Romance scam letter(s) from Ben Wood to Phyllis (USA)
Letter 1

Dear Phyllis, Here are some of my thoughts that came to me head on earlier today. Maybe this will give you a perspective of what I am looking for in a life partner. When I decided I would try Singles site, I had three songs in my life I wanted to apply to this journey. I am a true believer you cannot let your past steal what joy you have for today. These songs are a representation of the stages I hope to experience. The first song is “Send Me A Lover“ by Taylor Dayne. The second song is “All We Ever Find” by Tim McGraw. And the last song completes my journey with “Unloved” by Brooks and Dunn. These are songs that I have not shared in my life but hope the person I find is who will share them with me. If you could choose three songs to represent what you are hoping to find in this venture what would they be? My favorite books are titled “The Precious Present” and “Who Moved My Cheese”. Both of these books have sustained me to keep my pain in the past and put only love in my future. What books do you believe, besides the Bible (the only Book) has sustained you to understand your pain and become stronger because of it.

People believe communication is the key to life and happiness. How would you define that in your life? I believe communication is becoming lost. They say finances are the major cause for broken relationships, but I believe it is communication. I know how to communicate in my job and other aspects of my life…but do not apply the same principle in my personal life. Communication in relationships and especially those of your partner must remain open. I feel communication is an essential combination of listening and giving.

To understand your partner you must listen. Sometimes that means when something is said… there is nothing you can do about it but listen. It should be a way you can express how you feel and you understand there is no right and wrong to the way you feel…it is the way you are. People so often fail to listen to your life partner they are not really telling you what they want as it is what they need to feel complete. There is a difference. Wants are all encompassing and go outside of our needs. Your needs are what you must have to survive, and your wants expand beyond that. You may want things but that does not mean you will always need them.

I believe my faith keeps me engaged to overcome life experiences. I see today where men and women fail to see some of the most basic principles of why God made them as they are. We are so busy trying to define and defend our gender and outlining our equality that we forget the strength of a man to protect and the nurturing of a woman to enhance that strength.

I believe a relationship is about carrying each other when you are too weak to carry your own physical and mental weight. commitment is a devotion and goes far deeper than love. the best attribute in loving someone is to adore them first. I believe if people do not begin to take the time to be personal in each other’s lives we will not be able to sustain relationships. Technology is better than sliced bread…but it was not intended to take away from personal touch and human connection. It was developed to supplement but not to replace that which needs to be heard and felt.

What is a best/true friend to you?? To me… a friend doesn’t enable your decisions and desert you when you don’t make good ones. A friend should give you a perspective and point out when you are not being totally honest with yourself so you can improve yourself for better and not for worse. A friend does not judge you but understands you and completes your life but does not run your life. But a best friend is devoted to the quality of your life so the quantity of it can be shared for as long as God allows you this earthly journey…together. A best friend allows you to express yourself as an individual, admire you for it, and know the value both bring in fulfillment to you as a person. A true friend nurtures your personal growth in life and encourages its development without jealousy because they have faith in you. A true friend gives unconditionally, loves unconditionally, and understands unconditionally..

But a life partner is all of this…your best friend, your true friend, and your forever friend. It is the combination of the deepest respect of friendship one can have. A life partner does not follow you or lead you but stays beside you… so when your burdens are more than you can carry… they will let you lean against them for support and know you will hold and embrace them so they do not fall. But most of all…a life partner gives strength and balances your weaknesses so that you stay steady on this journey together.
In this venture of online dating…a gentlewoman asked me “What is it that you do to make a woman feel special?” How would you answer that about a man? Unfortunately, this gentleman was implying in the physical sense or at least it was the answer she was searching for. I believe everyone is different in how they need to feel special in someone’s life. The part that person plays in your life determines the way you make them special. To me, making anyone feel special is to understand them and that takes time, patience, and compromise. As time passes, you find how deeply you grow with them and how you can show them verbally, emotionally, physically and sometimes materialistically how they enhance your life. And when they do, it is only natural you would want to respond with the same.

