Romance scam letter(s) from Jonas Marius Odkar to Tes (Philippines)
Letter 1

Thanks for your mail I wanna use this opportunity to tell you little about myself because i am open minded man and truly believe in God. And God has blessed me with good career too i have nothing to lack only looking for long lasting love that only death will separate. Friend you know my full name is Jonas Oskar Marius. Marius is my Surname while Jonas is my first name and Oskar is my last name but people normally call me Oskar. Anyway i wanna tell you something about me thank God we are here now on private email because there is a lot of things i can not say in the site. This is my first time of joining a dating site like this the only social network i have been member was FB but when my system and document was hacked because i clicked on the news i saw online on facebook to read without know it was Virus send to get peoples information once you click on it. So i stop going to facebook and blocked the account. Have you been in a serious relationship
with a foreigner before? I came from a very christian home by dad is 87 yrs old now though he is suffering from prostrate cancer but his been taking care of by Baptist church where he worked as a missionary for many yrs, He worked in India and Indonesia, You know i am the only child of my parents and my dad was disowned from his parent right from high school because he joined scripture union and become a born again christian. He came from Muslim family so when they wanted to kill him he ran away and came to the capital of Ukraine Kiev that was where he got married to my mother, my mother is from Holland. I was 19 yrs of age when my mother died and my dad did not remarry again he took care of me till i grow old. You know when i got married to my loving late wife Emily and we stayed for 24 yrs with 1 child who came late because she had problem with her uterus but my dad said to me Jonas it must not be from you or your wife but there is a lot of your kids out there to help and to take care of and he asked my wife never to cry or worry and it will never stop our joy or loving God, so we started caring for orphanage homes and poor kids around us to show them the same love we would have showed to our own kids if we have many yrs late Anderson came who is 11 yrs now. later my wife develop cancer of the breast which suffered her for 4 yrs before she died. So i believe in God so much and i have waited for God to connect me to the right woman, here i don't wanna go into any relationship with western women because i hate cheaters and liars, i am a man of one man one woman and i believe so much in family value but here is not like that every woman wanna be independent when
bible said wife should be under your husband care. I hope i will hear from you and i believe we will get to know each other better i am looking for life time something not one night stuff, and i believe so much in inner beauty not physical beauty that can fade anytime God bless you, Regards,
Letter 2

My morning Flower. I wake up every morning with thoughts of you in my head. Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed you up, but then I roll over and see your pictures honey because i have them printed out and I know that you're real. It's not a dream anymore. I know I can make you mad because of not having time to come online but you get to understand is the nature of my work honey i will make it up for you when we are together, I know you still love me with everything you have. I was scared to love you at first, fearing that you would hurt me, but I dove right in and it's the best choice I've ever made. Now, the only fear I have is rolling over one morning and finding that you were really just a dream because you may wish to leave me because i am too busy with work, but i wanna tell honey i vow with my life to love you forever and the be that man that will make you laugh and walk on the street together holding hands. Honey you're the only one for me and i am the only for you too
baby we are destined by God to be together and nothing even our kids will never put asunder to us. I love you with everything I have and in my arms your 100% save honey your irreplaceable honey is either you or nobody else baby. Your loving Husband, Jonas.
Letter 3

Hello My Dear. I am a very simple man, Honest, caring, listening ear, and i respect women, so i want a good and God fearing woman because a woman is that one who reaches out for the hand of the husband and ready to secure him in any condition and who is ready to fight with the man she loved and be rest assured whatever you give you will get in return, Honestly i am a humble man with sense of humor and believe in myself, i am open minded person, i don't get lazy in my love because i am the man who asked her to marry me and promise to be that man that would own her heart and to fiencely protect it, because i believe that love is one of the most important and sacred treasure you that every man will ever be entrusted with.
Though i love my self and friends but there is a special place in my heart where no one must enter except her, i fall in love over and over because i know that change will come so in that we have to re-choose each other everyday,i always fight to win her love. I will always make her laugh, i allow her to be when she is upset, but i will walk to her and hold her hand and tell her is okay, i give her space and allow her to be independent in what ever she want to do, i love to give my time,focus, attention and my soul, i forgive immediately and focus in the future rather than carrying weigh from the past, i always choose love. always choose love, always choose love that is my motto because i believe that marriage is life, and it will bring ups and downs, i am ready to embrace all of the cycle. And a commitment to grow together and a willingness to continually invest in creating something that can endure eternity, ready to help each other if need arises because nothing good comes easy. Through that work, the happiness will come. Regards,
Letter 4

