Romance scam letter(s) from Raymond Andrew to Trang (Vietnam)
Letter 1

Hello dear,
It is great to drop your email in Vietnam Cupid.
Glad to get a respond from you, this really showed that you're an open minded person which is good ground for a healthy relationship or friendship - I do appreciate your openness.
Well, i will just write little things about me - but i am sure with time, couple of emails and of course talking on telephone you will know so much about me. I am first born and the only child of my parents. And my name is Raymond Andrew i was born on 10th July 1975. I am 46 years old. My father has passed away and my mother is still alive she live here in London with my daughter and a maid servant . I have been married with one daughter but my wife dies three yrs ago in a breast cancer And would love to get married again with the right person. I am originated from Netherlands ,the Capital City of Republic Of Netherlands and based in Scotland United Kingdom but right now am in USA i will be coming back to Scotland tomorrow i went to visit my friend. I'm an Architects and Real Estate Management do Architectural Engineer, meaning i took after my Dad's profession, i was to be a biochemist but my dad and mum advise me to study engineering which am happy with today, i design and construct houses, roads , bridges and shopping Malls . i do also the sales on building Materials ..i love my job coz i do travel some parts of the worlds..and I have a Master degree, a good paying stead. I am looking for someone who is really ready to settle in marriage and just someone to make me happy everyday someone to talk with when i am down and someone to enjoy life pleasures forever - i hope that this someone special is you.
I don't mind if it comes to relocate to another country all I would say that ..wherever the love of my life will be, i will be beside her - so it depends on her idea.
I like traveling,cooking,reading, i like golf game and i play it as well. I like swimming,road walking,walking on the beach. I like listening music,i also like snooker. I like going out for shopping with my daughter.
kindly let me know all about you .
Have you been to Netherlander or Scotland?.
What is your work?
Looking forward to hear from you.
Feel free to ask me anything and i will not hesitate to answer them.
Thanks and regards
Letter 2

Good morning my Love, darling i don't know how to tell you this my Wife, i feel ashamed to ask for a little friend could only Send to me only 7,000USD That he was out of money please i still need the balance of 1,425USD Darling i don't know where to get remaining 1,425USD honey please try all your best to help me,i felt helpless now my love being a foreigner here is hard for me now, cos i don't know any person here if i know this earlier,i would have bring enough cash please for the sake of God and love we have for each other please honey help me my love,i will pay you back immediately, once i receive it i will wire it back to you before coming to meet you, i promised to refund back wherever you may get it with any amount of interest that will be involve please. i understand how you may feel now,but just for the trust and love we have for each other,all i want is to settle this now and be there with you,we have a lot to share together thanks my love..
yours Husband
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