Romance scam letter(s) from Rashid Ibrahim to Yolanda (Indonesia)
Letter 1

Asalaamu Alaykum my dear
It is great to drop your email ,You really made my day so pretty i was thinking that you will not respond to me .
Glad to get a respond from you, this really showed that you're an open minded person which is good ground for a healthy relationship or friendship - I do appreciate your openness.
Well, i will just write little things about me - but i am sure with time, couple of emails and of course talking on telephone you will know so much about me - i am also open minded.
I have never involved in all these stuffs before but have heard a lot of testimonies regarding people who were blessed through on line dating and they found their soul mates. Its amazing dear. You seems to be a nice loving girl I guess and it is going to be nice to get to know each other well. It's my pleasure to know more about you and your family..I would like to let you know that I am willing to be your friend or more than that, I am serious here and distance or relocation can never be a barrier for in due time we shall meet. I am first born and the only child of my parents. And my name is Rashid ibrahim . i am 49 years old i was born on 12 Feb 1966 my height is 5.11 and my weight 72kg. My father has passed away and my mother is still alive.she live back home in turkey with a maid . I have been married with one daughter but my wife die in car accident three yrs ago. And would love to get married again with the right person inshallah . I am originated from Ankara turkey ,the Capital City of Turkey . i based in London United Kingdom. I'm an Architects and Real Estate Management do Architectural Engineer, meaning i took after my Dad's profession, i was to be a biochemist but my dad and mum advise me to study engineering which am happy with today, i design construct houses, roads , bridges and shopping Malls . i do also the sales of building Materials My late father was a wonderful kind man and a philanthropist. Alhamdulillah
He has worked in various ministries and organizations in the past and assisted many people both spiritually and financially. my Dad was a contractor who has worked with foreign companies. China, Singapore UAE ..i love my job coz i do travel some parts of the worlds..and I have a Master degree, a good paying stead. Well turkey is very beautiful,mountain and very cool weather in winter time, if you love mountains that is the place to be. At the same time Turkish are very hospitable people too I am sure you might have met some Turkish around your country as i think we like exploring and are everywhere. ,,,,London is also very beautiful ...but the weather can be come extremely nasty over Winter, otherwise everything else in London is just amazing.
I am looking for someone who is really ready to settle in marriage and just someone to make me happy everyday someone to talk to when i am down and someone to enjoy life pleasures forever - i hope that this someone special is your.Alhamdulillah
I don't mind if it comes to relocate to another country all I would say that ..wherever the love of my life will be, i will be beside her - so it depends on her idea.
I like traveling,cooking,reading, i like golf game and i play it as well. I like swimming,road walking,walking on the beach. I like listening music,i also like snooker. I like going out for shopping with my daughter.
kindly let me know all about you .
Before enclosing this message, I would like to remind you that distance wont be a barrier. I can come over to meet you there or have you invite here in London. It may interest you to know that i prefer one-on-one conversation. I wait to hear from you when times permit you. Please feel free to ask me anything my dear; I will answer you. Send my regards to your family. Remain blessed until I hear from you again. Thanks once again for your massage
Have you been to Turkey or London?.
Looking forward to hear from you?
Apparently i am emailing you from my home computer and i do not have much photos in this computer apart from the one here is some of my pictures with my daughter - i promise to send more as we progress- and i would appreciate if you could send me your pictures .
