Romance scam letter(s) from Harry McDaniel Ashwood to Jewel (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Boo
Good morning and let it be know to you that the flame never dies because the commmitment never ends,One drop of me is glory, but two are toxic. i have been through so many pain and until these day i have never felt a love so strong and so touching and it Yet so far .. i have long for these all my life and i hate the distance that have come between us . i though it might be hard but i know our heart has found each other cos we are meant to be ..
I woke Up these morning and all i can think about is you . Yesterday i was in pain cos i had alil problem at work and even in my deepest pain .. i still i feel a Joy that words can tears can take away from me and it is love that has made me fall for you i am still falling and i dont ever want to stop .. accept as poor as i am .. all i can boost of a is heart rich in love willing to share with no one but you .I only wish to be the fountain of love from which you drink; every drop promising eternal passion...
Show me where you liked to be touched; show me where you like to be kissed; show me that way you want to be loved; for tonight I want to take a journey through your body and make you feel so good inside.Lust is a state of the mind, love is a state of the heart and soul, what we have found is love and i want you to Give us a chance . love me like i love you and our heart the reach the top the sky .. nothing can kill what is measured by time ... this our destiny ,life together i promise will make a Good love story.. WANT TO SAY GOOD MORNING TO THE ONE THAT SMOOTHEN'S MY ROUGH EDGES....Missing you
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