Romance scam letter(s) from Massimo Pedretti to Ann (Belgium)
Letter 1

Hi Ann, How are you doing today and how was your night? I'm so delighted to read from you again, thanks for being open to me to tell me about your self. I believe there is a reason for things happening. Many people get to know through church, work, traveling. But Its not to be compared to long distance relationship , Because long distance relationship brings out your heart,soul,mind,spirit,trust and honesty through consistent communication. I had a lovely night rest and woke up just on time to do my morning chores before resuming for work. I have not received any information as regards the applications i submitted through last week but i hope and believe good news will come through soonest. Whatever comes up i will let you know as i've also been hoping for an opportunity for some long time now. I think it will be a good idea that we share tidbits of our daily schedule to each other as it will enhance our intimacy and getting to know each other better. You don't bore me at all Ann and you must know am a planner,i make calculated moves and plans in everything I do. It will also help us in this friendship as we will make concrete plans of how we want everything to go between us and I think that will foster positive partnership and teamwork between us which is what we need to make things work on the right path. You really are an interesting companion Ann and am so glad to have met you,I feel a lovely tickle every time i read through your e-mails. You seem just the woman I wish to have in my life because as I said in my last e-mail,am a shy man but very romantic when i get so fond of my companion. Considering the qualities you require i will say am up to the task,am a very good cook and i love cooking with my partner.. I love it if we can share responsibilities together in the kitchen and make dinner together. I must confess I love your level of communication as it makes it all interesting and also brings out the best in me. It has been a long long time i have communicated with a woman to this level because as i said am new to the online scenery of dating but i hope for the best and am lucky to have met you so i will just concentrate on building something concrete with you than searching all around as you possess all the qualities which i wish for in my woman. Am a man that likes to take my time in getting what i want so i will always keep in touch just to make sure things work right between us. My mother taught me so many things about life and love while i was growing up.. What my mother taught me about Love !!MARRY FOR LOVE, the most important thing I've learned from my mother is that the fairy tale of love can be real - that after years of loosing my father she can still light up the room for him. The most important thing my mother have taught me is to make sure to only marry someone that you really truly love that is why am happy i didn't get married to anyone as all my ex dates never truly loved me."HARD WORK & PERSEVERANCE, my mother taught me to work as hard in a relationship as you would at anything else you truly love. Even the best relationships still need to be worked on. No matter what, She said if you love one another it will be worth it. Never give up. My mother has been through it all and no matter what, for years she's still in love with my dad till death. So, I would have to say that she taught me that love truly can conquer all! My aunt always says "Marriage vows are sacred, far stronger than any bumps or potholes along life's highway. COMMUNICATION, My Aunt Always told me before her death,Communication is important. If something is bothering you about the other person, talk to them about it. Don't let it eat at you and hope that they are going to change. How will they change if you don't tell them. And my mom will say never argue about the petty stuff and never let the petty stuff argue you. RESPECT, I have come to realize that 'Two people are not the same and your partner should be treated as you would want to be treated. If you made a mistake in your relationship remember, problems come and go. In order to build a strong relationship, one must be willing to forgive one another and move on.. When you can do that you know you have found a true soul mate.TOLERANCE & COMPROMISE, I've learned to leave the past in the past. Forgive others for things that have been said in the heat of an argument. Approach each other to apologize. Don't wait for the other one to do it first." If you love someone enough you will love the good and tolerate the bad. And I have learned that love endures through all the good and bad things that may come about in a marriage." HONESTY, To be open and honest with the person you're with. Lying about things only means you have something to hide, and it only makes things worse for everyone I would have to say being honest. Without honesty in your relationship it will not work. Lies have a tendency of catching up with you."TEAMWORK, Do you know It takes two to make a relationship work, both parties have to be willing to support the other and give of each other in a loving manner. When things get tough, help each other get through the rough times.My Mom taught me how to work out solutions for every problem - together . Is the best Secret of the soul . She taught me alot of things which i hold close as an inspiration to my life. What do you dislike? What makes you happy? Tell me how do you deal with frustration? What things make you extremely happy? Do you wish you were less or more emotional? Why? How has your day been? What did you have for lunch? I don't have much doing this evening after work,will just take the dogs out on a walk then return home take a shower and get dinner ready. I will spend some time reading then watch movies on tv before going to bed. I will check if i get an email from you so i will reply immediately cos i must confess i love reading from you and responding too.... Do take good care of your self my dearest friend and have a wonderful rest of the day. Cheers Best Regards
Letter 2

Hi Ann, Where have you been and i hope you are doing fine? What have i done that you have refused to respond to my last message. I still look forward to read from you soonest, do take good care of your self and have a wonderful day ahead...
Letter 3

Hi Ann How are you doing today and how was work? I'm also always glad to read from you and i feel even better since the communication is being more consistent in this week that it was last week. Thank you for your kind thoughts for my mother and also volunteering to light a candle and say prayers for her. I also pray this day that your heart desires will be granted and you shall be blessed abundantly and exceedingly for your kind heart.

