Romance scam letter(s) from Roland Kikt to Robyn (New Zealand)
Letter 1

Hello , I think it would be formal if I get to introduce myself. I am Roland Kikt, the only child of my late parents Professor and Dr. Mrs Thomas Kikt of the blessed memory. I was born in Zagreb Croatia Nov 11 1960.

I am an Civil Engineer by profession. I had my degree at the University of Osijek in Croatia. I work with a Shipping Company, I have been with the company for 8 years

I also freelance with my profession here by freelancing as an independent contractor and i work on my own, i bid for contracts around the world. I build condo, apartment houses, sport center and more. I have been working in this field for 5 years also

I`m 5'11" 190 lbs with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, and a positive person.

I was married before, But now divorced and i do not have kids because there were some complication with us having a child together, i have been in the USA for 17 years now and i have been a single for 7 years and I am ready to move on. I am now living in Fremont ca USA.

I enjoy walking on the beach, swimming, playing golf, etc. My biggest turn on honesty and my biggest turn off is dishonesty. I am searching for a woman who is honest, understanding, good kisser, good sense of humor etc. If there is anything you want to know about me please feel free to ask. Take care. You can tell me about yourself, If it's okay with you. Always wear that smile. It will be a pleasure to read more from you and here are few photos from me, expect yours too

Hope to read from you soon.
Warm Regards,
Letter 2

Hello Robyn

I am also very happy to have met you and that we are beginning a friendship that looks very promising, don’t you think? I’m sorry I took longer to answer you

I also love reading books, specially best sellers, but also all kinds of topics. I am currently reading 4 books at the same time, because each one has showed up after I have started the previous one and there was a reason for me to start reading the following ones. Confusing? It might be, but for the moment I am only interested in two of them.

I like all kinds of music, but my favorites are pop, R&B, country and rock, a little much of a classic music and jazz lover. I appreciate it and like to listen to it, but not for long. In games and sports I’m in for all, like chess and golf.

From what I have just read about you, I know you are so sweet and would be great to meet you. You sound like a very good, honest person. And your sweet eyes and face tell me this too. And yes, I will like to find your real YOU by myself. I tend to think that we see ourselves from a different angle than other people, so I don’t usually describe myself, I prefer that you tell me how you find me.

For me there is no specific person with whom I like to share the rest of my life with. I rely much on feelings and looking into the eyes to find out if we have a connection that will turn our lives upside down. I have been out of “circulation” for such a long time, that for me this is a new beginning in every sense, and it’s getting very interesting since today!

It was so nice to see your email and I feel so comfortable talking to you and trusting you, as if we had been together for so long (as friends or other). I don’t know but if I felt it, I needed to share it with you.

Sorry again for this late email, but I couldn't help it. Till soon…….

Letter 3

Honey i am so glad to let you know that you have been a blessing to me ever since you came into my life, things have just been moving on so smoothly for me , and also the BIG NEWS now is that i have been awarded a contract by Petronas.

Construction building of a GAS STATION at Indonesia... this is my first construction contract in Asia baby, i am so so glad about this

Darling, i want to inform you that, i have already made my arrangements of traveling down to Indonesia, i was called from the contracting with the department of veterans affairs involving the Petronas company that my contract with them has been approved, and my present is needed immediately.

My Agent will book my ticket tomorrow morning and i will be flying on Tuesday Morning. I will always keep in touch with you and update you about everything, i deeply hope that it will be a success deal and luck will be on my side, because after the contract i will be making my way to you soon in New Zealand for us to explore our love for each other baby, i want your prayers and good wishes by the time we meet i have a surprise gift and something special for you.

I am happy i got this contract because i have spent so much on getting this and almost all my entire life savings, i am hoping to see this contract through to the end.

As soon as i arrive in Indonesia you will be the first person i will call, i love and care for you so much with all my heart, you are always in my mind and i bless the very first day i saw your profile.

I want you to always remember to eat on time, and don't over stress yourself, be careful and take care.

Below i attached the contract approval certificate and the building plans for you to see and be happy for me and you honey..

Letter 4

Hello baby how are you, sorry i have not been able to talk with you some more, working is progressing smoothly today and here is my flight ticket schedule to you as promised
Letter 5

Hello Robyn

Thank you so much for your wonderful message, it really put a smile on my face to know that you are with me no matter the situation. i am bless to have you in my life and no matter what situation or temptation we face, i assure you that nothing can ever change our love because our love will keep growing stronger and stronger everyday.. i want you to know that you bring me joy, happiness and you brighten up my life, i will always love you with all my heart and we will always communicate with each other everyday.

