Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Smith to Tamara (Belgium)
Letter 1

Hi Tamara.... Well here is a little about myself my name is William Bagwell and I was born a half Belgian and half American..I was born in Brussels but was brought up in the states.. I am the only child of my parents but its unfortunate both my parents are no more. I joined the Military academy at the age of 18. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn't spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field I am the Staff Sergeant,I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non-commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.. I am currently stationed in Juba, a city of South Sudan will be returning home in In some few weeks the reason why i even want to settle to make a family because my Son {David} is the only one i have .I am a very Honest, Loving and caring person and love kids and animals allot, I love to eat out but also love to cook and eat in nice bottle of wine and cuddle up on the sofa together n watch a good movie and I love the outdoors come rain or shine love walking in the rain and doing silly things lol I like to go fishing, riding. walking by the sea and driving, love to travel, love the sun also love photography, I have a wonderful a child who I adore so much I am strictly a 1woman man.. I don't play games as I would hate it to be done to me ( which it has been and it hurts deeply) id be the happiest if I had a woman I could care for and love totally if she’s happy then I am that’s my main concern it’s also nice to have your own space to do things on our own whether is just curling up with a good book or just chilling out for a while listening to some music, I like all kinds of music but not into I can adapt to most situations and I can bring myself to nearly all levels of communication, love meeting people n talking and no matter what age or raciest respect my elders and I expect to have it returned, I treat all people the same I have no distinctions... About my marital status was once married some years ago..i did loosed total affection for women until recently when I sat down and re-decision and that I had to move on with my Life. I am willing to have a happy life again and I am looking for a nice and caring woman, who is responsible, loving, honest and is willing to be my soul mate as well as someone i can call my own, I need someone who is ready to commit..Hope this finds you well can't wait to hear from you back....Bye for now.. William..
Letter 2

Hello madam Tamara.
I'm Mr Jackson David the delivery man your husband sergeant William Bagwel told you about and I'm to deliver to you a special package that contains important documents and other stuffs which means a lot to him. I get a lot to do with his package since he has told me that the package values much to him and I have to make sure that nothing happens to his package.
By doing so, I have to fly straight to your location but there is no straight flight from here to your country. I have to travel from one country to another country because of security checkpoints on the way. Hope he has explained this to you. All, I have to do is pass through countries where security checkpoints are low so that I can be able to make it to you easily.
For now, I kindly want you to send me the correction of your information. I get to make sure I have the correct information before I start my trip. I will use your details to trip to your destination. I need your maximum corporation and your assistance so that i can work to serve you and your husband to the fullest.
Below are the details William Bagwel gave me.
Name: Tamara
Country: Belgium.
Airport: ?
Madam Tamara, please confirmed above details for me and let me know if all of the details about you are correct. I need your full name and the name of the nearest airport as I stated earlier so that I can book my first flight. As I write to you, I got the package and I'll be on my way as soon as I get the confirmation from you
Actually, I will book my first flight to Dubai and from there I will inform you the next country I will pass through. I will keep you updated of what is going on. Well, I will end here and hope to get the ultimate confirmation from you. Best regards to Jackson.
Letter 3

Madam Tamara.
Good evening, thanks for the correction of your details and it's 9:08 PM in Dubai. I arrived in Dubai a few hours ago. I want to let you know that I have finally arrived in Dubai safely. I have made it here with no problems. The only problem I encountered was paying enough money to the immigration officers and also for the international air ways.
I have paid the immigration officers not to check what is inside the package. I'm glad that I arrived in Dubai and the package is very safe. Nowadays, it is difficult to travel with these kind of packages. The officers treated it as a VIP package because of the U.S military stamp on it. That is the only reasons why I'm happy. I know I will gradually make it there soon.
Madam Tamara, I just don't want to waste anytime since I have to be in Belgium asap because I have a lot to do after the delivery of William Bagwell's package to you, so therefore I have checked on the nearest country where there are low securities and paying of immigration duties are very cheap and affordable.
Remember, your husband didn't pay me when I was coming. He told me that you will pay me on my way so I have to manage the money I got. I'm using my money to do the payment till the time I get to Belgium. I got a cheap flight which is Dubai Airlines and it is heading towards a West African country call Ghana.
It is very affordable, honestly, one of the immigration officers has explained to me that the security checks and the immigration duties are very low compared to the one in Dubai and I will let you know about the charges when I arrive in Ghana. The flight is about 7 hours and I will inform you as soon as I arrive in Ghana. I think from there I can book a straight flight to you without any more worries.
Well, Madam Tamara, thanks so much for your maximum corporation and I promise to work to serve you and William Bagwell to the fullest satisfaction. I hope you will also correspond to me to make my work a very easy one. Thanks and have a great day. Jackson.
Letter 4

