Romance scam letter(s) from Edward Connor to Bec (USA)
Letter 1

My lovely wife, how was your night ? i hope you had a good night sleep and sweet dreams.
Honestly, my lovely wife you really killed my soul, i wish you knew how i felt right now, i felt bad and sad over here now, i felt like shedding tears but i can't because i know this obstacle trying to separate us and keep us apart.
My lovely wife, if you really love me you have to believe me and trust me because i can't hurt you or let you down all my life, i have told you to stop having bad and negative thoughts because i am for real and i am honest with you my lovely, you are paying all this fee for my sake and not for the military and i told you that i will pay you back all the money you have paid as soon as i arrive in the States.
I told you that money won't be our problem because i have it and i will spend it for you my lovely wife.
Honey, this is the last obstacle we have to defeat now for us to be together, we shouldn't let this obstacle to defeat us but rather we will defeat it and be together forever.
My lovely wife, i showed you evidence of everything you paid starting from the leave card and flight ticket, do you think a scammer or a thief will show you all this ? ,,,, i also told you to get on webcam so we can see each other on the webcam but you said no that you believe me ,,, then where is your faith now ?
Is this how you love me ? is this the love you have for me ? do you know how long i have been single waiting for the right woman and i found you as the right woman for me.
Please don't let all this feelings go or dies because of money which can not even buy the love i have for you.
I wonder if you really understand how much i love you and need you besides me, $ 7000 is not much money and it can't stop being together, this is how my friend met his future wife and they get married together and this is our turn now, i want you to know that our love is God's intervention and it is beyond human understandings and nothing will ever stop me from loving you all my life, even if you don't want me anymore or you want me to stuck over here i will still pay you back the money you have already spent and i will never forget you in my life.
I believe this is the way of God wants to know our faith of love, you have to know that long lasting relationship doesn't come easily so this is the hard time now and we have to overcome it for us to be together and enjoy our lives together forever more.
I have good plans for us and whatever that i have also belongs to you my lovely wife.
Please don't bring shame to me because i am proud of you, my friends in the base knows about us and they are very happy that i left them in the base to come and meet you my love .
They even gave me some gifts to give you and yours close friends as well my love that's the reason why i told you that i don't want your friend to know so it will be a surprise to them and they will also see the such a sweet man you have.
Think of how happy we are now we have not be together and think of how happy we will be when we are together.
My love, i am god-fearing man and honest man, don't let anything to separate us or keeps us apart, as for me your Ed nothing will ever stop me from loving you all my life, i will love you until the last breathe of my live.
Honestly, we have brings happiness and joy in our hearts and this happiness and joy should remain in our lives forever.
Please my lovely wife don't believe in whatever that makes you think negative or have bad thoughts, believe in me and believe this is true because everything is true, i am honest with you.
I am on facebook writing to you my lovely wife, before i read your email now. so my love you have to get the clearance papers definitely today so i can fly to the States today and be with you.
I love you always and forever,
Hugs and kisses to you my lovely. Yours Husband,
Letter 2

My love what's the meaning of the email you sent to me , omg you really makes me felt bad right now, you don't believe me or what ? hope you know that you abuse me now and the military as well, i don't need your money all i want from you is to get the clearance papers so i can fly to the States, i told you that i will pay you back all the money you have spent as soon as i come back to the States.
Letter 3

Please doubt me my lovely wife because i am very honest and sincere with you and everything is true, whatever you sent money for have evidence and prove, look you bring out from the base and you can't abandon me over here or let me to stuck over here now my lovely wife
You can get on webcam and see me so you will know that i am real man for you
$ 7000 is not much money and it can't stop from being together, you promise me that you will get the clearance papers so i can fly today from UK to the States.
My lovely wife i vowed for you with my life that everything is true okay
I can't lie to you, i am god-fearing man and good christian man as well
I love you my lovely wife and i can't wait to be with you
I can never hurt you my love or break your heart, you have to get the clearance papers today so i can fly to the States, i don't want to stuck over here in United Kingdom
I told you that money won't be our problem my lovely wife okay and you have to believe me if you really love me with all your heart okay
Where are you now m lovely wife ?
Please talk to me now my lovely wife
Letter 4

Attention : We want to inform you that you will send fees through Western Union in four different Western Union payment receipt with the different payment information below : Note : As follows : info for the first payment receipt. First Name : Kenneth ,
Last Name : Oscar ,
Zip Code : +234
Country : Nigeria
Amount : $ 2000 Note : As follows : For second payment receipt. First Name : Michael,
Last Name : Douglas,
Zip code : +234
Country : Nigeria.
Amount : $ 2000 Note : As follows : For Third Payment receipt. First Name : Charles,
Last Name : Awurumibe,
Zip code : + 234
Country : Nigeria
Amount : $ 1500 Note : As follows : for Fourth payment receipt First Name : Henry,
Last Name : Chukwu,
Zip code : +234
Country : Nigeria.
Amount : $ 1500 Note : afterwards, send all the payment receipts for the confirmation procurement in order to start processing the clearance papers immediately. From,
Department of Defense,
West Africa.
Letter 5

Attention : We kindly want to inform you that you don't have to abuse the military rules of conduct, whatever we write you is the facts and we cannot give you unnecessary charges when it is not needed, the fee you are been charge is for the Ebola Clearance Paper you requested on behalf of Sgt Edward Connor, the Ebola Clearance Papers was requested because of his transit in United Kingdom and the clearance papers cannot be issue without paying the charges because it is been issue from the Head of the Military Ecowas in West Africa.
The payment names we given to you is the military agents names that are in-charge in receiving money over here in the base.
So you have to comment on with the payment because everything is true and military cheats no one but rather keeps peoples safe and fight crimes.
US intelligence troops and combat troops are deployed over here in West Africa for secret mission. so you have to believe the military rules of conduct and never accuse or abuse military anytime, any day.
The clearance papers will start processing and send to you once you make the payment immediately.
Letter 6

Attention : We want to inform you that we cannot torrent accusation from you, the clearance papers you requested for is been processing and obtaining with the amount you are been charge, so you have to remain silent and stop abusing the military because any abuse or accusation you will be use against you in the court of law.
You have to pay the fee you are been charge in the way you are been instructed with the payment information you are given, in order to start processing the clearance papers you need with immediate effects.
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