Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Samuel Sargent to Graham (New Zealand)
Letter 1

Hello graham
Am s agent Samuel from Ghana and i heard about you and tiffany trying to move out with some gold out of this country and i will like to let you know that well am here in looking on that same thing you are trying top do is e legal and i will not allow that to happen but if you really want that to get out of here well i think you will have to pay me before i can let you know how i got your id well let me tell you if you want to lose that gold then you can tell her but if you really don't want to lose that gold then we have to pay me 4000ghana cides if not so make sure that you lost that and let em tell you dot inform any of them because if you do then i will espouse all that out so shortly i will be waiting for your reply and let me tell you once aging between me and you don''t let any one should know about this Ok??? From Sagent Samuel
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