Romance scam letter(s) from Stanley Young to Mary (USA)
Letter 1

Good-morning Mary and how are you doing today and by the way how was your night as i hope you slept good ,its really nice charting yesterday as i really enjoyed it and cant to talk more today ,i promised to tell you more about my self so i want use this opportunity to do so ,am a danish American as my mother is a danish from Copenhagen Denmark and my dad an American from Irving Texas ,i spent almost all my childhood life growing up in Denmark with my mum as she was a midwife there and my dad was also working with a contraction company in Irving Texas,i was the only child and as boy i really loved animals and always dream t of becoming a vet doctor when i grow up and thanks to God my dream became a reality as i have been a veterinary surgeon and have been practicing for 30 years now ,I am a fun loving, warm and caring man. I love to laugh and promise to laugh at all your jokes! . My family is and will always be very important ,i love to travile ,go camping ,deep sea diving ,cooking ,reading and taken a walk along the beach .I will like to end here and keep the rest for later when we charting .Have a nice day
Letter 2

Hello Mary am back from church and said a prayer for you and glad you recovery very fast ,well i want to use this opportunity to tell you a little about my self ,am divorced and have been single for 7 years ,i have one daughter gene who is married and living with the husband ,moreover am a danish American as my father is an American from Irving Texas and my mother a danish from Copenhagen.I was married and living in sanfransisco for 15 years with my daughter and ex wife before moving down here also am a veterinary surgeon and have been practicing for 30 years now but presently on retirement and planing on starting my own clinic soon but you know behind every successful man is a woman as i have been working too hard and haven't really have enough time for my self but i want you to know that i really like you and want to build a future with you together as you have everything in a woman am looking for ,kind,honest sincere and God fearing and i will be glad to make you my wife one day and spend the rest of my life with you ,all i ask is you always be honest and sincere to me,this are some pictures of me when i visited china and hope you like that as i will be sending you more as time goes on
Letter 3

Good-evening Mary and ho was your day,am glad you recovering fast as that is what i have been praying for ,well just finish taken my bath getting ready for bed as i had a very tiring and busy day .Goodnight and have a sound sleep and will text you in the morning before leaving for work .
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