Romance scam letter(s) from Alex Fitzgerald to Patty (USA)
Letter 1

I honestly want to say thanks for the interest to communicate more with me am enjoying the vibes. It will take more than a book to describe one's self and I bet you will agree that it's hard.. But here is an exclusive; if at my age I do not know what to say and when to say it, then what would I be? Unwise!!! When a wise man sees he has probably spent more than half his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy end? Comprehensively I'm an easy going and optimistic human who loves making the best of everything that life offers. Yeah.. I have old fashioned values as I am sure am not from these times just like you lol but I have no choice but to embrace what comes with the times, like internet dating for example. I strongly believe after all life has to offer we all need to live our remaining days with fullness of joy and happiness. No matter our achievements, there is no replacement for a partner to call our own.. love and best friend. A partner who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. I need a woman whom I can call a partner in crime and I can be her bad boy *in good ways* lol! A woman whom you can tell anything. How could anyone think anything can make us happier in life than finding a love that is nurturing, sweet but not perfect. My full name is Alex Fitzgerald, I am an independent contractor and I am into diverse businesses as a Certified Construction Manager also. I do basically rig constructions, mine reclamation and start up over water bridges. I have worked at many destinations outside North America. The present project is my last on the field and I shall retire field activities and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field operation. I think i really have gotten to this height because I embraced work for so long after I lost my wife, that's why I am a hard worker but I think I now realize I can slow the pace and invest in other things I moved to the Houston area as a contractor for ERHC and bought a new house last year as it is nice here to stay. I hope all have said gives you some insight on how my typical dream day would be like, I just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. I am not perfect, I only need someone who understands the value of a good smile, talk and laugh sweetheart. I am not the type to judge, am not controlling and I am a loyal person not just to a woman but to people. I don't believe in domination as a head or a leader but to lead to serve and serve to lead.. Being loyal and honest helps one maintain a pretty outgoing personality. I enjoy talking to people and learning diverse cultures when possible just for fun.. business networking and learning a thing or two. As far as it gets am just trying to figure the whole thing out and yet to meet a match.. I have only had two meet up in person but nothing forward after that.. we didn't connect. So you must not explore other men as I want to be that one you have been waiting for lol!!! I guess I’ll stop here. I cant wait to hear back from you again.. always anticipating it with excitement now. Enjoy your evening and keep that great smile on your face. Hugs & blessings!!!
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