Honey i am so confused right now, i do not know what to do, i just left the Tax Office and i have been clarified the reason my work site was sealed.. they informed me that it is in there Indonesia Governmental policy that i pay 10% of the total contract funds which is ($175,000.00 USD) (One Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand Dollar) as non residential tax before i can proceed further with the contract. This is due to the fact that i am not a Indonesia citizen and i'm also a foreign contractor.

How ever i have informed the Petronas already but as you already know, it is in our contract agreement that i finance this contract my self until the first stage of the contract is completed before they can release out the first batch of payment to me and at this point all the money i have left with me is not able to complete the tax payment. i have $83,000 US Dollars left with me and i do not know what to do and how to raise the balance $92,000 USD to complete the payment so that i can proceed with work. i feel so sad that all the workers where outside today and the machines which i rented was not used today and i had to still pay the worker and also for the renting of the machines too.

Please honey i want this to be between you and i alone, i do not like sharing my problems with anyone, i only had the courage to tell you my problems because i know we have gone so much closer together, and i love you so much.. no matter what, i do not want you to tell anyone about what is happening to me because i am a man of great reputation and principles too and it will be wrong for your friends and everyone to know what i am going through right now.. please honey let this be our little secret and on no account will you discuss this with anyone..

Honey i need your advise, i am so confused right now and i do not know what to do .

Reply back as soon as possible...

I love you
Letter 6

Nagyon koszonom, hogy a csodalatos uzenetet, ez tenyleg egy mosollyal az arcomon, hogy tudd, hogy velem nem szamit a helyzet. en aldja, hogy itt az eletemben, es nem szamit, milyen helyzetben vagy kisertes szembe kell neznunk, higgye el, hogy semmit nem tudnak valtoztatni a szeretet, mert a szeretet fogja egyre erosebb es erosebb mindennapi .. en azt akarom, hogy tudja, hogy hozzon nekem orom, boldogsag, es akkor felcsillan az eletem, en mindig szeretlek teljes szivembol, es mi mindig kommunikalni egymassal mindennapi.

Honey vagyok annyira zavaros most, en nem tudom, mit tegyek, en csak elhagyta az APEH es en mar tisztazta az oka a munkateruleten megpecsetelodott .. tajekoztattak, hogy ott Indonezia kormanyzati politikat, hogy en fizetni 10% a teljes szerzodeses alapokat amely ($ 175,000.00 USD) (szazhetvennegyezer otezer dollar), mint a nem lakossagi adot mire lehet tovabb folytatni a szerzodest. Ez annak a tenynek koszonheto, hogy nem vagyok egy indonez allampolgar, es en is a kulfoldi vallalkozo.

Hogy valaha en arrol tajekoztatta a Petronas mar, de mint mar tudod, hogy ez a mi szerzodeses megallapodast, hogy azt finanszirozza ezt a szerzodest magam, amig az elso szakaszban a szerzodes befejezodott, mielott kiadja ki az elso tetel a fizetesi nekem, es a Ezen a ponton az osszes penzt, ami maradt velem nem kepes befejezni a adofizetest. akkor $ 83.000 $ maradt velem, es en nem tudom, hogy mit es hogyan kell emelni a merleg $ 92,000 USD befejezni a fizetesi hogy en tud folytatni munkajat. Ugy erzem, olyan szomoru, hogy minden munkavallalo, ahol a kulso ma es a gepet is, amely i berelt nem hasznaltak ma, es en kellett meg fizetni a munkavallalo es berbeadasanak a gepek is.

Kerjuk, mez Azt akarom, hogy legyen kozted es en egyedul, en nem szeretem osszam problemak senkivel, csak volt batorsaga, hogy mondjam el a problemakat, mert tudom, mi volna, igy sokkal kozelebb egymashoz, es en annyira szeretnek .. nem szamit, mit, en nem akarom, hogy mondd el senkinek, hogy mi tortenik velem, mert en olyan ember vagyok, jo hirnevet es elvek is, es ez lesz baj a baratok es mindenki tudja, hogy mit fogok most keresztul .. dragam kerlek hadd legyen ez a mi kis titkunk, es semmikeppen nem fogja ugy beszeljen errol senkinek ..

Honey szuksegem van a tanacsot, en vagyok zavarodva, es most nem tudom, mit tegyek.

Valasz vissza a leheto leghamarabb ...

I love you
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