Thanks and regards,
Letter 2

Asalaamu Alaykum my dearest
How are you today my dear Thanks for your mail,you am happy to hear from you i will say so sorry for my late reply .I am truly thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to know little about you.I can feel your sincerity in your words and that is the thing I wish to share with my partner ,my dear I love Allah so much and I put my trust in Him completely to guide our futures inshalla. I hope things will work out for us. Let us be serious with each other, and develop a pure love, understanding and trust on ourselves which will be a stepping stone to our successful relationship, Hopefully we will make it happen if we try.Dear, To be honest with you, i really need a woman who is honest, sincere and trustworthy. no matter the race ,age religion or color for me beauty is less important what matter most is the purity of our heart that is why i register on Muslim site ready to do any thing just to be your friend or more friend who find his wife from the Muslim site is the one who introduce me and they are living here in London My dear, I am a very open and honest person like i said be for and I feel that you are the same.I hope that we will meet soon and I am sure that you will be even more than what I imagine you to be and I will be more than you ever dream's of, (smile)wouldn't that be great? It is all up to us. Although, it may please you to know that I am very happy the way things are going between us. I feel that if one loves, it shows on their face and makes them beautiful. Dear, hope you wouldn't mind to answer these questions. 1) Are you in any serious relationship at the moment?
2)how long have been in Muslim site .and have you find any one in the site?
3)tell me more about this your job?send me your pictures
4) What are your dreams of your future Husband? I am happy with you and hope this relationship bears a good fruit. How can I say anything else? Only to say thank you dear for choosing me to be your friend even more which the future can tell. Truly I am blessed.That is all for now my dear, till I hear from you again. Let us keep in touch; I believed that the future is bright. May Allah continue to guide and protect you and all your loved ones
I have closed down my profile in that dating website so that I can concentrate on you. Its not that I can't talk to other women but from my background, I was trained to be with one woman and I will also want you to concentrate on me as well. Also there are lots of women on the dating website so I dont want to get confuse and I really want to get married. Also I am very serious to settle down.. Take good care of yourself for me, please and be a good girl. My daughter's name is Fatima she is 17yrs old she send her regard to you .like i told you.i have deleted my profile from the Muslim site yesterday i want to concentrate on you only
Letter 3

Asalaamu Alaykum Hello My dearest
How is your day there? hope you are doing fine you how is your work ?thank you for your lovely beautiful pictures you look very decent to me which i like most about you . Wishing you a happy day full of joy and your friends.
Please bear with me when ever i was unable to reply soon I was busy yesterday and also today trying to finish all pending job to avoid beginning the new week with heavy work load. I am tired at home now and will take some rest.
You meant a lot to me and this communication is important to me . I am very very serious in getting to know each other. I want to concentrate in knowing you and do not want to continue searching for other women. It is not fair for someone to pretend to be serious with someone while she or he, have other person somewhere . If you do that,please think about it. Let us be honest to each other........ I am happy that you are coping with your life there, even it might not be that easy, i will always be here if you need me. I pray that we can meet up so that we can accomplish our dreams. I do like you even never meet you,and i enjoyed every of our conversation here. Thanks for being a true friend dear. Well,i wish to have the opportunity to visit you in the near future. I will definitely love it. I love to travel ,and it gonna be nice to make trip together with you. Sure it gonna be amazing to travel with you and have beautiful time together. I am longing to find that woman,whom i should call my own and treat her like my queen. I have gone through your mails,read it all over again and realized that you are serious and not here to mess up. Here i am once again to tell you how much i appreciated you. My reason for contacting you is to know you very well, and share my feelings to you and see if we link together. If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feelings that I have for you, I would have putting them down to you the very first time i contacted you.. Furthermore,i want you to know that distance will not be a barrier if we meant for each other. No matter how far we are now, we shall meet dear. What is important now is for us to trust each other,keep in touch and see what the future hold for us. I really need you in my life if you can give me a chance. You are a strong lady and very independent.. There are so many reasons why i contacted you and some reasons that makes me admired you. Will share them with you as we continue to keep in touch. I do appreciated knowing you and i meant it. With the warmest of hugs and wettest of kisses. Have a nice day dear and my regards to your family. My daughter and Mom will be glad to welcome you here some day... this weekend, i will visit a friend and also attend an art exhibition,
Letter 4

Asalaamu Alaykum dear
it was so nice read your email with,sorry for my late reply jut busy at work and travel out of London with my daughter just came last night by the way how are you doing i hope all is fine inshallah to Allah be the glory and I am happy to ready your email every thing you share .You are so nice to me, I love the way things are moving between you and me I really thank almighty Allah for meeting you here. I adore you dear and am ready to accept you in my life if you give me the Chance i only need someone to be share my life and someone to grow old .