Special to me… are little expressions you do for a person to let them know you deeply care not only for them but about them. They are the small acts of kindness, considerateness, touch, words, thoughtfulness, and togetherness you share..
Being special is a feeling of warmth and embrace. I have not dated many women in my life. I can count on one hand those women.I believe People come into your life for different reasons, seasons, and for a lifetime. My heart is the most valuable gift I have to give to a woman. Because when I do, then everything else I feel comes naturally for her. It would be giving of myself intimately, passionately, and willingly..

When I give my heart, I want to take care of her needs, wants, and desires. The rest comes as an individual in growing with her, understanding her, and caring for her. she will know she is special not because of one particular thing I show her… but in the way she needs and desires me to show her. It would be a closeness you feel without touching you and a togetherness you would always miss no matter the distance between you.
But I won’t know what that is or how it is to make it special…until we exchange our hearts. Because each person deserves to understand that to be special you are not a replica in someone’s life, but a value to and in their life. When you understand the value of someone in your life, then you have found what true worth is all about..

So dear, I could sit and talk with you for hours about sports, weather and leave you a lovely letter, and most any subject you would like… but for me... I want to understand what you love… and how you came to love what you have in your life and where you want to go in your life. If you think the same…I hope you will respond. Keep safe…always.
Sincerely Ben.
Letter 2

Hello Phyllis, I must say that I am not overly keen on extended "dating over the net".... I like reality... face to face 3D.... Just to BE in each other presence to feel the warmth of their body to gaze into the eyes and dive into the soul.. Then you know if there is that connection... that FIRE... you will just KNOW...what can be... A lil bit more about me, I am a hopeless romantic that is certainly what I am.... Passion and poetry flow in my veins.. i feel that life SHOULD be living poetry...As it is in each cases of life, I know our past has been very very different but that does not matter is where we want to GO.. the destination and the journey along that we want to take that I think is very similar... that is what matters!! I want to have a extremely close and loving family. I want to have a family that are extremely warm, tactile, caring sensitive... always "present"(there when you need them without being invasive) , intensely loyal...yet totally honest.. and not afraid to speak their mind... but I grew somewhat the life of a loner, for me that is wrong I have so so much to share and give..I have a boundless emotional energy and capacity to love give and share... Its wasted at the moment.. like rain falling upon the sea.. unnoticed untasted joy..... though I understand a rough life and the greatness of character that it can bring and I see that in myself. Love for me is about the complete being. The good the bad and the ordinary... we are all combinations of this.. I don't want to be anyone's fantasy.. I want to be someones reality... with all its imperfections quirks and anomalies. Real love is no check list of career, fame, fortune, physical stats, status and other details its about an entire being. Not like some brand new car that is list of features that have to be dutifully marked off.. its the some total of the whole.... its about loving all of your life facts as told and the many as yet untold... Its about what is yet to come... and to be able to grow and change to whatever life has to offer and that will again be good bad and ordinary at times. Love is not just for the good times but is about maximizing life and the positive and creative and minimizing the hurtful the negative and destructive. I can guarantee you and experience with me you would never forget and hopefully always treasure..Im looking for that connection impossible for any words to do justice. You are getting more interesting as i put more effort to know you..I want to be dive into the limpid pools of your eyes... and discover more!! Just thought I write you a bit of more thoughts.. Chat laters..
Letter 3

