Scam Email(s) from Christopher Smith to Marita (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello Maria,

This is Mark and this are some of my photographs i promise to send you and hope you will like them and you send me yours as well. Thank you so much for your chat and i really enjoyed it so much and i am looking forward to have a nice chat with you always and all the time and with the flow of meeting each other in person.

Best regards..xx

Mark. xx

Letter 2

Hi Maria,

I hope everything is alright with you as i have not heard from you then and i am still waiting for your photos and to have a nice chat with you.I really enjoyed your chat so much yesterday and i am looking forward to chat with you always and everyday and with the flow of meeting each other in person. I hope you have receive my photos and i hope you like them.Well this is a little about me then.
I was actually born into the Roman Catholic family back in united state of America[NEW YORK]. Living with my son.
I don't like telling lies, i try my best to attend Sunday services but i try to pray every morning and evening before i lay low to bed.
I have a sweet darling son called Jeffrey
He has been my source of happiness since my ex passed away
I am an officer in the us army and am a military man . I have been working very hard to make the future.
Unfortunate for me i have lost my both folks. i hate talking about my past because i grew up a I do enjoy my work because it takes me around so many adventures in life...I really want to take the chance to find that special woman again.
I am having a good day today and i felt even better when i got a response from you, I think i should tell you something first about the woman I like. She should be my best friend, loving,caring, considerate,romantic,thoughtful and she should have to accept me for the person I am. I am very much a people person, I like to help people,which comes about mostly through holistic therapies.
Sometime i do like my own Independence and do not like to be controlled by anybody,being controlled is very difficult to put into words, I'll be very committed to any relationship I am ready to have and I also need to be a free spirit as well, make my own decisions at times and earn my own money.
I like to meditate. I am a passionate fellow so I use it on myself to chill out. Yes I like to be cared, I love to hold hands, when I am walking with that special woman.
I am easy going person, i like out door and i do spend most of my weekends with my son in the beach.
As I get older material things mean less to me, relationships and the quality of giving and receiving on an emotional level bring the greatest joy. It is like the old saying Say's money cannot buy your love.
I love to cook and take pride in my home which is usually very neat and tidy. I really do not like to make plans but, once I do I give it my all. I am very warm, loving and giving with the people who I trust and respect. I tend to be very picky about my surroundings and like to live in a bright environment.
I have an enormous curiosity about life and an honest hunger for knowledge. I do very well in social situations, applying my keen observational skills to understanding others and making everyone feel comfortable. I have very practical and efficient way of listening and have a deep understanding of and connectedness to others.
I am very tuned into my significant other and make sure to find the time to nurture and keep the relationship healthy.
You do have a wonderful day, you sound very sincere and open minded, i would love to share my life with you if u're my kind of woman you should be honest like me. have a nice day and looking forward to hear and chat with you soon.

Best Regards..





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