Romance scam letter(s) from Dylan Prigge to Alison (Australia)
Letter 1

I hate writing these things because I suck at describing myself. I am not at all good at this but here goes nothing… I’m an easygoing guy and I love challenges and adventures. My friends say I’m a nutcracker lol. I’ll let you judge that for yourself though.
Letter 2

Awesome picture, I'd like to know more about you! Glad you wrote back, I'm Ukrainian American so maybe I'd say I've got an accent and loving it. Hehehehe! I've spent most of my life in Arizona where I tend to call home and I work as a Mechanical Foreman in the Army and I'm currently on a short term project with the United States Department of Defense. I'm presently on a special assignment at the gulf coast of Cairo, Egypt and have been here for about 4months but should be out of here in 6weeks.
A couple things you should know, I'm divorced and has got a son but would welcome yours. Just a regular guy with a sense of humor, sometimes shy but fun to be with. People often say that I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow… Well, actually only my mom says that… LOL!
I'm in search of a lover and friend, one whose serious for a long lasting relationship and I want to let you know that distance will not be a problem for me as I'm willing to find love to any distance and relocate if need be.
Sorry I've got to go so have a pleasant day.... Dylan
m_prigge @ y a h o o . c o m...
Letter 3

Good morning,
Thanks for getting in touch and I must confess I love the beautiful pictures you sent me. So hows You doing? It's a great morning! I just woke up and almost forgot to brush off my teeth LoL! As for breakfast it'll be bacon and some orange pecan french toast and then I'll do a few paper work and will be ready to get my hands dirty. I've been doing this for about 21years now and started being even more dedicated since the divorce of my wife which is just about 22 months so let's just say I got married a 2nd time to my job.... I've not really enjoyed being alone all these years but after so much pressure from my colleagues I decided to step into the spotlight. You know when I was much more younger I sometimes imagined how match making or the online dating worked out even though I had a few friends that found their soul mates through that means. So I'm ready to put in a 100% to find that special person to spend the rest of my life with me.
I guess I'm not boring you and hope that we get to know each other much better and grow from friendship to a much deeper and intimate relationship. Well as you know I have a son whose my world but If you have kids then I'm willing to welcome yours and promise to love and care for them like mine so there's nothing to worry about as long as they accept me.
I'll be cutting it short here because I'm having a meeting by noon. It's going to be a pretty busy day for me but hopefully If I get a chance I'll write you. My shoes aren't too comfortable this morning, maybe my feet is growing an inch more or some baby bugs biting....LoL Just Kidding!
I've to go and get things done. I'll talk to you a bit later and hopefully you'll have a great day.
Letter 4

Hi beautiful,
What a pleasure to hear from you and It's quite a beautiful day apart from my busy schedule. Well I do like to go bowling, hiking and most times sightseeing also but of course traveling has always been a part of my job. I'm an only child of my mom and It was so because I lost my dad at an early age and mom decided not to get married again. As for the kind of woman I'm in search for, It's simple! I want a woman with a humble character, caring, has a great sense of humor and lastly, she has to be family conscious. I do have a dog Dexter whose my son's best friend and I miss them both sincerely.
I was about stepping out to my duty post but decided to sneak in and write something about myself. Well I'm 5''8 and I weigh about 163lbs, I admire honest people, friendly and sometimes playful too. I dislike pretenders and aggressive people and the most that disgust me are liars! I'm positive on everything that life brings to me and I believe that I'm where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I'm honest and a caring person whose loyal to those I care about and I've traveled extensively in the course of doing my work. I consider myself to be a gentleman with good values and as for me I'm comfortable in shirts and trousers as well as a pair of jeans and T-shirt. For my leisure time, I enjoy hiking, reading alot of drama and fictional books, traveling as a part of my job and also love to go bowling.
When I'm out of here I'll be willing to spend more time with you so we can learn alot more about ourselves and try to build a much more deeper chemistry. I know you'd want us to take this slowly but I'll try to be positive and consistent. Sincerely at the moment you are the only woman I'm talking to from the dating site and I hope It stays that way for you also until I'm done with work in a few weeks!
I'm attracted to what I've read on your profile and that's why I want to focus more on getting to know you more until we get to meet soon.
I'll be off now and hoping to hear from you. Have a nice day ahead! Dylan:-)
Letter 5