Dear Phyllis, Good Morning and how was your night?Hope you slept well and thanks so much for taking your time to write me back and i will love to tell you more about me..I live in Muskegon,MI and presently in western Part of Africa In Nigeria.. due to my work, i am a Petrol chemical engineer and i am here due to the new Establishments of the new down stream station and i will be back in 3wks time and willing to relocate for that special woman.. Life is very short and i am so much afraid of growing Old alone.. wanna grow Up with some full with fun and compatible to grow Old together.I'm 49yrs i stand 5'10 and about 190lbs. Brown hairs / brown eyes, short hairs. I was born in the state and raised in Rome , Italy, I'm very laid-white and down-to-earth. I'm also very old-fashioned when it comes to my respect and treatment for women.I'm a social wine drinker but a non-smoker,have a great sense of humor and like to spend time with someone i Love, and loved ones..I like camping, fishing ,cycling, biking, movies, golf, all kinds of the indoors too but I'm mostly an outdoorsy, i also like the city life.I take a walk out when the weather's mild,but go to the pool or mostly the beach when it's sunny..I do have a daughter who live with me full time and she is just 8yrs old,Hope you don't have problem with that?I love Debbie so much and I'm trying to raise her to be one of the rare breed out there: a gentlewoman who owns her words, who is independent, self-confident, knows his worth, loves God, treats people, and especially women & older people with respect, focused, disciplined, be playful, be fun, sense of humor ~ always and be a warrior with a tender heart..Of course after 3years now am single...married once and divorced 3yrs ago, I feel that My body, my blood and my soul need to love again: Is the reason because I'm looking for a special woman... someone who need to be loved, someone who need kisses and caress, someone who need a big hug like I need all that. We are a family with my sweet Debbie but we miss a wife and a mother and we know that you are out there..My ex cheated on me which gave me a wrong impression about women generally and made me thought i wouldn't have anything to do with a woman due to my past experiences,I learned a lot from being married. I know I believe in marriage and think with the right person and open communication, a little hard work, and a lot of faith, marriage can be a wonderful experience. But, both people need to be honest with themselves and each other.I have not given up hope in finding my soul mate, best friend, confidant, and lover. The one I can tell my inner most fears to and know she will be there for me through the good and the not so good some day I want to walk hand in hand with my love down the ocean beach, just like you see on TV. I want to stop in the moonlight and give her a soft little kiss and hug without saying I word to her...I’m looking for a woman who can be caring and romantic with a sense of adventure to start out as friends wait and see where it takes us. I would like to meet somebody who can carry on a good conversation, and make me laugh. Honesty is the best policy with me, so if you don’t like it just say so (I’m a big Guy, I can handle the truth, even when it hurts).I am the optimist. I am the one who sees the glass half full, and always looking for the silver lining. I look for simple pleasures and not so simple pleasures in life. I believe that you do have to enjoy life to the fullest; you never know when it could end. I am an honest person who doesn't play games with other peoples emotions. I am very caring to others needs. I enjoy hanging out with friends, dancing, going to the movies, outdoor activities, and quiet evenings at home.I'm a Fun loving Man looking for the right one to share my life with, can u b the and only woman for me.. Part Teddy Bear, part social butterfly, why not lets go fly a kite together. Can u handle that. I like to walk in the park, on the beach under the stars at night holding hands real close,i like sailing in a boat on the water,but if there"s no wind ,row. I like a romantic woman,honest is a must loving God is a must,no game playing don't have time for it.the life to short, i want to enjoy it and would hope that u would want to grab every minute of it too.I enjoy a good adventure. Friendship, comprehension, tolerance, dialogue,to accept each other as we are, and of course plenty of ideal partner would accept me the way I am, she should respect me and love me, cuddle up to me before she falls asleep and hold me tight after she awakes.just someone that knows what love is all about,who will be there for me.i m alone by choice, but know it s time to meet my middle, so may be you are here...I am hoping to keep company with you if you are still searching for the future partner.I am the Only Child of my parents born in the state and raised with long stay in Rome Italy... My father is in the Military and we travel alots and visit lots of place when i was still a Child.. My father died in a car accident which makes affected my Mother and she got an heart attack and died... i relocated to Monroe,MI after due to the lost of my parents.Hope you know more about me now and what i want in my future partner,Hope to hear from you soon...take care and be safe..have a great day. Always Yours,
Letter 4

