Romance scam letter(s) from Sergey Trebutov to John (England)
Letter 1

Hi, John! It's me, Sergey (
This short letter for verification. I send you my pictures. Send me your answer if you have received this letter. Then I will write a long letter to you about me and my life.
Letter 2

Hello, John! Thank you for your answer! This is my first long letter to you, and I'm a little worried. I'm a shy guy, but I will try to write you a good and open letters. I rarely talk to men on the Internet, but I want to do it with you and get to know you better.
My name is Sergey, I'm 19 years old (15 March 1995). I live in Russia, Saratov, which is located about 850 km from Moscow. Population - about 830,000 people. This is a huge city, but not so big as Moscow. There are many theaters, museums and other cultural centers, but I rarely visit them. I send you some pictures of my city.
I live in an apartment with my mom. She is a very good woman, and knows that I'm gay. My mom has a neutral attitude towards my sexual orientation, and I love her for it. Nobody knows I'm gay. I'm afraid to talk about it publicly. I think you know about the attitude towards gays in Russia. This is very dangerous, because the government in Russia (President Vladimir Putin in particular) makes new laws and anti-gay propaganda. Many people in Russia have a bad attitude towards gays. This is terrible! The mentality of the Russian people. Even the police are looking for gay! For example, my city has no bars or saunas for gays. I'm not looking guys in Russia. Is it dangerous. I'm scared and I get a lot of threats and insults from the guys from Russia. They are fakes. Young guys from Europe wrote to me: "Buy tickets and come to me. I'm going to fuck you! "This is not normal! And I'm trying to find a good experienced man from another country. I do not look at age. This is only a number. I look at the heart and soul of man. I also think that the experienced men can give me a lot of useful things in my life. I want to find a real, intelligent, honest partner for life! You are very cute and I want to know you better. I do not want to rush into a relationship, time will show.
Also, I am a student of the Saratov State University. Faculty of Economics. The second year of study (full course - 4 years). I can not say that university studies is difficult, but not easy. I also work as a consultant in a shop selling mobile phones.
I'll wait for a letter from you. Tell me about you, about your life. Then I'll write you more about me, my interests, sexuality and so on. Write me questions if you want to know something specific about me. Also I will be glad to see your photos.
I will try to write to you as often as possible. Sergey from Russia.
Letter 3

Hello, John! Oh, I'm glad to receive your letter. Honestly, I did not expect such a large letter ... thanks anyway! You're a good writer ...
Our communication starts, and it's very good! I hope that you will always write to me. If I do not receive a response from you, I'll worry. If you can not write me a letter a few days, to warn me, please. Write letters to me as often as possible.
Well, I looked at your links and pictures. You think bad about yourself ... you are a very cute man! I like you.
I feel low, because I am afraid that I can not write so much interesting and a long letter like you. But I'll try to do it!
A little bit about my interests and free time. A few minutes ago I was reading a magazine with very interesting articles about cooking. Sometimes I make different dishes. Easily I do fried chicken with baked potatoes. Cooking relaxes me and uplifting. Do you like to cook? Maybe someday I'll do something very tasty for you. Do you have food preferences?
In my spare time I like to read books. As a child, my mother gave me a love of books. I can not say how many books I read in my entire life. Very much! Unfortunately, the book is very expensive now and I have to read books on the Internet. But these are different things. Book in hand and a book on the Internet. When you feel the book in your hands, you can touch it, smell the sheets - that's another matter! Do you love to read books? Now I'm interested in the psychological literature. This is very interesting!
I also like to watch good movies. But in this I do not have such a professional like you. I prefer comedies and documentaries. But now the film industry makes bad movies, I think. Best films were created in the 2000-2010 year. This is my opinion. What do you think? What kind of movies do you like? What do you do?
As for my preferences in music. I like modern pop music. A lot of good contemporary artists of our time. But I also love the other direction, such as jazz, sometimes I listen to classical music. What kind of music do you like?
I'll wait for your letter. Write me more about your project ... and all that you want. Sergey from Russia, with best wishes.
Letter 4

