Romance scam letter(s) from Jerry William to Denise (USA)
Letter 1

I used 100 dollars out of the money for my local transportation tickets here but I will be able to make up for it if you send the 650 today as promised.
Your son arrested ? I am just getting to know about your son's arrest as well as your car been impounded.Darling I know these are only trials.We will get over them.
Please darling try your possible best and send the money to me today as I will be so glad.I will check again later to have the information. Thanking you in anticipation,
Letter 2

My love,
Tears were falling down my eyes when I saw the way you designed my picture in the portrait frame and placed it so well. I love you the more now honey.
I'm just returning from the airlines now.They certified my documents alright but said I must pay my overstay airport tax before I will be allowed to board the flight and it costs as much as five hundred dollars.The reason is that I over stayed in the country after my working visa got expired. I just don't know what to do. I have to pay it at the airport on departure. I have chances of leaving this night or tomorrow morning. What do we do now ? Yours,
Letter 3

I'm glad to know that we will soon be together. Here's the information you need to send the money: Receiver's name : Jerry William Receiver's Address: 6 Cherubim street, Allen Avenue. City: Ikeja State: Lagos

Zip code: 2341. Country: Nigeria.
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