I'm sorry to know how you felt through last week and i'm glad you feel much more better now cos it got me wondering what must have gone wrong with you or if you had decided to stop contacting me. Thank goodness you feel happy this week and glad about everything cos it has given us better opportunity to grow to know each other better and much more intimate. Tell me, how do you feel about our communication? I hope you are enjoying everything you have grown to know about me so far? I take my bath two times daily and also brush my teeth two times daily cos i like to stay neat and fresh all day. I also like to keep my bathroom clean after taking my bath and i make sure the dirty stuffs are placed rightly in the laundry basket since i do laundry during weekends. I deal with frustration by taking time to really consider what went wrong and if i still cannot get a solution i go into prayers where i believe i will be restored and feel whole again. I also do not really fancy jewelries though i wear a wrist watch and i have different types. Well work is fine and i have resumed this year by submitting applications to different agencies with vacancies for contract opportunities. I did lots of paperwork over the past week and i'm still waiting for response from the different agencies. I really hope i get an opportunity cos it's really been a long time since i handled any job. Since i broke up with my ex in November 2013 i was derailed mentally and psychologically that i couldn't handle any job. I took a break and had to get the pieces of my life together and start all over again which i'm humbly doing now and hoping for the very best. The weather here is still very cold and we await the spring so that the trees will start producing again and everywhere will be lovely especially the outdoors. I really love the spring and summer, which is your favorite season? Yes i love to swim Ann and i'm a very great sportsman. I love basketball, golf and tennis which i play quite often but since my break up my sports life was gone though i have never stopped doing my exercise regularly. In that race which you saw me it was a marathon race of 10,000 miles, that was in March 2013. You're not a sportswoman? But do you exercise regularly? I love chocolates so much and stock loads of them at home which i like o have while watching tv at home and i also love french fries. I will be having french fries, potatoes, salad and chicken for dinner today, will you like to join me? What's your favorite meal? I was living in my house in Columbus SC but when i had to relocate to Minneapolis i sold my house and purchased another one here in Minneapolis MN though it's not as big as the house i had in SC but i enjoy living here though cos it's great and quiet. What are the things that interests you? What does it take for you to feel so much in love with trust and confidence? What will it take to satisfy your soul, make you feel so loved and wanted? I always look forward to read from you daily. Do take very good care of yourself and have a wonderful night rest with sweet dreams. I wish you the very best and may your heart desire be granted now and forever. Cheers Best Regards
Letter 4

Hi Ann, How are you doing and how has your day been? It feels really great getting to read from you again as i've been wondering what happened that i didn't get any email from you. Have you been busy? Well i feel sad to know that you are not what the company needs but since you still have a good job which you are currently handling now i will advise you just stay put and continue being hardworking till somet hing opens up. I must say Ann you really are a simple woman with simple desire and thoughts which i admire greatly. It's really good to know how well you take very good care of Kirana and the intentions which you have trying to go discuss with her teacher on which path she should thread going into high school. With your guidance and love she will grow to be a very hard working, intelligent, smart and independent woman in the future. As regards my saddest day, it was really a tragic day for me as i could not stand the disappointment, embarrassment and shame. It affected me mentally and psychologically that it took me a long time to get the experience off my mind and move ahead with my life. I had to relocate from where i live in Columbus SC down to Minneapolis MN where i currently live. It's all in the past now though and i believe the future will be brighter and i will meet a woman that will satisfy my soul making me happy for all our days and lives spent together as a family. Like you i also visit my mom regularly though she's suffering from cervical cancer and will be going for surgery in the second week of February. I wish her the very best cos she's all i've got of my parents and i still want her to enjoy with me. She's 82 years old but i wish she can live for some more years as she's a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful woman with a big heart. What kept you too busy over the past days to respond to my message? What are the things that make you extremely happy? How do you deal with frustration? How many times do you take your bath daily? How many times do you brush your teeth daily? Do you like jewelries? I look forward to read from you again Ann soonest cos i believe our consistent communication will really help in building our friendship and fostering in long last relationship which we will both glad and proud of in the future. Do take very good care of your self and have a blessed day ahead. Cheers Best Regards
Letter 5