Madam Tamara.
Good morning. I'm doing very well and I want to let you know that I have arrived in Ghana around 8:40 am. It is now 11:10 am in Ghana. This is the amount the immigration officers have charged me to pay. They charged me two thousand six hundred and fifty Euros ($2,650).
The amount the officers have asked me to pay is more than the money I'm having at the moment. I'm short of money at this very moment because of the unexpected expenses I incurred. Madam Tamara, this two thousand six hundred and fifty euros ($2,650) include my airline ticket and to pay for the package fees.
Currently, the money I got is one thousand euros $1,000 and I was thinking I could have used it to your location but I never succeeded. I'm very disturbed at this situation. I have made up my mind to contact your husband via email to ask him if he can get me the remaining money but I already realized they do not carry money when they are in war zone.
I kindly want you to send me only one thousand six hundred and fifty euros (1,650) to add to the two thousand euros 2,000 i got at very moment to book my final flight and to settle the package fee. I need exactly one thousand six hundred and fifty euros to leave this peaceful country to deliver your husband's package to you. I will deliver William BagWell's package to you as soon as you send me the funds.
From here, I can fly straight to you without any more difficulties. Madam Tamara, please don't delay any more time but get back to me with your quick response so that I may know what to do next. The package is in the charge office and I can assure you it is 100 percent safe. I'm making sure no one touches it and I will definitely keep it safe as william Bagwell has warned me to take proper care of it.
I hope both of us can work on this to make it go smooth. I will not write much but I will conclude here. I will be waiting for your reply patiently. Once more, thanks for your maximum corporation. You are making my delivery a very easy one and I appreciate your great efforts. From Jackson.
Letter 5

Madam Tamara
Thanks for your quick response but you should have told me this earlier when I sent you the first email. If you were to tell me that you don't know me, I won't have contacted you at the first time.
In other sense you're right but in other sense you're not because I'll definitely come to you, so you will surely know me in person when I come to you.
With much apology, I kindly want you to do your possible best for me. I won't have come to this far country if you were to let know earlier. I'm very stranded and you're the only person who can assist me out of this particular situation.
Please, do your best for me because I got no option. I'll conclude here and I'll be waiting for your response. From Jackson.
Letter 6

Madam Tamara
I'm very grateful for your quick response and honest, I don't have any one to assist me because I'm a foreigner in this peaceful country. I wouldn't have asked you to pay me if I got other alternatives. I'm only working for William and I don't know much about him.
I'm thankful for your sincere efforts and i can wait till day you will be able to send me the funds. With much apology, I kindly want you to do your possible best for me and I'll deliver his package to you as soon as you send me the funds. I'll conclude here and I'll be waiting for your patiently. I wish you all the best in life. From Jackson.
Letter 7

Madam Tamara
I'm very grateful for your sincere concerning about my current situation in Ghana but I'm pleading you to do your possible best for me because I got no one to assist me out of this bad situation.
Yes, I have agreed with you. William is a very good responsible man and I'm sure he would have assisted me if he has funds in war zone. I have accepted your ideal but it's not the best to open his package without his notice.
I'm pleading you to do your very best for me because I won't have bothered you if I got other alternatives. Honestly, I can't help myself out but you're best person to sort me out. I will bring your package as soon as you fulfill your promises.
I'm very sure William will get back to you in time and I'm asking you not to give up but I want you to pray he gets back to you asap. In life, when we give up so quickly that is when we lose what we deserve. I'll conclude here and I'll be waiting for your quietly patient. From Jackson.
Letter 8

Hello my charming princess, I had a busy week working as usual working I have to apologize for not being online for a while. I prefer to have an chat with if possible tonight. I understand your point of view and I hope we find a solution and it must be a cup solution, I missed you and I hope you having a nice time working. I long to have you in my arms. The parcel can not be open by Jackson because they customs have the parcel in custody be sides Jackson never knew about the money in the parcel if I'm to tell him now it will not be helpful because he don't have the package until he sort the customs out first. I have to finish what I started will see you later tonight. Yours, william
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