Hi Beautiful,
What a pleasure to hear from you and I'm also hoping to meet you soon after we get to know each other more and I get out of here. I'm sincerely sorry Leanne, we can't swap number right while I'm here because we're not allowed our personal phones or PC but use only the public phone booth to communicate while we're off duty. I have been to alot of countries including some part of China, Kuwait, Nepal and even Hongkong. You know since after your first note, my thoughts are starting to evolve around and I'm sure It's a good sign for better things ahead for both of us.
Well after so much work I had myself looking out with my binoculars and just admiring the wonders of the world and then the thought of you comes to me and so I had to play James Bond 007 to get in here..........hehehehehe! Got me really drained off so I grabbed a soda as I was not having that super appetite for a real meal. So tell me have you had any other relationships lately? You seem to know what you want as a woman and I admire some of the things you like to do because we share some of them in common.
Well about my job I'm more into oil drilling and construction and over the years it has come with alot of exposure and challenges. While we're on the rig in the middle of the ocean all we do is get our hands dirty and I must let you know it's quite a dangerous job and sadly I've lost 2 colleagues since my career as a soldier. Two nights ago I was under water for about 4hours and getting out had to take a warm shower, a few slices of toast and coffee and I went straight to bed so I'm sure you can imagine what we might be going through here considering my busy schedule and limitations due to Military rules and regulations surrounding us.
So sorry but I've got to run out before James Bond is being caught...LOL Don't mind me just fooling around okay! Hope to hear from you soon. Dylan
Letter 6

Hi My beautiful,
I understand If you're just able to reply now as you might be as busy I am and yes Leanne you're right about me sneaking in and out to use the PC so maybe I deserve a round of applause lol! I seem to admire your sense of humor and your personality as a woman and for this I'm not sure I'm letting you go just soon LOL so let's give our hearts a chance and see how mysteriously love will find us.
I've been feeling a bit lazy but got better after I tried a few number of sit-ups, had my coffee, 3slices of toast and pouched eggs Yum Yum right..LOL While I'm typing this note I'm thinking If you're smiling or just keeping a straight face saying to yourself his a great guy or just a regular punk ass...hehehehehe!
It's so sunny and I've been itching my eyes for some time and don't know if I've been looking at the sun for too long or I just need to put on my glasses while I'm on the PC as I forgot that while I was in a hurry to sneak in here. You know since I got on the online dating and started communicating with you It's been a whole new different experience for me but I strongly believe that transparency, honesty and understanding we'll get to know each other much more and feel alot comfortable that meeting each other will finally just be a plus. In the past I have heard about match makings and saw them work out but have never tried getting to do this especially from a distance but like I know if you give your heart a chance to love again just like I've given up that shy spot in me I know then for sure that we'll make a great match together.
Leanne, Tell me anything about you and ask me everything you want to know about me. I want to be not just your friend but also your companion and most especially that man you have always desired, that man you can stand for, love and care for anytime and any day. I know you'll like us to take this slow and steady and so I'm willing to paddle our boat just as calm as the river will flow. We have either been hurt, cheated on or wounded in the past but most importantly is that we pick up the pieces of our lives and move on even stronger as I must tell you we only live once like my late father will always say.
I wish I could go on and on but I have to log off now and trust me playing a James Bond 007 isn't as simple as I used to watch all the actions...LOL! So I've got to run along and hope to hear from you soon.
I admire you, Dylan
Letter 7

Hi Beautiful,
What a surprise to hear from you Leanne as I had a feeling you might be very busy with work and family. I'm so sorry about your dad but good thing you still have your mom just like I also do. I stay more in Arizona or Seattle when I'm back home and yes I have a son Trevor whose my world and has just celebrated his 3yrs old birthday last month. When I'm home he stays with me but a nanny visits the house atleast 5times a week to take care of him and now I'm away his over at my mom's house. During this time of the year, I really miss home but most especially I miss a special person in my life.
I was thinking since we've been exchanging mails already, would be nice to hear your voice too. Just realized I had ran out of call credits and when I tried to top-up online, BANG!!!! I was blocked and so I guess it's due to my bank's IP security protocol. Maybe I haven't told you but It's difficult to get on here because we do not have an access to our personal PC or cellphone due to strict regulations.
Well most times I have to sneak in and out of the computer in the systems & logistics Department which is highly prohibited for leisure use. If caught one will be seriously dealt with or even dismissed. Fortunately I have just one free access to my home telephone which is I can communicate with my family for free for a certain period but any other communications outside that then a call card from the Defense Care center would be required.
I would like us to communicate in a permitted way, which is simple to just request for a call card and tell them you want to be in a steady communication with your loved one/friend and that's it. After purchase they will issue you with a pin which I'll need you to forward to me and I'll activate along with your phone number and we get talking!
Hope you understand and this won't be asking for too much for a better communication.
You can write The Care center on: and follow their instructions on how to purchase a call card.
I have to go now and hope you can handle this.
Hugs, Dylan
Letter 8

