Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Tamara (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello dearest,
How are you? I hope you are good. I am very happy to get to know you. I will be very glad if you could write me to tell me more about yourself. I have been lonely for a long time and I think finding a woman to spend the rest of my life with will be just great. Here are some pictures of me and I would be glad if you could send me yours and also tell me everything about you. I hope to hear from you soon but until then take care.
Kisses and hugs.
James Everart Lacquah.
Letter 2

Hello my dearest,
Thanks a lot for your wonderful message about your personal life and I am sorry for the hardship that you have been through in life. You are a very beautiful woman and deserves to be treated as such and also you have a kind heart and you need to be pampered and treated special because women which are wicked and rude are even being well treated by men.

I have had a lot of bad experience in my life since childhood. I was little when I lost my parents and sister. I lived with my grandma until I was old enough to live on my own. After graduation my dad was a military soldier so I joined the US army and I have worked with them until now that I am about to retire.

I have been in several relationships but never been married before. My last relationship ended up painfully and I had a son with that woman. My son is 12 years now and I took my son from my ex girl when I got to know that she was cheating with my best friend. They are happily married now but I believe that everything in life happens a reason and I am happy for everything that happens in my life. I almost gave up on living a love life until I am about to retire and decided to give my self the chance to try and see if I can find love on the internet and hopefully I met such a wonderful woman and that is you and I am very happy for our meet and to be honest with you, I am begining to like you already.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful pictures and you are indeed very beautiful and I wish I can have a wonderful woman like you are for a future wife and I will always love and respect her until forever ends. I hope time gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better. I hope to hear from you soon but until then take good care of yourself and remember I care for you.
Kisses and hugs.
Letter 3

Hello dearest,
I am very happy to read another wonderful mail from you.
I have miss you so much and I thought about you all the time and especially now that I am reading another mail from you. Well yes I will love to relocate because I do not have any family or friend here sweetheart. I am mostly connected to my work and never had time for friends because I was hurt by a best friend as well and since then I learnt a lesson from all my past and that was what has kept me going until now. I must say I am so fortunate and thrilled to meet you. I do not have much to say but would be very happy if we could chat on skype or yahoo that would help us to get to know each other much faster than just mailing each other. I hope to hear from you soon but until then take good care of yourself and be safe and good.
Letter 4

Hello dearest
Thanks very much for your email and the beautiful picture but I would be glad to see pictures of you., Well my dear you know I have never been married and being through the worst pain in relationship is not all that easy sharing it with people simply : because it hurts but sometimes it is very good to let it out. Through did I have learn a lot and there is no turning back into old life style, I want to be sure of who I give my heart to now. I believe Either of us had in mind of meeting someone special online but it has just come to pass with our personality description towards learning few things about each other. I'm ready to fall in love with someone special, who happens to be ever did but would be happy if you are one did. There are few qualities Which talks about a genuine woman in relationship, seeking as faithfulness, loyalty, trustworthy, honesty, respectful, etc. I guess having Those qualities in a relationship can really help a lot. I am not looking to fill a void in my life but did happened if I will be very glad, I am looking for my soulmate. I am a man looking for my age I am very grateful to Which for. I do not play mind games and I can not afford to be played as thatwill be really hard on me. What you see is what you get with me. I'm not sure Exactly What They mean by personal habits, but I want to take a shot here. Some personal habits include a fairly strutted, organized lifestyle; I like orders in my life, but not to the point of being obsessive about it .... I'm mostly serious at work or When The situation is warranted, some of my hobbies include cooking, gardening, reading and fishing, swimming and playing golf in the summer time sometimes but I am very good at it though. I enjoy watching football and golf; . I enjoy attending sporting events, going to the theater and eating out I also love traveling to new and unknown in nature wildlife, and people. I consider myself a very easy going person, even tempered ... I lost my parents and sister in a car accident as you presumed. I was with my grandma and it's sad that she passed away three years load. She had throat cancer and died. I plan on starting a new business after my retirement and yes I do love my work but there are Certain aspects Which I am not fund of but since is part of my work I have to do it. I have always wanted to be a soldier and military due to my hard work and perseverance I got to where I on today and thanks to life for giving me all the experiences I needed to make me who I am today. There are a lot of people in NYC as you said but love does not matter where or how you meet. You are the only woman on my list so far and I hope we get along perfectly so we can please eachother. I will be retiring soon and I am very happy I want but I hope you can give me the company I want from a partner after my retirement if not I will be lonely lol. I will add you on yahoo and I hope we get to chat soon. What time do you think you can be online? I would want to be her everything and she will surely be mine to ... I want the WHOLE package, a friendship grows did into the ultimate loving / caring / passionate relationship did one only dreams of. I do not want to just live with someone; I want someone I can not imagine living without. I hope did makes sense, I guess I'm searching for my missing piece to my puzzle, I'd want my woman to match on all levels. I am at a great place in my life now and want to share it with a partner on all levels; I agree there must be a physical attraction as well ... I always did it say what's on the inside counts did and did always makes a person attractive on the outside as well. I want to be with someone that I miss When We Are not together and I can feel the electricity running through body When We Touch.Someone who likes to cuddle (I know this sounds corny Probably), hold hands, hug, kiss for no reason, I want to be the couple werewolf 80 When walking down the street and holding hands. I just love that when i see it, I do not have a Particular physical "type" that appeals to me. Rather, I tend to look at the Entire package, Especially personality. I am not the jealous type By Any Means. I believe 'that' in a relationship you have to be a family Regardless if the children are not biologically yours, a family is a family no matter what ! I would never try to be a replacement father it just can not be done, but to be there for them and did child support and be a part of Their life is an important thing! I am willing to relocate provided did the relationship is moving in a long term / serious direction. I am not interested in bopping around "trying out women" LOL ... on a more serious side, I am not about having sex with just anyone , I must have feeling for the person and she for me, there must be deep seeded did trust before it would move to the sexual phase. There are just too many diseases out here and to be honest, I've seen what They can do to a life if you're careless sexually. I would not want that for anyone I know or care about. Do not get me wrong though, if the relationship werewolf to get to phase did, I am completely into pleasing my woman, COMPLETELY! I will like to know your favorite color, the food you like best, what you whiles you do not working now and what are your dreams? I think this is enough for the day but I will love to have your phone number so we can talk on the phone did or at least exchange some text messages When we both have some time to. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for your email ...
Kisses and hugs.
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