Greetings from Russia, John!
Thank you for your nice letter from you. With every letter we learn new information about each other, and I like it. You're a very interesting man.
I want to have open communication with you. Today I want to tell you about my sex life. I'm a little embarrassed to talk about it, but I'll do it for you.
When I was in 9th grade, I realized that I was gay. I never looked at the girls. I'm not interested in them. I was 15 years old. I was friends with my friend from school. One day I realized that I was interested in him sexually. But I was afraid to tell him about it. I thought that he would cease to be friends with me. At the end of the 11th grade we were preparing for the final school exams. We were at my house. I could not resist, and I took his hand. I told him about my feelings. I was very excited. On that day, he told me that he is bisexual. And he kissed me. We started to undress, and it was my first sex. He began to suck my dick. Then I began to suck his dick. Then I put my cock in his hole. I was very excited and release sperm occurred in 30 seconds. I really enjoyed it. Then he put his cock in my hole. I was a little hurt, but after a few minutes I started to get pleasure. He said that he had sex with guys. He gave me my first sexual experience. After that, we had sex a few times. He went to another city now, and asked to forget about it. We do not talk after school. I do not know anything about him and his life.
Tell me about your first sexual experience. I am very interested to learn about it.
Now I am a lonely guy. I have not had sex for about a year. I like to play with a cock, doing different things (eg, 69), but more about these personal things later.
I want to find a man for serious relationship. I do not want sex for one night. I need a permanent partner, with whom I will have sex with love. I want to have real feelings. The main thing in a relationship - sincerity and truth.
Sometimes I watch gay porn and masturbate. I have a lot of sexual activity! How about you?
I made you some pictures of my apartment (kitchen, living room and my room).
Kiss from Russia, your Sergey.
Letter 5

Hello, John! Thank you for your answer with good photos. I looked at them! Also with great interest I read your story. I am glad that we have open communication! I like a lot of your thoughts about the relationship ... we have a similar look. I'm glad it!
Well, the cleaning of the house is a common activity for us with my mom. I am neat and I try to keep my room and the whole apartment clean.
Yes, I love penguins, ha-ha. I've never seen them in reality, but they are beautiful.
Saturday, February 7th. Not an easy day for me. Education, work, and I'm a little tired ...
But I want to write a letter to you because you are important to me. I want to talk to you about friends. Do you have any friends? Yes, I remember about Ben and Matt. And the others? How many?
This is a very serious topic for discussion. In particular for me. Honestly, I have no friends. Yes, there are a couple of guys and girls, with whom I communicate at the university and at work. But no more.
My real friends were in school. But after graduation, they left the Saratov and entered the universities of big cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg). We exchanged messages on the internet sometimes. They visit Saratov couple of times a year, but I feel that we have lost friendship.
I really feel lonely often. For example, when I have free time, I can not make calls to friends as before.
Therefore, you are very important to me. You give me a feeling that I'm not alone. Do not forget about me, please. I want to be friends with you, for a start.
I am honest with you. I have another contact on the Internet. But we do not consider something more than just an exchange of letters. With you I want to have something more in the future! If you're against, I can stop communicating with another man. No problem!
Well, my mother cooked dinner in the evening, and I took a hot shower. Now I will send this letter to you, and go to sleep. I think of you and I hope that you will have a good day tomorrow.
Waiting for an answer, a kiss from your Sergey from Russia.
Letter 6

Greetings from Russia, John! Thank you for your letter. Oh, this is unexpected for me that you told about me to Ben. It's your choice and I agree with you, anyway.
Yes, you're right! We have the difference in time of 3 hours. Well, it's 19 hours and I'm starting to write to you.
Another man lives in Malta, he is 42 years old. We exchanged letters for two months ... only a couple of letters a week. He tells about the life there and I about life in Russia, respectively. Yes, nothing more than just communication.
I like to read your lines and find out something new about you. This morning I woke up and thought of you. It gave me a good mood, and I cheerfully went to work at 9 am. Sunday, February 8th. But I have a short day at work ... it will give me a day off next week! Nothing difficult.
You're a good man and I get pleasure from our exchange of letters, too! I appreciate that, and I like you, John. Every day I check the mailbox and waiting for news from you. Often I have a good mood after meeting with you. You're making my mood. If you are fine, then I'm fine. If you have something bad, then I also have a bad mood.
By The Way! Today, my boss praised me for good work. I sold a few phones, and will receive a small prize at the end of the month. Thoughts of you make a smile on my face and I easily communicate with customers.
My job was from 10 to 15 hours. After I went to the grocery store and bought products for home (bread, potatoes, tea and biscuits). Then, not far from my house, I saw an internet cafe. I decided to visit and asked the manager about their services. They have computers with webcams. I wanted to make a small gift for you and bought a couple of minutes in an internet cafe and made a video and some photos just for you. I'm sending it to you in this letter. I hope you like it.
When I got home, my mom asked me what happened? She said that my face is always smiling and I am very joyful. I'm a little embarrassed. I told her that I exchanged letters with a good man on the internet. She started asking me about you, but I decided not to say anything. I think it's better not to rush. When I realize that I can tell my mom about us I will do it. But not now. I hope you agree with me.
Dear John, I had dinner and now I drink tea with biscuits. I send you this letter and go to rest. Watching TV and just rest in bed ... Thoughts of you in my head all day.
I'll wait for your letter. Kiss, Sergey.
Letter 7

