Romance scam letter(s) from Sebastian Charles Kastelic to Jane (USA)
Letter 1

Hi again Glad to receive your email as well...i understand why somebody will be a disturbance to somebody else but it good you block his calls..i really dont have any plan for the weekend and am getting better now,its such a great news you are going to see your parents tomorrow finally so i dont want you to get sick and make sure you take care of yourself or you can take a day leave at work so you can have enough rest...Sweetie have been really working on how to solve this machine issue and i contact someone back home to explain and see if he can help me so he promise to send me a check for the money and since am not in the state to cash the check myself and i dont have bank here in turkey so i was hoping you he can send the check to you and you can help me to cash the check then you send the money to me here so i can be able to finish up and come home Charles
Letter 2

Hi Jane How are you doing?am so sorry for my late response because have been working hard to get the money to you so i can be able to fi this machine and be out of tell how you are doing and how was your parent doing Charles
Letter 3

Hello Jane How are you doing?am glad to read your email again and i really appreciate chatting with you as really nice going on vacation with family and you have done a great job for making this happening,right now i dont think i have new pictures on my pc but i will check so i can send them to you later...i understand why you seems so doubtful after all am trying to be home to you soon so i dont want you to be worried about anything Charles
Letter 4

Hello sweetie How are you doing?yes am busy but not for you but sweetie i really need to talk to you about something so pls respond to me as soon as you got my email
Letter 5

Hi honey Am very glad you respond soon because i have a good news again today...after reading your email about my arrival so i have to talk to my friend about the money because the check will still take so days to deliver to he promise to send another money to your account before the check arrive so i can be able to continue my work here so all i need now is your account number and routing number for the transfer now
Letter 6

why honey..there is nothing am going to do with your account so pls all i need is the account number and routing number for the transfer so i can be able to finish what am doing here to come home
Letter 7

Honey i want you to know if there is any other way than asking you to help me then i will never ask you for help but because i dont appreciate asking woman for money that why am doing all i can to make sure am home
Letter 8

since you have alot of safe guards on your account then you know if something wrong so i want you to trust me pls
Letter 9

yes you can call the bank manager because i dont need more than the account number and routing number
Letter 10

its just 5000 so i can be able to complete my work and come home

Letter 11

his going to send 5000 and i dont need more than account number and routing number for the transfer
Letter 12

sweetie is she think this is scam then i will prove her wrong and i dont want you to worried about the money anymore since you dont trust me as well
Letter 13

i dont understand why you dont trust me and you think what she said it right because i need your help
Letter 14

you think am a scam for sending your flower with my money or did you think i will allow something bad to happen to you but if this is because of asking for your account number then hold on to your account and i dont need it anymore
Letter 15

If this is a scam did you think i will allow your to confirm from her and now you believe her this is a scam...i think i already put so much trust in you and trust you with everything in my life so i dont think i should share this with you before but its okay
Letter 16

sometimes i already feel stupid for sharing my thought with you and even trying to trust you to much but you never trust me and i dont think there will be any reason for me to make you sad and do something bad to you so now you think what your bank manager said it right because i want you to do something for me but when i gave you all my heart and even do more than to prove my love to you by sending you that flower with my
Letter 17

i never thought you could be so simple minded woman
Letter 18

Hi Jane Am so sorry if you are just reading my email but i already drop that before talking to you on phone.....the will deliver to you anytime now because it should deliver today to you so they might deliver the phone anytime very nice to have dinner with the kids so i dont want you to worried about my emails since we already sort everything out this morning so am very sorry if you are reading my email i will be glad to read back from you later Charles
Letter 19

Hello i want you to know am still waiting to read back from you to know if you already find my check and maybe because i ask you to help again that why you refuse to text me back on phone but that okay...pls just let me know about the check
Letter 20

I dont need the 200 anymore so pls look for the check and i can able to settle everything down here and am friend is worried about is money so again pls look for the check
Letter 21

Hi sweetie
Am so sorry you cant hear me on phone and i understand you have bad signal at sweetie i want you to take the check to walmart or your bank but i was thinking your bank will take long since you said your account is still understand security but if you think your bank is the right way then you can take it to your bank so i want you to take 3500 first the bank so the money will not be too much...pls i want you to get back to me if you understand me
Letter 22

Hello How are you doing?i hope you got my email and have been waiting to read back from you to know what going on and also your phone is off or you decided not to pick my calls so pls get back to me and let me know what going Charles
Letter 23

Right now I find a vacuum soul that I could hardly describe my emotion. I am deeply frustrated by what is now going on.I am quite desperate now I used the cellphones and my e-mails to reach you out but no avail.Im so disappointed,i trusted you so much only for you to run away with few thousands..Its amazing...I just forwarded your contact info and work place to my friend..He will be contacting you in person..He plan to involve police and his lawyer as this your ACT can b tagged stealing..You took a cheque,cash it and keep the money...So amazing what you thinking.I would not want the issue to involve attorney and police but i have no further option as my friend has decided to contact his attorney today.I'm regretting trusting you that much. SO DISAPPOINTED
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