Hi Ann, How are you and how has your day been? You are welcome and I also appreciate you also taking out time to respond to my emails extensively giving me details of every question. I must commend you for that cos it makes knowing you much more easier and interesting as I can feel and understand every word.Yes I'm Italian American as my dad is Italian and my mom is American. I grew up in Rome where I was born and only relocated to USA when I was 15 years old. Presently my kid sister is married and living with her family in Milan and my mom lives with her sister here in Massachusetts USA and I visit her every month. My saddest moment was also when I lost my dad as I had just finished from the university also I have had a very bad exp erience in my last relationship which ended 1 year ago where I caught my ex in bed with my best friend. It was really hurting as it was a relationship of 4 years. It really had adverse effect on me psychologically and mentally but I thank goodness that I could move ahead with my life and trying to figure out the best for me with the woman of my dreams that will satisfy my soul and I'll also do the same to her.
I understand your frustration as regards the killings around the world, it's bothering to everyone cos I still wonder why humans will kill themselves in the name of religion and selfish interests but I believe some day all the killings around the world will come to an end. Well I was born in a catholic family but presently I attend Assemblies Of God Church and I go regularly cos I believe in God and in the manifestation of His words. My happiest day was when I graduated and became a veterinary doctor qualified to practice, I was so glad cos we were 35 students when we started but at the end of 5 years we were only 12 and I was one of the lucky students to make it through the veterinary college. I spend my weekends indoors keeping my house tidy and doing laundry. I also watch sports on tv through the weekends and I take time out to rest. Some weekends I spend time out shopping for groceries and other necessary items I could be needing at home. On Sundays I go to church and return home to rest for the week ahead.Yes so far I'm learning how simple you are and how the simple things of life interests you. Just like you Ann I also wish to share the rest of my life with a woman that will be ready to live a happy,comfortable and satisfying life with me as a family. One that will love me for who I am, a woman that will be kind,respectful,trustworthy,intelligent and hard working. One that I will love,respect,adore and care for. I wish to love and be loved Ann. My favorite destination for vacation is Paris cos it's a loving and serene city with lots of nice and historical spots. I also love to visit London someday so I could visit the famous London Bridge and also Trafalgar Square. Those are places I would love to visit sometime in the future possibly with the woman of my heart. Yes when I'm working I have people that do assist me; both professionals and non professionals which includes both veterinarians,laborers and also semi skilled too depending on the task which I have to handle. How would you react for a service which you are paying for and it is not rendered effectively? What would be your response if someone squeeze past you in a queue even when you are right in front? What are your views over offerings, tithes and public donations? I look forward to read from you always Ann as I enjoyed your mails cos you are very descriptive and good in explanation. It makes your mails interesting and easy to understand. Once again I appreciate the time you share in writing me regularly, I do hope we continue to grow to know each other positively and lets see how things work out. How is your daughter doing? Please always take very good care of your self and Kirana. Stay blessed and have a good night rest filled with sweet dreams. Cheers Best Regards
Letter 6

Hi Ann, How are you doing and how has your day been? It feels very good to be reading from you yet again and also giving me more details about your self. Thank you for the birthday wishes and yes I turned 53, you see I'm not getting any younger that's why I'm doing all I can to make sure I find the woman of my dreams that will satisfy my soul sooner than later. My favorite color is also blue and yellow while my favorite meal is Asian and Italian meal. It's sad considering the difficulties you face in your job but I wish you the very best and hope that you will be invited where you applied for the vacancy. Even though you still find your self working in this present firm, I will just advise you remain hard working notwithstanding the challenges you face within the firm and maybe you could be the one to enforce change within the firm. What's your responsibility in this firm where you work? Well yes I also face some challenges in my profession just like you have mentioned about wishing the animals could talk so one could know what is really wrong with them. But since that's impossible there's nothing one can do than handle the job just the way we were taught. I love my job so much and my passion for animals makes the job much more interesting for me. I work on both small and higher animals depending on what is on ground but I work mostly on contract basis for private farm owners, security firms and other organizations that require consultancy services.. Ann I have been living a lonely and boring life over the years and I really hope things work right so that I could have the woman of my dreams as my partner, wife, sister, best friend and companion. Tell me, what things make you extremely happy? What makes you sad and frustrated? What's the happiest thing you have ever experienced? Where's your best place for vacation? As I had earlier told you it will be great we keep in touch regularly so that we can grow to know each other extensively and deeply. Please don't fail to ask questions if you ever wish, do take very good care of your self and hope you have a wonderful evening. I look forward to read from you again as soon as possible, stay blessed now and forevermore. Cheers Best Regards
Letter 7

Hi Ann, How are you doing and how was your night? It feels very great to receive your email telling me a lot about your views on all the questions i asked you earlier. I think as you have made your mind up to give going into a relationship a chance that's the spirit that led me to write you cos I've also made my mind to go into a relationship this year but as you said I will like to start off as friends before growing intimate cos I believe beings friends builds intimacy,love and trust which are important criteria in building a long lasting relationship. Yes if I get children I will not mind but if my partner is unable to bore kids for me I will understand. My birthday was on the 1st of January and I celebrated it just by my self and my mom with her sister,we had dinner and that was all. What's your favorite color and meal? What do you like to do for leisure? Where do you work presently? You asked me some questions on Badoo; I love classic songs and r'n'b. Hope we could communicate regularly and like i said i don't visit Badoo often so it would be great if we can keep in touch via emails as it will also help us express each other at length and give us opportunity to get lots of details about each other.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to grow to know you better and I promise you will never regret doing so,by the way you can ask me any question you wish as I'm willing to let you know me much more better as you wish. Do take very good care of your self and I do look forward to read from you again soonest. Do have a wonderful day Best Regards
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