Hi, my dear John!
I received your letter, and I'm happy. You give me a good mood. Every day I check the mailbox and wait for your letters as often as possible.
Thank you very much for the wonderful video from you! You look very cute and I love your voice! I watched a few times and I think I'll watch many times again. Really nice to get something like that from you, John.
Today I think of you often. I like you. You're a very good man and I want to continue our relationship. Perhaps now I can call you a friend! And I think it can grow into something more. The future is unpredictable! Right? And yes, of course, I want to make dreams come true too!
You have a good heart and soul. I like to exchange letters with you. You're right, and maybe one day we will have a meeting in the near future. Nobody knows about the future. We shared a great distance. What do you think about us? I am very interested to know your opinion.
By the way, I forgot to tell you about my cat. I thought I wrote to you about it in the first letter, but I forgot to do it. Her name is Asya. She is now 6 years old. She is very sweet and affectionate. I love her! Asya is a gift from my mother for my birthday. I was happy! I can not imagine my life without her. I send you a picture. I really like it and I hope that you, too. Do you love animals?
Today I have a good mood! Firstly, I do not have a job. I also had a short day at the university. After dinner, I decided to visit the grocery store and buy some food for the home. In the evening I cooked a delicious dinner - a traditional Russian salad "Olivier" (you can find the recipe on the Internet, if you have interest) and chocolate cake. I hope that someday I'll make a romantic dinner for you. :)
Then I looked a little TV, but I have not found a good movie or program. Nowadays, television rarely gives interesting show. So I often watch movies on my computer. The Internet gives us a great choice.
My dear, John! I can not hide it, but I have a great interest in your person. I think a lot of you! I want to look at the development of our relations and the future. Of course, too early to talk about it, because we know each other not so good. But I listen to my heart and it tells me that you're a very good man. I think that you are a reliable person and you never leave your boyfriend in trouble. You're honest and intelligent. You're an experienced man who can teach me a lot. I appreciate that in you.
I wish you good mood and convey to you my energy. Please take a nice Tuesday! End today.
Kiss on the cheek, your friend from Russia, John.
Letter 8

Greetings from Russia, my dear friend John!
First of all, I just found my old photo. And I want to send it to you. In this photo I am about 9 years (2nd class). I changed a lot, ha-ha :)
Do you have photos from your youth? I want to see you there!
Thank you for your letter. Frankly, I'm glad that you have serious plans for our future. And you want to discuss our real meeting ... yes, now I'm student. And most likely, it is better if I finish University of Russia. I think that no one will take me in England at the university. Or is it possible? I'm not smart, ha-ha!
In any case, you're right. The first meeting, and it give answers to all our questions. Summer is a good time, I think. Of course, we have a vacation! Please read this letter ... later you see one story of my life.
By The Way. You say that I'm genuine. How do you understand? Ha-ha. Yes, I made a video for you ... but I could not use the microphone and say a few words for you. Anyone can make a similar video (without words) and send to everyone. No, no, I'm not saying that I'm fake. I am genuine! I decided to go ahead and make a picture especially for you! See the attached! :)
Today was a normal day! In the evening I had free time and watched the movie "Brokeback Mountain." I never looked gay movies. And you? But today I decided to do it. Did you watch this movie? I really liked it. It shows the story of two cowboys. Very romantic movie with a good story. Throughout the film I was in suspense. I was worried about heroes. After watching this movie, I started thinking about you, about us. This movie showed me true love. And I want to have a true love, too! I want a real relationship for life, not just for sex. My sweet John, this film has given me a lot of thoughts about you. I understand that I'm starting to fall in love with you. May be too early to talk about it, because we know each other only in the letters, and we have never seen each other in real life. But I am writing the truth. I am writing my thoughts, and I do not want to hide it. I like you very much!
My dream - a real man with whom I will have a sincere love and relationships. And I'm starting to think that this man is you.
You give me a good mood. Your letters give me energy to work and study. This is great! But I do not want to rush because I'm a little scared. I want to tell you a story. I did not want to write to you about it, but I understand that you have to know everything about me and I do not want to have secrets. Last summer, on the Internet, I met a man from Montenegro. About a month we exchanged letters. He wrote words of love to me. I felt great interest to him, too. It was like a fairy tale! He said that he loves me and can not live without me. One day he invited me to visit Montenegro. I thought about it a few days, because I've never been in other countries. He said that he will buy the tickets and will pay all costs in Montenegro for us. And I agreed, of course! He said that he reserved and bought a ticket for me. About a week later I arrived in Moscow. When I was at the airport, I wanted to get a reserved ticket. But the airport manager told me that nobody bought a ticket for me. I did not know what to do. I wrote to him, but he did not answer. I had no money. About two days I spent the night at the train station in Moscow. This is very scary. And then my mom made a payment for me and I bought a return ticket to Saratov.
Yes, I'm a naive boy who believes in love and in words! Of course, now I realize that it was a mistake.
Then I decided to give up dating on the internet. Until now, I have a psychological trauma because of this case, and I have a little distrust of men from other countries.
But I want to find love! So I decided to register on the website again. And I found you. In the course of our conversation, I understand that you are an honest and good man. I do not want to think about the bad. And I hope that you will be honest and sincere with me. I also promise you that I will tell you the truth.
I'm ready to love and be loved. I can not say I love you, because it is impossible on the internet! But I say that I'm starting to fall in love with you, John.
I'll wait for your letter. I hope that you will write your opinion about us. Your friend, Sergey. Kiss on the lips.
P.S. I forgot about tall. 174 cm! And you? :)
Letter 9