My dear My mind is full of joy knowing you. I am pleased to know am willing to come over to meet you in person or invite you here in England I am making arrangements to travel to Malaysia Soon But still waiting for the letter from the agent company there so that I can know when I will be leaving. I suppose to travel last November but things was not ready but I was told recently that I might be traveling soon but don’t know date yet, I have been running around to get the necessary documents for my traveling, I would love to inform you my purpose of traveling to Asia because you are now like a family and close friend to me now (smile) It is all about my late father's contract there in Malaysia . He was awarded a contract there few years ago but after finished up with the contract, the money could not be pay to him before he died. In this regards might be traveling there soon and they needed me as my father’s next of kin. After some prayers and petitions, the company has decided to pay back to us the money,
This is why I am making arrangements to get the money release to me and it would like to use this opportunity and come over to meet you in person after I have concluded with my transactions in Malaysia . So that we may sit down together, talk one on one and know each other better, discuss a lot together about our future and share our feelings. I have realised that you are honest and serious. If Allah want us to be together, no matter how long we have known each other, nothing can stop us, inshallah Thanks once again for being so open and serious with me dear. Am so glad and will always be here for you because am serious and looking forward to have a positive communication with you. I am praying that you find peace as you are reading this mail. In fact am praying for us and this communication too. I want us to trust each other in everything we are doing. For I believed that, our future is bright. My heart is full of joy knowing you and I hope we can get to know each other better and see what the future has for us. That will be so nice dear.
I will always try my best and ready to be whatever you would love me to be for you. To tell you the truth my dear. I am highly stunned and do not know what to say than to keep going and see what the future may bring for us. If my communication with you shall be fruitful let it be so. More important is for us to empty our thoughts and allow our feelings to lead and direct our paths. Hope you get what I mean? At times, we might be expecting to meet someone that is within our vicinity, but some how, someone from afar, from different country we never dream of having contact from will appear in our life and all we can do is to accept them for there is a reason and such person might be a blessing for us. No matter how long it may take for in that due time, the two will be join together as one. Like as I earlier said, distance won't be a barrier at all for I promise to meet you in person to share my feelings with you which is the best way because Internet communication only is not adequate.
In my life I need someone who will be beside me, someone I can share my love and live happily with. It does not matter her age, where the person comes from, for as Allah brings us together, we can be there to assist each other in every part of life.
For the couple of months now I am having the feelings and my heart assured me that I will meet a partner with whom I would spend the rest of my life. I am blessed both financially and otherwise, but all is not complete without an honest kind woman. Please dear, I am not being so fast, but I need to express myself and disclose to you my heart desires I am serious with you and not here to play games. Some men and women are here to have fun. But am glad because there are still some out there who are honest, decent and ready to settle down at the right time with the right person. My aim of registering in the site is to find a sincere and honest girl to be my soul mate. Someone I can trust and share my love with. I want to know you better and want you to know me too my dear.
May Allah bless your going out and coming in. Please take care dear, I am looking forward to hear from you again when time permit you. Feel free to ask me anything, have nothing much to say as I am comfortable communicating with you. My regards to your family, I hope to meet them in future. My families are doing well. My mom and little fatimah sent their regards to you, About my home, i live on this address Flat 2, Park Court, 97, The Ridge way, Chingford, London, E4 6TW, i own my house which is a bungalow and it contains 4 apartment here in England and here my company name where i work for (
Sincerely, My dear yes i have your mobile number but i want to talk to you at the right time i will drop my mobile number in next email i will answer all you question .i am looking forward to your reply
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