Romance scam letter(s) from Sinclair Ryan to Alison (Australia)
Letter 1

Dear Hi, How are you and how's your day over there it's nice to meet you here and i will like us to know more about each other if you don't mind you can write me on RyanSin2015@outlook. com or you drop your email so we can communicate there always.. hope to you hear from you soon and have a lovely day....
Letter 2

Hello dear,
How are you doing, hope great, It’s my pleasure to receive your message directly after communicating you in the site, To be sincere with you, this is my first time in a matrimonial dating site, Luckily I have come in contact with you, It’s really an honor to know you here, Thank you so much for bringing out your time to drop those few lines of messages, Hopefully this communication would bear a good fruit, I have never involved in all these stuffs before but i have heard a lot of testimonies regarding people who were blessed through online dating and they found their soul mates. It’s amazing dear and am sure it is going to be nice to get to know each other well, It's going to be my pleasure to know more about you and your family, Thanks for writing me directly once again and i believe It's a start for a serious and positive communication.
Meanwhile, I want to introduce myself to you, My name is Sinclair ryan, I was born on 24th September, 1968, I am 47 years old, My father has passed away. He was originated from Belgium but nationalized here in London, I was born and grew up in Belgium, I am the only child of my family, I live here in London from where I am communicating you and I'm a pharmacist, working with Novartis pharmaceutical, My job keeps me busy most time, I was married but i lost my wife after a brief illness, I have one lovely 8 years old daughter, Her name is Cherry, She is a sweet loving girl, We both living together with a house help who takes care of her when i am gone to work.
My mom live back home in Belgium with her maid servants and her cat. She loves the environment there and I do visit her quite often. My late father was a wonderful kind man and a philanthropist. He has worked in various ministries and organizations in the past and assisted many people both spiritually and financially. my dad was a contractor who has worked with foreign companies in the past. He has also done some contract work in Malaysia and some South East Asian countries last few years on contract basis but things didn't go well, I am in the process of getting the contract fund back from the countries involve, I attached my picture and that of my daughter for you to see, I hope you like them and thanks for the lovely pictures of yours you send to me, you are beautiful and charming, Remain blessed until i hear from you again. Regards to your family. Yours Sincerely, Sinclair.
Letter 3

Hello dear,
How are you doing, I am very much delighted when i checked my mail and found that you wrote me, i felt joy in me because i earlier told you in my previous mail that i have a good feeling of this communication between you and i and i want you understand that am really serious with you, i will do my best to make sure this communication is a success, I am a fun loving guy who cares for the need of others. I love traveling and shopping. I like listening to music and on weekend, I hangs out with friends for fun, going to the sea side having relaxing mind and seeing the nice fresh air from the sea. I do cook sometimes as i like cooking. Being happy always makes me feel young everyday. I am so glad for my life and really thank God for all His blessing upon my family.
Before enclosing this message, I would like to let you know that I am willing to be your friend or more than that, I am serious with this communication and distance or relocation can never be a barrier for in due time we shall meet. Sure it will be nice to visit you some day. I need a sincere lady no matter your nationality or race and I must say to you that i have good feeling communicating with you and looking forward to see what the future will have for you and i, Dear, i am here for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage, I know its not an easy task but with trust and understanding we can make it a reality, I want to show my honesty for it is important in every relationships. Keep in touch dear, Remain blessed until i hear from you again. Regards to your family. Yours faithful, Sinclair..
Letter 4

Hello dear,
May the peace and love of God surround you and your family always dear.I thank Him for his blessings upon me and my family. Thanks dear for your message,I thank God once again for giving me the chance to meet and know you. I can feel your love in your words and that is the thing I wish to share with my future wife, I love God so much and I put my trust in Him completely to guide our future. I hope things will work out for us. Let us be serious with each other, and develop a pure love and trust on ourselves and please you can reach me on this mobile phone +447509757860 and don't forget to drop your phone number to me here in your next reply so we can talk always and start knowing our self the more.
My dear, I am a very open and honest person and I feel that you are the same.That's why i want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to know that i am serious with you,cos i don't want to wait longer before i let you know my intentions.The truth is that i would like to be your husband,and you my wife.I believe we can make it if we try, I hope that we will meet and I am sure that you will be even more than what I imagine to be and I will be more than you ever dreamt of, (smile). Wouldn't that be great? It is all up to us. Although, it may please you to know that I am very happy the way things are going between us. I feel that if one loves, it shows on their face and makes them beautiful.
I am happy with you and hope this relationship bears a good fruit. How can I say anything else? Only to say thank you dear for choosing me to be with you forever in the future. Truly I am blessed. That is all for now my dear, till I hear from you again. Let us keep in touch; I believed that our future is bright.May God continue to guide and protect you and all your loved ones.Take good care of yourself and people around you, Warmest regards, Yours faithful, Sinclair
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