i hope, thank you for the heart warming reply and thanks for taking the time to read my letter i really appreciate it. You are an attractive woman i must say, i know i saw your picture at OKC, but just want to have something to always look at. I am new to this internet dating stuff and i see it as a means of taking my time to get to know someone before moving to the next level. I want you to know that i intend to take my time in getting to know you very well before meeting, as i found myself attracted to you and i hope its okay with you. A little more about me. I am a simple and laid back type of man, being happy means a lot to me and i tolerate so much up to a fault as most of my friends will say. I don't get pissed easily and i try as much as i could not to be sad, but when the thought of my parent come's around i get a little bit down. I left Canada not quite long, after which i moved to California. I went to the university got my college degree and i buy and sell antiques as i told you. I came to California to start a new life, which means i plan on staying permanently and also needed to establish my business here and focus on gaining experience while challenging at best. Friends are back there in Canada and i want to find that special woman that would be my close friend, my partner. Someone to love me for me, someone to give me reasons to be more, someone to call my own and she treats me with respect as i would also do the same for her. My last relationship was two years ago and after then i have been single for about three years now and only married to my business. I live here alone in San Bernardino. I bought a house, just moved in not quite long, although some of my stuffs are still in Canada including my dog (Jack n Jill ) the name of my dogs, they are Adult Puggles, but mixed breed. I love them so much and they are the only family i have got. I have been kind of going and coming from time to time and that is the reason why i left them under proper care with a friend. You know its not easy to relocate completely from a country to another, so by the time i settle down completely then i will bring them over permanently, so i just want to take my time and not rush anything. I want you to know that Connecting on all levels is what i look for in a special relationship with potential. (In spirit, heart, mind, body and as friends ) How we resonate energetically, loving life, level of consciousness, living with passion, choosing joy, having a heart for people, being present and emotionally available are also important to me. I look forward to sharing in realizing dreams, exploring potential, traveling the world and the full power of love. My best friend describe me as good company, encouraging, easy going, loyal, big hearten and a gifted communicator. I'm also known as being warm, thoughtful, humorous, affectionate, articulate, romantic, passionate, eclectic and loving. In my own time i enjoy sharing live music, performing arts, movies such as comedies, travel, sports, big cities, the countryside, gardening and special time at home. I also like to sing, write poems, listening to music, swimming, playing Basketball, watching TV. I like to stay active, value staying in shape and i currently participate in bike riding, being in nature. I have positive expectancy for sharing in a healthy, balanced, fun, inspired and mutually rewarding relationship… yet i also focus on the joy and blessings of life each day. I respect women a lot, diversity and i am sensitive to equality and fairness. I am a lifter of people and not a game player. I am always feeling grateful for what i have and bring fun to most things i do. I am commitment to being of integrity, life long learning, self-actualization. I am looking to get to know a woman who is Sincere, Kind Hearten, Caring, loves life, dares to dream, lives with passion and has an open heart and mind. I value an inspired connection, a wonderful friendship, great communication and exciting chemistry. I would like to match with someone who is on the grow, warm, fun, affectionate, kind, strong, easy going, energetic, intelligent, active, loving and full of life. I am open and flexible to where a relationship may lead. I am interested in sharing meaningful communication, companionship, joyful moments and exploring a loving rewarding relationship. I hope i didn't bore you with my desire. I will stop here and hope to hear from you soon.
Warm Hugs To You
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