Romance scam letter(s) from Micheal Wilson to Xenia (Panama)
Letter 1

Hi I'm happy to have her email.thanks.sorry i do not answer in time, they have been busy.
How is life treating you? It is not a bed of roses you should know, but God can do all things.
How I wish that you are what you look like, you look good. I want to know what you want in a man and if I really am your type of man you want in a relationship, fun or serious date I am a loving and caring person with good sense of humor, am single, love people, reciprocate gestures, understanding and discipline. I'm looking for serious relationship that will last forever fondly love and happiness, I want a partner to be sincere love and affection, I am looking for my soulmate and my best friend. Seeking the real woman who can get the better of me. A woman who share the solid foundation of relationship with me, that is, trust, love, relationship, partner, understanding, friendship, sincerity, which has the spirit given. A woman who knows what is in my mind when looking at his face. One to share my sorrows and happiness with me and be there for me in terms of good and problems. Someone who is kind. You know my name, but friends call me Michael Wilson. No matter how I look I'm only 49, but you should know that age is a number that does not really matter where love and affection. Am English .I am born in Germany who live and work here in London, living and working here as a contractor at sea. I supervise and coordinate the activities of crew engaged in the operation and maintenance of engines, boilers, deck machinery and left me with some of those features of an engineer. Its hectic but I love the work. I live and work here in London, I am divorced with two children, I am passionate about children, although they have two children. You will discover when you approach ... Thanks ..
Micheal Wilson
Letter 2

Honey i love u always Miel send this information then OK, honey, my mother and my children every body loves you, baby i love u forever, I wanted to send money with this information through money transfer Western Union, dear locate any western union money transfer and send the money well, honey'm waiting for you, honey after sending the money let me know well, WESTERN uNION INFORMATION BELOW: Name: NORPiDAH Abdulkadir Address: Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 Town: Kuala Lumpur Country :. Malaysia Amount: $ 800USD Dollars 1. Name of Sender Sender address 2. 3. Western Union MTCN (10 digits) 4. Amount sent the letter or send western union payment to this email for confirmation of payment. Honey I'm waiting for you right, dear love u forever, God bless Micheal Miel i love u siempre Miel enviarlo con esta informacion a continuacion Aceptar, la miel a mi madre ya mis hijos cada cuerpo te quiere, carino i love u para siempre, querido enviar el dinero con esta informacion a traves de transferencia de dinero Western Union, querido localizar a cualquier union occidental transferencia de dinero y enviar el dinero bien, miel estoy esperando por ti, miel despues de enviar el dinero que me dejo saber bien, INFORMACION WESTERN UNION ABAJO: Nombre: NORPiDAH Abdulkadir Direccion: Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 Ciudad: Kuala Lumpur Pais:. Malasia Monto : $ 800USD Dolares 1. Nombre de quien envia 2. Direccion del remitente 3. Western Union MTCN (10 digitos) 4. Monto enviado o envie la carta de pago de la union occidental a este correo electronico para la confirmacion del pago. Miel estoy esperando para usted bien, querida ama u para siempre, Dios bendiga a Micheal
Letter 3

My beloved How are you, i hope you are fine, i read your message now i received urgent sad news from Malaysia, Am now in the ship working, My Mum and my two sons David and Philip Traveled to Malaysia to See how big property in Malaysia, but i received bad news that they have accident and now in hospital in Malaysia, Can i ask you for a favor, you you won't run away this time if i do? My mum needs a serious help in Malaysia now, she travel over dear for something very important. Can you help me send her $800 today or tomorrow? Is that too much to ask you? I will be waiting for your response. Micheal
Letter 4

Honey i love u always Honey send it with this information below OK, honey my mother and my children every body loves you, darling i love u forever, darling send the money with this information through western union money transfer, darling locate to any western union money transfer and send the money OK, honey am waiting for you, Honey after you send the money you let me know OK, WESTERN UNION INFORMATION BELOW: Name: NORPiDAH ABDULKADiR Address: Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 City: Kuala Lumpur Country: Malaysia. Amount: $800usd Dollars 1. Name of Sender 2. Address of sender 3. Western Union MTCN (10-digit) 4. Amount sent or send the western union payment slip to this email for payment confirmation. Honey am waiting for you OK, darling love u forever, God bless Micheal
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