Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Cohen Clay to Jewel (USA)
Letter 1

How you doing today My name is Christopher,I enjoy looking at your profile, i am looking for a women who loves to smile,i love cooking and dancing watching movies, looking for romantic women that has a good sense of humor and isn't afraid to show affection with a touch, a look or even a tender kiss, whether in private or in public. A women of integrity who appreciates the fact that intimacy involves more than just sex. Someone who doesn't believe in playing games and if the time comes is not afraid of commitment and understands the importance of being faithful,I'm looking for someone to share my experiences with. I want a women who is an equal partner, can drive me wild with passion, and who is a best friend. I am also looking for someone I can take care of and who will enjoy taking care of me. I want to create a life together with someone who values family, responsibility, integrity and having fun. It would be great to meet a genuine, fun, interesting women who is honest, playful, and affectionate. Someone I can get lost in a great conversation with and someone I can buckle over in laughter with. I enjoy cooking for or with other people and going out to a good restaurant. This is balanced with my active lifestyle,i want a women who give me the opportunity To be charming, patient, treat her like his most value thing in this world,Do does not matter to me, i think when we can figure it out as time goes on,
Again, i hardly come online you are free to conact me through cell phone just text me i will get back to you..(209) 553-8417
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