Romance scam letter(s) from John Edward to Jewel (UK)
Letter 1

Thanks for giving me your mail we met in tagged,my name is John Edward from West Yorkshire of England (Leeds),I am into structural and industrial designs,my Mother is Singapore,I'm 50 years old,180 cm (5'8) tall,I am divorced,living with my son his name is Wayne,I am looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage if things work out for both of us,one I can spend the rest of my life without getting hurt again.I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities,swimming,dancing,traveling,football and working out.I love to travel see new countries,cities and enjoy the scenery,especially the sea,I like walking in the sand and enjoy the sun and the beach,watch sunset and best if accompanied by a tender loving woman.I am loving,caring and romantic.I will stop here till I hear from you again,we need constant communication in other to know each other better,we have so many things to share about,I guess this is the first step,take care and waits your reply,do have a pleasant day.
Letter 2

I am glad to receive your reply,I do visit Singapore my mom is Singaporean .I have faced series of challenge finding the right partner,I want us to get closer via communication,I want you to bear in mind that distance is not a barrier in our communication,I really need a woman that can love me with all her heart and show me the true color of her,For me distance is nothing dear, life is all about who you give your love, dear if you allow our communication to grow,I will visit you.Tell me about the future man you are looking for? The man you really need to be with, what can a man do for you that will make you love him? Do you believe in Love?I hope we are not too old to talk about that.Can you send me some of your own pictures?I really want to see them,I attached mine here hope you will like them.I hope to get it in your next reply.I will be waiting to hear from you again,take care and receive my warm hugs,do have a pleasant week ahead...
Letter 3

Thanks for your mail and how was your weekend?sorry we weren't able to Skype on weekend I was in my mom's house for mother's day.I am glad to hear your voice you sounds young.I like your picture and your voice too I guess is early to say I have feeling for you but I do,nobody has ever made me feel the way you make me feel,as we haven't met yet.I want to grab you and be in your arms and let go. I want to kiss
your lips always. When I think about you,I feel renewed and I know is not just ordinary.I feel happy that we met each other,I want us to be together and I hope that you equally have same feelings as I do,I awaits your reply,fb id John Edward,do have a pleasant week ahead.
Letter 4

Thanks for your picture you looks amazing,it's my pleasure to meet you,I am truly sorry about your mom we can talk on Skype on weekend,I know that distance lies between us is much but there is much possibilities for us to be together in no distance time, you're truly the kind of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,I know I can't give you the whole world,but I can promise you I will always be good to you.My heart accept's you and I guess I’ll be right person for you as we chase our dreams together. All I wish you will be the one to spend the rest of my life, building a wonderful family that's my desire,I want you to be my last love,I wish to grow old with someone like you, I hope you understand how I feel for you.Can you give me a chance? can you accept me with all your heart? I will like you to give me your mobile number for more and closer communication,+447031846778 or+447934999539,I will be glad to receive your call,do you use Facebook?I await your reply,do have a pleasant day.
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