Romance scam letter(s) from Raymond Ellis to Cathy (USA)
Letter 1

I am glad to read your true pure feelings through email, Honey I really wish you could see through my heart as you have no clue how much this MAN call RAY love you so much. I want you to know that since the day we met on I Mesh I have fallen deeply in love with you for who you are. I have lots of our old messages in my dairy because I need to deleted them from my phone as there was no more space for more text. I'm going to tell the world that I LOVE YOU, It may sound crazy and corny, but I want to tell the whole universe about the true and sincere affection, love and feelings I have for you. Do you know that you made me cry from the love song my wife? You will always be mine in endless LOVE. I promise to share my life with you no matter what tomorrow may bring. You know I have been a fool for you because I love you and You know I don't mind because you mean the world to Honey I am not a perfect man on earth but I am motherfucker perfect match for you as we are both created to make each other complete. Take it or you leave it my baby. Honey You have been there for me and you may think I hurt you financially but NOPE... I am doing all these for our future as to become someone responsible in life.Do you know that for one day I have never thought of cheating on your or dare to flirt around with any women! Dam. I will never hurt you Emotionally or Break your heart because I have chosen you. I know faith can make this work someday if I just keep up my hope to Wednesday/Thursday as we planned.. Honey I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. Think Deeply and please read between the line to see my love towards you. I have to stop now because i burst some tears again. I hope this meet you in good mood to read and understand like i did to your's. I love you so much honey.
Always take care of yourself for me and be more sweet. Your Husband
Ray Ray
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