Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Stefan (UAE)
Letter 1

Dear Stefan
Thanks for your kind response,i sent you an email,my private email is
Letter 2

Dear  Stefan I find it pleasurable to offer you my partnership in business. My reservation to continue this project with you is the fact that you are an entrepreneur in business. Obviously, your income and the activities in your present account in the Bank might be able to accommodate the capacity of this fund US$11.5M into your account without questioning. It will be better for to straighten up these grey areas of percentage before commencement like you said.
I will pay you a commission of 20% of the investment fund for your contact and advice.while 10% will be mapped out to cater for expenses and 70% for investment Your sincerely
Letter 3

Dear stefan
Thanks for accepting the steps forward, I will therefore request you send your contact address and a copy of your international passport or drivers licence, we need to petfect all the necessary documentations and also in line with my lawyer to draft the Memorandum of understanding for our mutual Agreement to be signed by each party as partners.
I do hope you will act fast.
Best regards,
Letter 4

Dear Stefan. Thanks for your mail. I would like to say that I have a keen interest in Investing into Biotech Pharmaceutical investment as an immensely profitable venture. I wish to also inform you that the  fund is held in cash and i need your unreserved cooperation to utilize it into a good business. 1.As a matter of policy and with the effect of Global crisis, money transfers from European communities has been made difficult as there are a lot of verification by Apex Bank,(European Central Bank). 2. As stated WE CAN NOT PUT THESE FUNDS (US$million in CASH) INTO THE BANKING SYSTEM, for obvious security reasons; THIS IS THE BASIC TRUTH!!! Rather we can ship the funds in CASH to Dubai (UAE)  using a Private Shipping Courier Company(VIAMAT SECURITY FIRM that can handle the Shipment as a "Diplomatic Cargo" to Dubai (UAE) This is the ONLY destination where we can guarantee delivery safely and surely at this time and circumstance. Now, the shipment will be made in your favour as the bonafide CONSIGNEE and this means that you will need to be PHYSICALLY PRESENT TO SIGN FOR AND COLLECT THE SHIPMENT and immediately lodge in into the Bank from Dubai bit by bit. I do hope you will cooperate with me. Best Regards.
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