Romance scam letter(s) from John Walter to Alison (Australia)
Letter 1

My name is John and after viewing your profile I wanted to send you a smile and say hello.
If you would like to know more about me, please reply to my profile.
Just click above on Reply to Email.
My ID Code is: C02884570
Letter 2

Hi how are you doing? I signed up here to find that special person whom to spend the rest of my life with, You look gorgeous I like everything in your profile, it would be nice to get to know you more if you do not mind… please write to me here, m , if you are interested too, I will reply to your email once I receive it.. . John.
Letter 3

Hi dear how are you doing? thank you for the picture...
To start with I’m from England, my full names are john Walter, a single father ... Is nice to meet you in CB , I hope we will keep on communicating to know more about each other, what we like and dislike. I am very serious when it comes to relationship , I seek for someone whom to spend the rest of my life with , she will be my soul mate, a friend, my partner and a lover. Dear I want a woman who is honest with good heart willing to love me, I will make sure I treat her good, take care of her. We can work things out here if we believe and trust in each other. As for me I like shopping, swimming, having good food, I enjoy spending time in garden, zoo, at the beach as well; I like to be open minded to my partner. My dislike is lies and unfaithful people. I will stop here for now; continue with more when I receive your feedback, looking forward to hear from you
Letter 4

Hi how are you doing? did you received my e-mil which i sent to you yesterday.? i been waiting for your reply.
Letter 5

Hello my dear
i am happy to see your note, I want to tell you more about myself, I lost my late wife after she gave birth to my only daughter, the death of my late wife was a sad moment of my life but I have moved on since then. My daughter is living with my late wife’s family in Spain. I have been single for some years now looking for the right woman whom to spend the rest of my life with. Am kind type, open minded person with caring heart, I could be lovely, romantic and faithful when it comes to relationship. I am a civil engineer I just finished my 2 years contract in Malaysia 2 weeks ago I just returned to England last week before I wrote you IN CB. I am so glad to meet someone like you, hope we could know more about each other. I will come and visit you if you want since I have free time now before I start a new contract. Here are my pictures with my daughter. I will be waiting for your reply.
Letter 6

Hi dear, how are you doing? did you receive my previous e-mail? been waiting for your reply.. hope u are okay..John
Letter 7

Hi how are you doing? To start with I would describe myself as easy going, loves to laugh and can be a bit of a joker some time. A romantic and sometimes tender person with a big heart. Serious about the things that matter in life, love, family and security, Caring, kind, faithful, trusting, thoughtful, affectionate and intimate with good sense of humor chemistry. I am an emotionally type of a person like to share all that I have inside of me to people around my life and ability to understand and accept other people's thoughts ..I can be a good husband to my future wife, caring and loving soulmate to her, I love foods like Japanese, American, French and Asia Cuisine sometime, Canadian and Mexican food as well. . I like having tea, coffee, red wine and yogurt drinks ...
I am hard working person , been successful with my work all those years , with simply loves life and would like to find someone to share that experience with long-term. I am confident, sensual, and thoughtful & believe that kindness to others is imperative.
Letter 8

Hi dear
How are you doing? Hope u are doing fine? Well dear relationship is an issue that needs time to be understood cause people just jump into it without checking their compatibility with the other partner at all and that caused problems along the way, the Issue of divorce is one which I don't want to come across in my life, that's why I am taking time to make sure I make the right decision that will last for the rest of my life and try to keep my head up at all times and be determined to be someone in life not minding what may come my way. Because I am kind of man that loves to be honest, open mind and sincere because all these matters in a relationship, she must be a woman who will love me for who I am, and believe in me, a woman that will be there for me and lend me a caring shoulder and smile to comfort me when the whole World is against me. And I will do the same to her gives her all the love and caring she needs.
I really want to get to know more about you and all I have fixed in my head are questions, which will enable me know you better so I decided to ask this 2 questions if you don`t mind.
(1)What are the things makes you happy?
(2) What type of a man / relationship are you looking for?
here are my viber number +447762426888 e-mail me your number too...
I will be waiting for your feedback and short answers, Have a nice day.
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