Hello my sweet friend John!
Thank you for your letter to me. Very good photos, you were sweet boy ... and now cute man. I like you a lot!
Each letter gives us a new level of communication. Perhaps this is the basis for our relationship. We can not have a relationship in the Internet space. But we can get to know each other very well. We can know everything about each other.
You're a very good man and I do not want to lose you. I do not know what I would do if you forget about me. I do not want to think about it.
I was born in 1995. Wrote about it in the first big letter ... be carefully please. And yes, you're right! I'm going to finish university in 2017.
Yes, I got your live-message. But to be honest, it is not convenient for me. Usually I come home after study and work, have dinner, take a hot shower to relax. I prefer to write to you before going to bed ... when I thought about everything and write to you all that I want. It is easier for me if I write late at night ... in peace and tranquility. Sometimes I sit at the window and look at the picture of the night. Emptiness, silence and calm on the street at night ... but lonely without you.
Also, I can not use Skype at the moment, because my internet provider has forbidden to do it. Difficult situation of Russia in the international arena! In all sectors of many imported items are prohibited in Russia now.
By the way, I'm not talking about my project. Soon in our university will be held Forum - Conference. I am one of the members of this forum. I'm doing an economic project "Modern problems of agriculture in Russia." I prepare the project for about three months. The exact date of my presentation is unknown. But after about a week the conference starts. I'm very excited because this is my first appearance before a large audience. This conference will bring together a lot of people from different organizations (banks, companies, etc.). They will look at the students and their projects. Then, they can select the best students to work at their companies. It gives us great prospects and opportunities for the future life. This is a good chance for me.
Dear John! You give me a lot of positive emotions. You give me strength to prepare for this forum. I hope that I will be able to achieve good results in this forum with your support. It is very important to me! As soon as I find out the exact date of my speech, I will write to you about it.
By the way, I have created a special folder on my computer, where I keep all of our letters and your pictures. I want to see our correspondence in the future, and remember this. I think it will be interesting for us in the future. What do you think about my idea?
I want to be honest with you. You become a small part of my life. I want to have a closer relationship with you. And if we continue to develop our relationship, you'll be a big part of me. I hope that one day we will be able to meet in the real world. This can happen this year or next. I do not know. But I promise you that I'll wait for our meeting in real life. I do not want to look for other men! They are not interesting to me.
These days I do the final preparations in my project for the forum. In the coming days I will have a consultation with the teacher and he will give the conclusion!
I think about you and I fall in love with you, dear John. I'll wait for your letter. Kiss on the lips, your friend from Russia, Sergey.
Letter 10