Oh really! Now I'm a little more excited to hear the sound of your voice and sincerely I wish I got my iphone along with me so I can take picture and do the face time with you. So how's your day going? because as for me, I'm working overtime today and might never get a chance to write again but if i do, I'll hit you up.
Hugs Dylan
Letter 9

Goodevening ,
It's such a cold evening and so after alot of work I found a way to sneak in for a few minutes to write you and just hope you're alright because I did write you yesterday and didn't hear a word from you so I'm guessing you're busy with alot work just like me :-) So what will you be doing for the weekend because as for me I'm working half day and will do my weekend chores and a bit of training. I was hoping we could talk more over phone this weekend because it's boring most times when you just want to talk to that special person and share some thoughts. I'll be off for now to take a shower and I'm hoping we get to talk soon. Kisses and hugs, Dylan
Letter 10

Good day, We acknowledge your inquiry regarding a steady communication with a loved one working overseas under the supervision of the United States Department of Defense. Well the only available way to do this will be through our secured base channel via a military call card as they are not allowed to use their Personal PCs or phones due to security protocols and ongoing crisis in various countries they are deployed to. Any Call card purchase will have to be done by a friend/loved one anywhere in the world and we do not accept credit cards or money orders. Below are the listed Prices of the Military calling Cards for soldiers/civilian personnel in war zones: Card Types: Military Easy Flex Card Amount:------$ 245.00
Duration:------- 1000Units valid for 3months Military Medium Card Amount:------ $ 300.00
Duration:------- 2000Units valid for 3months Military Large Global Card Amount:-------$ 550.00
Duration:------ 5000Units valid for 6months Note: All prices listed here are only for usage for civilian personnel/soldiers being supervised/deployed by the United States Army in war zones. So When you purchase a call card you have to send to your loved one the voucher/pin number along with your phone number for activation through our secured base channel. Any Other call cards will not match with our secure base channel. All call cards connect to over 130 countries with low tariffs. Regards, Sgt. Patricia Claverie (Sales) U.S Army Care Center. U.S Department of Defense.
_________________________ Sent from U.S Army database

Letter 11

Good day, We want to inform all our esteemed customers that want to make payments for the purchase of any of the call cards selected to make their payments via Money gram or any of the selected stores near you. This is only a temporary change due to the recent security upgrade on our various bank accounts which takes up to 3-5 working days to receive a confirmation. So we therefore advise that all payments be made through our fast and reliable Money gram monetary agent to our welfare center which is Port Nouvo, Benin for all soldiers or personnel deployed in the West African zones. NOTE: ONLY THE PAYMENT INFORMATION BELOW SHOULD BE TAKEN TO ANY MONEY GRAM OUTLET OR LOCAL STORES AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN. THE UNITED STATES MILITARY CALL CARDS ARE NOT SOLD BY MONEY GRAM AGENTS OR ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD. YOU ARE ADVISED TO CORRECTLY FILL THE FORM GIVEN TO YOU BY AN AGENT, FILL IN THE BELOW PAYMENT INFORMATION AND HAND OVER THE EXACT AMOUNT OF THE CALL CARD SELECTED FOR PURCHASE. THE AGENT WILL PROCESS AND POST THE PAYMENT AFTER WHICH THEY ISSUE A RECEIPT AND MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER(MTCN) TO SHOW THAT THE MONEY HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY SENT. YOU'LL NOW BE REQUIRED TO SEND A SCANNED COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT TO THIS OFFICE VIA EMAIL OR SEND THE CORRECT INFORMATION ON YOUR RECEIPT ALONG WITH THE MTCN FOR CONFIRMATION. YOU MUST ENSURE THAT THE AGENT AT THE MONEY GRAM WHERE THE MONEY IS BEEN POSTED FROM WILL ISSUE YOU A PAYMENT RECEIPT AND CLEARLY INDICATE TO YOU THE MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER(MTCN) WHICH YOU MUST SEND TO US FOR PROCESSING OF PAYMENT AND PIN GENERATION. Payment details for Money Gram: Sender: Your name Receiver: Scott Smith (All two names must be written correctly) Destination: St. Michael Boulevard, Cotonou, Port Novo, Benin. (Welfare Center) Zip code: 00229 Test Question: My Color Answer: Red Note:
Make the transfer from any Money gram outlet at a Post office, Grocery store or shopping mall near you. Thanks for Choosing our U.S Military Call cards. Regards, Sgt. Patricia Claverie (Sales)
U.S Army Care Center. U.S Department Of Defense.
_____________________________ Sent from U.S Army database
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