Romance scam letter(s) from Christiano Alex Adams to Sheryl (Australia)
Letter 1

Yea i know am not that good looking but just thought i could share some pictures. Thanks again for your lovely note and i must confess in a way it has been really great getting to know you. I wonder why someone as cute, gorgeous, stunning and amazing as you should still be single. Life could be unfair at times....and wow am glad you are, cause thats why i got to meet you..haha

And yes am Australian Born, born and raised in Deer Park Victoria. Dad is italian and mom was from Perth. Lived most of my life back in rockhampton. And yea i do love the heat more as i dont like being cold, makes my night worse as i have no one to cuddle. Am glad i didnt offend you earlier with my note and i hope i dont this time.

Your words about Madras Curry with rice makes me wanna come join you for dinner. Not sure if i told you am a very good cook. Can boil eggs and fry them too, lol thats good enough cooking. I sure would love to hear from you again nd i just so wish i was good with words, ut hopefully someday i will get the chance to show and prove that your amazing. Keep up that good looks of yours. Hugs and more.

PS: I added you to my yahoo chat list, not sure if you got a yahoo messenger.
Hugs and more.
Christiano Adams.
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