Romance scam letter(s) from Logan Monroe Killen to Betty (USA)
Letter 1

Good Morning Donna,

I asked him when he came yesterday and he told me his wife's name is Alice. She has a business over there in the state. The lawyer is a Dutch. You see i understand your concerns but i am also concerned about everything. I am the person being held down here. Do you think after all this while, i am playing your mother? I would never in my life do that to her. I have been completely honest with her. I am in love with your mother and that is all that matters. Money is just a material thing and i will pay her back all the monies she has borrowed to me. Its so difficult for me as i have found myself in such a situation but i am not in love with her because of her money. I love her from the depth of my heart and i cant even think of harming or hurting her. I am just praying to God that everything should work out fine so i can come home. I don't have plans to spend Christmas in detention. So if you would help me out here, i will really appreciate it. Have a lovely day.

Letter 2

Good Morning Donna,

How are you doing? I hope you had a great time at the wedding. I really wish i was there. Listen to me Donna, i am not trying to take advantage of your mom in anyway and i will never ever do that. I am a man of my words. I never wished for any of this to happen to me. I never had the intention of even collecting a cent from your mom but the situation of things made everything like this. Honestly, i will do the same if i were you. You are trying to protect your mom and i really appreciate that. That is exactly what a good daughter should always do and i really thank you so much for that. The account i gave you was given to me by the lawyer as he was the one hired for me. He said his wife is based in California and doing the design business so he gave me the account information as he said once the money gets to her, it will get to him. I didn't question him any further. Concerning a telephone number of the holding facility, i honestly do not know it. I don't even get to use my phone or computer every time as everything was taken away from me. I only get to use them on request. I really hope you wouldn't see me as a bad person because i am not a bad person. I really love your dear mother so much and i will repay all her kindness back once i get home. Please try to understand my situation. I am not happy being here. I understand a lot has happened in the past and i am very sorry about that. I care a lot about Betty and i am sure she knows that. You can email me anytime. Once i get access to check my email, i will respond to you.

Have a wonderful day.

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