Romance scam letter(s) from Fred Allen to Michele (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Michele
I am so happy to read from you again, Wow , What a wonderful email , I really must start by saying i really do appreciate you for taking your time to write me such a wonderful email , I really appreciate you for being the wonderful and sincere person you are , I am so happy to know a lot more about you , and i can tell you are truly a woman with good heart , I am so sorry for what you have been through in Life starting from your first marriage and your X husband , Being through life with someone that does drugs and not being there for you when you needed them the most ,I truly agree with you that Life is all about ups and down but what we should always have in mind is that the best is about to happen and we should always have that strong faith in God . Also I am really happy for the wonderful daughter you have been blessed with and being able to raise her up till this present stage in life , I must confess it really shows you love kids so much and am really happy about that , You really sound like the woman of my dreams , and i must confess i never believed i could meet someone like you on the site , I mean it looks like a miracle to me , And i am asking myself right now , Is this really happening to me . I have been single since i lost my late wife , I never really had the mind of going after any other woman , I do want you to know that am such a fulfilling man , I want the best for my family , I am the religious and family oriented type and i live a moderate social life and my family will always be my first priority.... I really do miss having a woman in my life , I want a mother for my kids also , i want my kids to have siblings also ,I will love the woman i call my wife and i will love her children equally as i love mine . At least you have siblings you can always speak of even if you don't get along so good , and i am also so sorry for the lost of your grand mother who you loved so much , I believe she is resting in peace at the moment I can feel your pains and i know all your need as well in Life , I want you to know we both seek the same thing in life , I want to loved and be loved , I want to have a woman i can always call my own , a woman i can always holds hands with in public, I am really romantic and old fashion a bit and i hope you wont mind me opening the door for you all the time we are in the car . Its really just my way of life , I believe women are to be treated with care and love , I want a woman that will be there for me as much as i will be there for her , I am a very passionate ,affectionate and emotional guy , My life is simple and i don't have a secret life and i would never do such thing , ..My family will always be my Life . Am Happy you are familiar with most areas in California , I like spending time catching a movie , going to the beach , kayaking, hiking, Swimming ,Camping , listening to music, and playing sports such has basket .football, Golf and Equestrian, I love pets also , i have an English Bulldog , We love him so much and i can tell you will like him also , His name is Soso and i have a horse as well , He has won so many championships and i am really proud of him also I think i will stop here for now , I am currently getting prepared for work as i will be resuming office by the 3rd of January which tomorrow ....I have also added you to my contacts list on the instant Messenger here is my Id again (luckydadpop10) , so we can talk on there also at any point in time, I am currently online on the im, also i would like to give you my number which is, 424-354-8319 , So Please feel free to call me when ever you can , I will be very grateful to hear your voice ..and to end this email i would like to let you know your pictures are really wonderful , You truly are a beautiful woman , and i truly agree you are a blessing to me from God .I will stop here for now , So i will breathlessly be waiting to hear from you .....Thanks.....Hugs and Kisses ....Fred Cares
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