Romance scam letter(s) from Joel Ferguson to Jesselyn (Philippines)
Letter 1

How are you my dear, hope all is well with you. It’s my pleasure meeting you online, i really develop a serious interest on you after viewing your profile, and I wrote you a message in your email address because I don't usually have time accessing my account here on the site. i think there is something special between two of us that motivates me searching through your profile also to my request of sending a message to your email address. The attachment is my pictures hope you will like me. My name is Joel Ferguson, i am from Florida united states. i am 49 years old. i got married before i and my late wife were blessed with one daughter before she died after a brief illness .she passed away last 8 years ago. I am a seaman, i have been trying to match up with life ever since i lost my wife, i really find it difficult finding another life partner. I think is because of the love i have on my past wife. I really give all my best in terms of love. hope i can find a good life partner who will make me happy again that will love me too the way i am i will like you to tell me more about yourself and your past life, i will like getting to know more about you. i am not in this site for games i think i am old enough for dear i will stop here for now until i hear from you. all i want is a good partnership. Hope we will make to the best out of our expectations. add me up so we chart too. here are some of my pictures hope you will like it but ugly heheheheheheh . Hope to hear from you soon.
yours sincerely Joel Ferguson
Letter 2

thank you for response of my messages thank you once again, please sorry for late response, i am so happy hearing from you again ,i am a seaman, i am a captain in one of the German shipping company. This is the name of our shipping company in Germany SC LINE,/ . i have been working as seaman for almost 17 years now. its really a very hard occupation to work as a seaman. Most of my life time i do spend it all in the ship. i am looking for a love partner that will love and trust me with one heart as one body. My late wife died after a brief illness in one of the specialist hospital in the state because of her breast concern. i have one lovely daughter with her before she passed away, she is 18 years old now living with my elder sister there in England. My elder sister Catherine was married to a British man from Manchester city in UK. Please can you tell me more about yourself? Dear i will like us to be as one as my mind told me . i am so glad for you accepting my invitation in your life also your precious time with me. i promise i will love and cherish you as my life partner, sorry if i am too fast but just that i don't know how to hide my feelings, you are like a precious stone to me, i will like you to be my companion. i am not in this site for games as you can see i am not getting any younger. Always don't hesitate asking me anything you want to know more about me also shearing your domestic problems with me. i am here always for you my beloved. i really want to meet you in person my dear. Whenever i am reading your message to me i develop more serious in getting to know more about you hoping for the best out of our expectations. i will stop here for now, waiting for your reply and also hear more about your past life experience. Thank you and god bless you. yours lovely Joel Ferguson
Letter 3

Hello my dear, Compliment of the season, how are you doing today my sweet heart? Hope all is well with you my dear. i am so sorry about the late reply, is just that i have been so busy with work, dear being a seaman is a very terrible job i pray that i will be resigning soon after all my plans, honey i want to inform you that we will be taking off to France by the ending of this week that's a long journey from united states. i will always find time to send you my lovely message to keep you warm about me and you.Honey give me your phone so i will give you a call i want to hear your voice. Honey i want to tell you that i will be having my leave very soon after the arrival of our journey to France. Honestly my love, to tell the truth, i have been keeping abstinence from sex ever since i lost my late wife. i did that just in respect of the love i have for her. I really don’t know how to put on the attraction on love making again since the loss of my late wife. i hope you will teach me again how to feel honey and happy. Honey i told my daughter about my serious relationship with you. She is now staying with her aunt that's my elder sister she is married to a British man but they both live in uk. Honey i am sorry for the late reply once again. honey i think you can make a good life partner for me as my mind tells me because i always accept the mode of my heart and from all your messages to me i am well convinced with strong feelings that you will make a good life companionship for me and i promise i will do what i have to do to make you happy as my life partner ,but please honey, you have to promise me not to fall me and always remain honesty with me always. honey i have a good news for you, i want to let you know about my plans after the arrival of our journey to France, I will not staying long then i will make arrangement of coming to visit and to spend some months with you even for some months so that we can stay together and develop more love to ourselves. i wish you will teach me all i have forgotten about love making, hehehhe so that i will kiss your whole body and hold your arms then you will make me fell honey. Then i will show you how i
care and also much lovely i am. thank you for loving my daughter i really appreciate it, and i believe she will like you when she sees you because she is a good daughter of mine with a kind heart and understanding, honey hug and kisses for you all the time, always remember that someone is thinking about you all the time you are always in my heart. Thank you once again and god strength you all the time. i will not wait to hear from you again. Always take good care of yourself for me till we come to be together as one Yours sweet heart
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