Hi sweetheart, Thanks for your respond, It was a pleasure to hear you. I want to you to know who is on the other side of this e-mail, You have no reason to trust what I tell you or even believe in what I say. All I can ask you to do is take the risk... because that is what life is all about. I have so much to give, and I will pray the person I want to give it to is you. I am not usually the one to suggest anyone take a risk, but time is short and if we don't try, we will never know and, surely, we will regret that we did not try to know. Ummm...If you truly are looking for a reliable, honest, sweet, intelligent, compassionate woman, who could dedicate his whole life to one woman...then I may be your King. Again, I am a hopeless romantic, independent, caring, honest and trustworthy. I always give 100% and expect it back. If your looking for perfection mind, body and looks keep surfing and stay shallow somewhere else...I am equally comfortable to be in jeans as I am being dressed to the nines for a special night out. I spend time at the gym and I am attracted to a woman who takes care of herself. The first date is a meet & greet time to get to know each other. Together we can decide what will be comfortable and fun for the both of us, That is what i want....I don't play games in relationship, The only games I would play with you are board games, video games and bedroom games. I want you to look deep into my eyes, and see the sincerity of my heart, I want you to know that when we are in each others presence the aroma that we are sensing is still gonna be just as real. I want you to know about the **quiet Ben, the sad Ben, the excited Ben… I want to know what you are like when you are extremely focus, I want to know what it is like to pray with you and to seek God’s face for wisdom and direction.. I want you to hear the karaoke and guitar playing Ben, and I want you to see the painter Ben… I want you to know the Ben that will be there on the long run, after all the newness has worn off, I want to experience you, in all that you are and all that you are not.. the good, the bad, the ugly… ( no, no ugly LOL) …I want you to understand where I’m coming from. I’m not infatuated, my feet are flat on the ground, my heart…well its floating like bubbles… ...I know it's cliche' but it's true I've never met anyone quite like you..that was just for you my dear..Hope you understand where im coming from. Catch ya later, Ben Xx
P.S Me and my late mom.
Letter 5

