Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Johnnson to Susan (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Susan Allow me to introduce myself . my real name is " michael johnsonn " . i am 53 years old. i am 6'0" ft. i am caring,loving and honest but i will let you be the judge overtime. i happen to be the only child of my late parents, my late dad died when i was 5 years old and my late mom died recently to be specific .. i am single never been married, i'm an independent civil engineer and i work for myself .. i love it because it puts food on my table and it pays my bills, i am presently in west africa for my late mom's burial/funeral service, i will return to the states later this month ~ would you like to meet for a drink or dinner sometime when i return to states from africa and see how things go from there? i'm not that type of a man that judges every woman that comes his way by the same yardstick but i have been hurt too many times in the past and i would not want that anymore ... i am very emotional and little things could make me cry, i have been hurt in
the past by someone i really care much about i did put all my all and sacrificed a lot to make things work but i guess she wasn't the right one for me ... i am looking for the lucky woman God has sent to me from above, you sound like a very good woman with a good heart and i would love to get to know you better, i need a good, honest, caring and loving woman to love me and i will love her back the same way without any hindrance ... i am looking for a serious relationship/committed relationship, i am not into playing games or just messing around ... i guess you could say i am looking for someone that is willing to commit, i want to meet someone i can build a long lasting relationship with. i am not looking to play around so i guess i am looking for someone who wants to be serious as well ... like i said before i have been hurt too many times in the past and i would not want that anymore, we all have a past to talk about i'm trying to put my past behind
me and start all over again when i find a good, honest, caring and a loving woman heaven has sent to me ... i will talk to anyone at least give them the chance to hear them out and see what they are about, i have never been a judgemental or critical person ... i think i have the biggest heart in the world. i am sensitive and strong. i am not afraid to show my emotion when it calls for it ya know ... sad movie or even a nice romantic movie i tend to cry. but don't laugh cause i will beat you up!! lol. i believe that people who are not afraid of showing emotion are the strongest!! i have always treated women the old -fashoined way. my late parents raised me right...i never degrade people ever!! i appreciate honesty and i try as much as possible to be good to everyone i come across, women can be very delicate, during my free time i love to travel, see movies, live music, dining in and out, good conversation. i would love to know more about you and i am
putting this questions to you : ~ Where do you live and what do you do for a living ?
~ Whats your real name ?
~ Are you single,married or seeing anyone right now ?
~ What exactly are you looking for in a relationship ?
~ Do you live in your own house or a rented an apartment ?
~ What do you think about children ?
~ Do you have kids ?
~ Would you consider having more kids in the future ?
~ What do you do for fun ?
~ How long have you been single ?
~ How do you treat your man ?
~ Would you hit your man for any reason ?
~ Are you a good believer ?
~ Do you believe in God aswell ?
~ Are you a caring and loving woman ?
~ Can you care , love and cater to me in each and everyway if we end up together ? I would love to know your consent about these question and i would love to learn more about you and meet with you overtime, i would love to hang out with a good woman with good feelings, i do not have bad intentions all of my intentions are good. i hope i kinda gave you a little glimps of what type of person i am, trust me there is so much more as there is for you. i would love to see more pictures of you, a message in my inbox would be good Hope to hear from you soon
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