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY WIFE!!!! If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent us an educator. If our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist. If our greatest need had been money, God would have sent us an economist. If our greatest need had been pleasure, God would have sent us an entertainer. But our greatest need was forgiveness, so God sent us a Saviour,"JESUS" If you go around the city, you will see lots of homes getting ready for Christmas. You will see beautiful and elegant Christmas decorations prepping the neighborhood. All these things enhance the celebration of Christmas creating the warmth of togetherness and comradeship. However, the focal point of Christmas is “Jesus Christ”. The celebration of Christmas illuminates the significance of His birth. While the whole world celebrates Christmas, today let’s delve upon the spirit and significance of Christmas and the message it offers to the whole world. Christmas is a season of great joy. It is a time of healing and renewed strength. It is a wonderful time for the family to share togetherness and be united. Indeed, the birth of Jesus brought great joy to the whole world. Shepherds, wise men and kings representing the whole world partook in the joy of the first Christmas in Bethlehem. The glorious joy of the first Christmas has not faded away; it still continues to shine on even today enveloping the heart of humankind. Amidst the busyness of shopping, parties, presents, and fun, Jesus the Prince of Peace who came to save the mankind from sin, spread peace, joy and give eternal life to all who believe in Him, remains the central point of Christmas Celebration. Christ’s coming into the world was not accidental but rather purposeful. God’s redeeming love was at the very heart, and the main reason for His coming. God’s love revealed itself in such a marvelous way to save humanity. It was foretold in the scriptures and His birth was the fulfillment of what was written about Him. Can you imagine how great and unconditional God’s love must have been, to consent to dwell in human flesh and die for the sins of entire humankind? Indeed, Christmas is the story of hope, peace and goodwill. Jesus gives hope to know God and let His Kingdom manifest in our lives, receive forgiveness and have eternal life and establish peace and goodwill among humankind. Christmas is the story of deepest humility. When leaders appear in public, there is a great pomp and solemnity, whereas Jesus the King of kings came as a servant, a baby born in humble circumstances. Though He was God, he humbled Himself even to the extent of dying on the cross so that we may have forgiveness and eternal life. Mahatma Gandhi who was fascinated by Jesus Christ and his teachings has beautifully said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” The message of the first Christmas is “Joyous giving” for Jesus is a gift, a present from the loving heavenly father to the whole world. This Christmas let us realize that the best joy comes only through joyous giving. A Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu has rightly said, “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” At this Christmas may God give you a spirit of wisdom and perception of what is revealed, to bring you to full knowledge of Him. May He enlighten the eyes of your mind so that you can see what hope His call holds for you and what rich glories are in store though most times trails never allow the wish of God to come easy to our but we need to fight it because bible said we should fight and pray time without season i love you more on this day. Wish you a truly blessed and joyful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2015 the yr of our fulfillment. Because what God has join together no man no trails no evil will put asunder when the two people agreed together. Your Loving Husband,
Letter 5

Hi Lady, How are you doing? I am Mrs Oxana kpoulomou from Ukraine a mother inlaw to Jonas, he told me about you and how he got you online, please my dear i hope you are what he said to me about you, i am 87 years woman and i have gotten a lot of experience of life, Jonas is a very nice gentleman and he will take good care of you, i assure you that 100%, but i don't want anything that will hurt him or break him down that is my reason of writing to you now. Please never mess him up or you back off now please, but if your really what you he said i assure you, i will be your MAMA AND THE BEST FRIEND because the security of Anderson is much important to me because he is a little innocent boy.

I still love him as my son inlaw till tomorrow though my daughter is late, am telling you that you will never regret what ever you have in common with him, please make him a happy man he use to be and there is nothing you put in this relationship you will ever regret. i would love to speak with you on phone but i am sorry i can not speak english i only speak Ukrain and Norwagean but we can be talking via email and get to know each other even Anderson is very much willing to see you soon and to call you mother always worry and ask mama have you heard from Pa, you have nothing to fear he is a well blessed man and God fearing too. I will call you a lucky one. he told me you have your lovining kids, so glad to hear that, hope your doing very fine.PUT GOD FIRST AND PRAY MORE OFTEN ABOUT HIM BECAUSE JONAS IN YOUR LIFE IS THE BEST GIFT EVER. I CRIED EVERYDAY THAT MY DAUGHTER LOST HIM BECAUSE OF DEATH AND I WANT THE BEST FOR HIM.

Take care and i hope to see you soon one on one and we talk like mother and daughter inlaw andfor you to se your son Anderson too. Hope to see you in Kiev city here with him, and please pray for our country we are facing fight here but we are very fine and his father is safe too God is helping us the fight is coming down now.

Your faithfully,
Oxana kpoulomou.
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