Good morning...Good Morning Honey, Ummm...I am not a possessive or jealous person. Im glad we can communicate as much as we want now through emails and chat,as it opens a path for us to know ourselves better until we can finally meet, i took my time to read your profile once more before deleting mine off the site and i must tell you, you;ve found what you are looking for, I want to talk nasty with you just when you want to and be nasty with you all the time you wanna, the public affection is most certainly certain, I want to be able to wink to you from halfway in the mall and you know just what i mean, Im a hopeless romantic, I wear my heart on shirt's sleeve. I miss having a partner and a family. I don't have any brothers and sisters and I cant say i have much of a family except those whom i decide to call one..Life has been incredibly rough but walking on its path alone has opened a whole lot of opportunities and experience to me, that I want to share with my beloved.. Im in the mood to go grocery shopping right now and pick you your fav chocolates and berries to fondle and play with you with.. Where do you usually hang out??.. what do you like doing mostly??? I can go on and on about anything and everything.. You are a sweetheart in a blossom, cant wait to get us all out.. Let me share a secret.. it's the little things a woman does that makes me feel she's right for me. Would you kiss me deeply, gently rub your hands on my chest, and search for answers in my eyes? Would you wrap your arms around me, and tell me how gorgeous I looked each day? Would you show up with a card and a flower for no reason, just to show me I was special? Would you jump at the chance for me to make you dinner, and insist on helping me clear the table after? Would you make me laugh when I was stressed or sad, showing me that problems were no big deal when we are together? Would you want to know me inside and out.. be my best friend and lover? Would you accept my annoying little habits and recognize my strengths? Would you believe.. I would do all of that for you and more? Of course.. all the above comes after attraction, comfort, and common interests.
The basics for me in a woman are: an Outdoor kind of woman, 5ft or over, sparkling eyes, positive personality, loves family, friends, animals, and life. I love the R&B, Classical, Pop, and Opera (although I also love Celtic, some blues, and oldies), Country dancing, riding a horse, surfing, working around the barn in my free time, sit around a roaring fire-pit on cold nights with friends and neighbors. If you're the type of woman that enjoys all that, then you are my dream come true. I want to keep getting to know you. I want you to know some fun facts about me babe..
1. i will be glad to see you face to face
2. i have a big heart.
3. sometimes i walk like a duck when no ones looking
4. i got a light thick voice with an accent
5. i got the skinniest ankles ever
6. i have pretty big feet
7. i got a nice nose and smile.
8. i can teach you to wipe out past pain from your memory
9. i can share your bed not hog it
10. i can take away your hate for any other man who ever hurt you
11. i like everything soft masculine and delicate
12. i love lace on my lady
13. i like glittery shining things
14. i don't snore
15. i have no shame i do everything with purpose
16. i laugh really loud
17. I love to be in love
18. i am a genuinely happy person almost always almost
19. i am 49, i look 30 and you make me feel 18. I mean, when I'm 49!
20. i only eat natural foods, that god created on this earth , meat, veggies and fruit
21. i love Kentucky fried chicken too and Boston market is even better
22. i see the beauty in everything
23. i am a good cook when i want to be and i want to be for you, i am very creative in the kitchen
24. i don't drink pop or soda
25. i like champagne Heineken beer and wine
26. To me all sex is fair and fun but could get wilder
27. yes ,i will lick you and suck on you from head to your toes
28. wine just makes me sleepy
29. i can love you with all my heart and soul,, forsaking all others till death
30. there for i will love for an eternity
31. i can draw pictures and visions in my sleep ( you have to see it to believe it,lol )
32. i thank the universe every day for my life
33. I enjoy talking to you
34. once we discuss our EX partners we will never mention them again. you get one chance to bitch about him and your done, me too
35. i have an uncanny power of persuasion
36. i think that the only way to be truly happy in your work is to do what you love to do and get paid for it
37. my mother taught me how to love
38. i love to cuddle hug and kiss all the time
39. i will never leave you what ever it is, we can work it out
40. i am a middle maintenance man
41. i can be ready in ten minutes for any occasion
42. i love moose tracks ice cream and chocolate
43. i like to nibble on unsalted nuts, raisins and mnms all in on bowl( trail mix)
44. i love all fruit especially mango
45. i am n expensive date
46. did i mention i laugh real good
47. i will try to make all your dreams come true for you.
48. i don't lie cheat or steal
49. i will not play horrible mind games on you
50. but maybe fun ones
51. i am a truly loving person to everything and everyone
52. i touch and kiss all people affectionately don't ever be jealous of it,
53. teenagers love me because i connect on their level
54. children under 10 stare at me cause they can see my aura there so innocent
55. i am the happiest person on this earth.
56. i can win the lottery on a whim
57. people come to me with there problems cause im a soft place to land
58. i stare at your picture all day long
59. i will stare at you all daylong anyways
60. i will not take my eyes off you for three straight days when i get home
61. i will always forgive you
62. my favorite store is home depot
63. i talk to animals and they hear me
64. i love bugs , bees and birds, they come when i call them
65. i like to clean the house and vacuuming is fun to me
66. i love to cut the grass
67. I like to exercise but i don't lift weights
68. i put this all together for you so you would know a little bit about me before i get there.. anything else will have to wait till we are together. I think, if people around me will describe me. They'd say, Im sweetreliablehandystronghonesthandycaringloving that sums up one word..LOL. I love coffee..I don't have time for drugs. I'm a really big coffee drinker. LOL. Are you a possessive or jealous person? Well. I've gotten more than a million question to share with I will be waiting for your message.:-) Your man..Ben.
Letter 6

Dear Phyllis, Good Evening Hun and how was your day? am still in Nigeria and Baby i don't mean to tell you this but i don't know what else to do because i feel down and no one to lift me Up,, On my way back to the Hotel Tonight i was robbed by some Gangs of Gun Men and they Took away my Wallets and some $$$ In side... and also took away my diary I don't know what to do and i do need to pay for my daughter's Hospital Bills because she was badly Hurt but i don't have a way of getting out.The gunmen shot the driver and shot Debbie leg when she bite one of gunmen while torturing me to give them all my valuables and they hurt me badly,Am typing this with tears on right now and i don't know what to do. my daughter is in comma right now and need medical attention which i cant provide now until i get paid and i need to make the payment for the surgery before it Commenced Sweetie... Please have mercy on me and don't let me lose my only child. I will pay you back as soon as i get paid even with interest if you don't mind...I will be getting paid soon.I attached my daughter leg and my payment slip for my contract here.. Always Yours,
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