Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to May (Singapore)
Letter 1

wow.. you are looking pretty i like you
Letter 2

My promise and commitment to you is to be the sweetest lover of you When it’s easy and when it’s hard too Our one plus one will never become two No cheating no lying I will forever be true
I love you
Letter 3

Honey i don't understand what you mean by where is sunnydale California ip address... i want you to know that sunny dale is where my personal office is located in California and my boys are still there this computer am using here in Afghanistan is registered with my office ip address my love because here in Afghanistan,the network is always crappy and i need the network so much in order to connect with my superiors officers in California and also to chat with my son Alex so i had to register this computer with my sunnydale ip address in California... Honey please do not be offended by this little misunderstanding ..i never deemed it fit to tell you about that because i never thought it was important as long as i could chat with you, my son and my subordinates
Please find a place in your fragile heart to forgive me for this little misunderstanding,i have missed so dearly and i shall be online waiting for you to accept my Skype request again so we could talk over it and settle it once and for all ..i only registered my ip with my office address because the network is always faster with my network provider ..
I hope you will understand and accept me back in your Skype contacts because i can never live without your love .you have eaten so deep into my skin and i don't know what to do without you ,hope to hearing from you soonest
with so much love from your beloved husband
Letter 4

Good morning Ma,
How are you and how is work also with you. What did you do over the weekend, i guess it was good. Dad says that you work allot, i hope that someday, i can help you to do some of your work so that you will not be so stressed. Am so glad to know that you have me in mind, my dad wrote me telling me that you were going to send me an email.
Am so happy that you have become part of our family friend and i just cant wait to meet with you and get to know you more in person.
Life with me has been good just that i miss dad so much and i would love to meet you someday.
I will be traveling with my classmates on a school tour to UK next week. But i haven't heard from dad concerning the arrangement he is making for me right now.
I will be looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks
Letter 5

Good day Ma,
Its so good to hear from you once again.yes am doing excellently fine and its been so much fun down here with a cozy is manila Ma? hope every members of your families are in good health and hope you enjoyed your lunch date with your aunt and cousins?i think i have seen the movie Avenger by Elizabeth Olsen .its a great movie about the age of ultron. its good to know you love movies like i do Ma and i cant wait to see you soon during my holidays..I showed your photo to my colleagues they said my new mom is very beautiful and i was proud of you mom and i know dad is gonna love you so dearly he is a great man and i trust him..
Ma i must confess that am so glad to have you as a mother and i promise to be a wonderful and obedient son..Yes Dad informed me that he's gonna be home next month and i hope to see him too because its been almost 7 to 8 months since last i saw him yes am sure the day will fly very fast with my trip because ,time , they say flies and i cant wait for June to come so i can see my dad once again and if possible,see you as well.yes Ma am so excited to travel down to UK i got couple of friends from UK studying here in my school and they always say great things about the United Kingdom,so i crave to be there because its my first time traveling down to UK...I also hope its gonna be a great experience traveling to UK and i promise to take good care of myself for you and dad and also promise to be a good boy and cling close to my Group
okay Ma i shall try to take as much photos as possible and send to you if we are permitted to do so by our guardians and teachers ,Ma i must confess that you are so sweet .and i feel joyous reading from you,its always fun down here Ma and i hope you'll be here some day soon so we can live together as one happy family
Hoping to read from you again as soon as possible ,till then do have a tremendous day ahead
with Luv from your humble son
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