Romance scam letter(s) from Scott Jerry to Alison (Australia)
Letter 1

I am an honest, nice and down to earth person. I love to make friends all over the world. I have been to many places including England, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Germany, France and have many friends. I lived in USA. I love cooking and reading magazines, books and listen music. I play badminton once a week and swim twice a week if time allows. I like all sports. I am looking for a warm and caring person. Good temper is essential. Of course, ideally she is sweet, beautiful and curvy as well. She loves cooking and nice food and wine and we can share together. Ideally she has many interests, such as sports, films, music, etc . I will not response if she has no photo in her file. I am fit and healthy.Thanks for reading about me.
Letter 2

Hello dear, you have a wonderful smiles and nice profile. I wouldn't trade this for anything. I am new here on this website, i like your profile and i would like to know you better and become good friends. I am interested in establishing a good relationship that could lead to MORE, i know that we have to start as friends. I hope that you can reply me with this scottjerryj@hotmail. com.
Cheers, Best regard Scoot jerry..
Letter 3

How are you doing today? Hope your doing great over there, i must tell you that i am so happy reading your email, well let me introduce myself to you, i started working when i was 18 years old after the passing away of my parents and my uncle took the whole wealth my father has together with him,i have nothing left for me to start a new life that is why i have to start working at that age and i am grateful to god for what i am today for making me a great man in this universe.
Well i started working with Philips Consultant for 7 years before they had a problem with the management of the company which made me to quit the company and join marine company i also work with they for over 14 years which made my total working experience 21 years before i took decision to quit and face my business and contract job's?????? this company has really help me allot and made me what i am today because i am their biggest marine engineering consultant and it really made me traveled many parts of the world. I told them to look for another consultant who can replace me but i quit, because i really want to marry and settle down with my family so i can have enough time for my business sine i am benefiting from my business so much and can live anywhere in the world to manage my business, so you shouldn't be afraid of where i live, what matters to me is your happiness and i also don't mind living in your country if there is enough security there.
I would also like to know if a foreigner can buy a house in your country? just let me know more about your country maybe i can invest over there in the future, i must tell you that i have prayed so much for God to give me my life partner who can give me a happy family having child or not is not a problem to me what really matters to me is love and happiness, i believe the departure of my ex girlfriend brought an open door in my life, God has really blessed me after her depart.
It was the priest in my church that gave me courage to start looking for a wife and i really thank God that i meet you in my life, however the priest give me hope by telling me to believe that i can still meet who is going to be my real wife. I really believe what he told me and am working on it and now God have sent you to complete my life as man
My Dear .............,let us trust believe and understand ourself more better there is know need of fighting or angry to each other, for my own thinking understanding is number one think in relationship....hope to here from you soon. Yours faithfully. Scott.
Letter 4

I really do appreciate all your timely responses, as i do hope you wouldn't mind if i further explain my humble self as regards to my past few relationships.
First, i met my first girl when i was sixteen; we do kiss (lol) few at times but as kids, we never went too far to have sex. Everything about the relationship became sour the next year when i was seventeen years old because i lost my dear parents
In few years time, when i am above eighteen years old; i don't need to hide my relationship status from anyone any more, so i met this beautiful girl who cherished me a lot and i really do love her in return: she is a bit older but that was never a problem because love doesn't care about age differences As a grown gorgeous girl, it is natural that suitors will keep asking for hand in marriage and being that i am not yet ready to settle down with a lady as at that time, i had to let her go and marry, which she did gladly.
I never knew love hurts that much because the thoughts of what we shared before she walked down the aisle with someone else kept hunting me. I became scared of falling in love again but later gave it another shot at the age of twenty-six; and this time, she is my co-worker.
We had a nice time together and i started picking up the little pieces of myself to love even more again. However, the walls that held the relationship started crumbling down, bit by bit, when a co-workers whisper that my girl sleeps around with other men including our boss, but who in love would quickly believe such an unconfirmed story without any evidence. It was to my greatest amazement that i caught her with our boss, making love inside the boss office, and it hurts me more because our boss knew that i am in a relationship with this particular lady.
The last was a journalist, a woman any man would desire to be with: we had fun for quite a longer time before tragedy struck at an Arab country where she went to cover some news after 6 days America High Commission in Afghanistan confirmed that she was shot dead by group of bad guys while reporting on street in Afghanistan. I believe we all have stories to tell about love and relationship; that is why i still believe the lady of my dream is out there somewhere waiting for me to find her so as to make our dreams a reality. Fate may have it that you are the one......let us move on to know more about our self .
Yes i think i have told you about my work in my first email ,about coming to visit yes i will like to come to canada to visit you if things work well with us and please tell me somthing about your self .
Have a nice day..... hope to here from you soon. Scott.
Letter 5

This is the reason i quit my job, my father was a marine engineer and he once worked in the sea just like me but he died on the course of his work in Indian ocean when he went there to repair one of the companies ship, after my mother hard the news of my fathers death he collapsed and fainted and was rushed to a hospital and latter gave up after 10 days.
My Dad had a business together with his brother who is not really a nice uncle to me, he took everything my father has after his dismiss, life was not really easy for me but i am grateful to day for making me to be alive in the land of the living, however the reason why i quit my job is due to the risky of the job,i have been trying to quit this job for over a long time now but my boss keep on begging me not to do so,i told him about increase in my salary but he refused, infarct my colleagues have also find out just like i knew early that he is using us to make a lot of money instead of giving us what is entitled to us.
He uttered a bad word to me when were having a department meeting, he said that i don't need the money for anything, that i am not suppose to talk when people that has family is talking, infarct he told me a lot of things which really made me cried so much, he also told me that my father has only me as son that if i am gone the all i have will be used for charity organisation, after he told me all this things i really thought so much about my life that's why i decided to settle down with a wife and concentrate on my business, he later apologize and i have forgiven him, although those bad words he uttered to me really open my eyes and made me to understand so much things in life,
I don't look at personalities I'm only telling you my life story for you to know me more better, feel lonely all the time, also people is thinking that what my ex boss said to me is true. I also caught my boss and my ex making love in his office, all i ask from you is believe trust and understanding.
I work alone in my office here in the united states, but each time that sign contract with oil company in Arab country's, i buy other engineers to work with me on the ocean.
Have a nice day .............hope to here from you soon Scott.
Letter 6

Thanks so much for your email, sure everything is fine with me over here but tomorrow morning is going to be a busy day for me at the office about yours? Angel, would you like to get married with someone who did not have any relative? Would you like to live in another country with your husband? Just tell me anything you would like me to know about yourself,
I open small company of my own after working with Ocean Marine Services Ship Ltd for 21 years I'm really happy with my life now but i need someone to complete my life as a man, i feel lonely all the time also people thinking that what my boss say to me is true
Please let us make out to know each other more better, how many white guys have you date? I have't date an Asian lady before but is my dreamed to make family Asian lady, i have only dated one Australia and two British in my life
My my height is 185cm weight 83, blood type O+ how about you? Call me as soon as you got this email or let me have your phone number +12818360586 or +12692012155
How many UK or USA guys have you meet on the Internet before?.....add me on viber.
Have a nice day,......... scott.
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