Hi, my dear John! Thank you for your nice letter. Yes of course! I am honest with you, and I want to have a real meeting with you as soon as possible. Summer is a good time and we will discuss it soon.
We are looking for something similar! I do not want a web romance too. I'm looking for the real things.
Today I had a happy day! My mom's birthday! I forgot to write you about it.
I woke up around 8:00 am. My mother was still asleep. I had breakfast and went to the store. I bought a bouquet of 9 roses and a box of chocolates. She was very glad to receive my gift. Then, after lunch, we began to prepare a special dinner. Together we made a salad, baked potato with chicken (in the oven) and a small cake. I also bought a bottle of red wine.
Then, about 6 o'clock in the evening we sat at the table. I drank one glass of wine. My mom said she was very happy. She also said that my eyes shine and I became very happy lately.
My sweet John, I think that now I'm ready to tell my mom about you! I showed her your pictures and said that you are very smart, kind and honest man from another country. I told her about your life. She asked me about your age and ask why from another country? I told her that age is not important. I told her that I'm looking for a man to love. And maybe I've found. I told her about my feelings for you. I also said that I can not find a man in Russia and it is very dangerous. Then she said that I can choose a man, and she approves of my choice. I was happy to hear these words!
This is great! I really feel that life has become easier, because my mom knows about you.
After that we started to eat the cake. We also discussed many different topics. She was asking about you and your life. I also told her about life in Europe. She also believes that the European life is really life. In Russia, we survive.
By The Way! We made this picture just for you. My mother sends you "Hello".
That's all for today. I hope you had a good day. I'll wait for your letter.
Kiss on the lips and a warm hug for you. Sergey, Russia.

Letter 11

Hi, my John! Happy Valentine's Day! You are my valentine today.
Thank you for your letter to me. With great interest I read your story about your big family. Also looked at the pictures. They all look good!
By the way, yes. I have problems with mp4. I could not watch the video ... maybe you can send in another format?
You and your good letters give me energy. This energy is necessary for me on Monday (February 16). Why? Well, this is my speech at a conference at the university. Today I had a consultation with my teacher and he said that my work is ready and I can show it to the public.
Oh, I'm very worried. This is my first big show. In the words of the teacher, the Forum brings together about 100 people from different companies and banks. They will evaluate my project.
But your good letter and your support gives me strength. During my speech, I will think of you. I think it will destroy the excitement. I hope that everything will be fine.
All day I think of you. When I woke up in my bed alone, I wanted to see you with me. I want to wake you gentle and soft kiss on your sweet lips. Then I make for you a delicious omelet, and together we drink coffee. In the evening I want to do an erotic massage for you with the continuation in bed! If you know what I mean, ha ha.
I fall in love with you, John. This may sound unrealistic, because it is only on the Internet. Oh, why do we have such a long distance. I hope that fate will give us a chance to meet. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe in a month, maybe a year, but we need to get this chance. And we must use this chance. Right? I'll wait for this happy day for us! We found each other, but we do not have an easy way, I think.
This is the end of my letter today. Now I'm going to bed. Weekend for me is the last preparation before the speech. I will prepare a lot! I will try to write you a letter.
Your boy Sergey, with a kiss and love.
Letter 12

Hi, my John! I'm sorry I did not write to you. On Saturday, I had problems with internet connection! It was a good day ... I slept a lot, visited a couple of shops and the city center. In the evening I was preparing for the speech ...
Sunday was the last preparation. I was very nervous ... I wanted to write to you in the evening, but I fell asleep very early!
Thank you for your letter with support for me! I watched your video ... very good song and I like it! I listen to this song now and write a letter for you.
And your video to me ... I looked just today, after the speech. I will write to you about it later.
Oh ... my dear John. Thank you very much! Your video is something incredible and very interesting. I looked at it a few times. Frankly, my heartbeat increased during playback. I'm shocked! No one has done something similar for me. I am happy and smiling like a child. It's really very pleasant gift for me. Again, thank you! I appreciate it ... I love you. I can not believe it's happening to me, but you're awakened feelings in me. I have no words to describe my emotions after your professional video ... it was like a film from the first person.
I have a wonderful mood! Yes, I did it! I want to tell you about my day. So, I woke up at 7 am. I had a good sleep because I was thinking of you. I took a hot shower for cheerfulness. My mom made me coffee and scrambled eggs. She also worried about my performance. I had breakfast and went to the university.
I sat in the trolley, and easily came to the university without traffic jams on the road. It was about 8:30 am (beginning of the conference at 9 o'clock). The conference was held in the large auditorium of the University. As I said, there were about 100 people (about 40 students and 60 serious men and a few women from different companies, I do not know for sure). When I saw this, I was a little scared. I started to worry because I had to perform on stage in front of them. But I thought of you, and I became a little easier. I felt your support. I imagined that I would speak to you. I immediately became confident and took my seat in the audience. Exactly at 9:00 the conference began.
First, six students from other faculties. I was the seventh of twenty. It was about 10:30. Leading the conference announced my name, and I went to the scene. Oh, it was very scary for me. My heartbeat quickened several times. But I gathered all my strength and began to talk about my project. When you realize that all look and listen only to you, you start to get nervous. But I tried to speak calmly. When I was getting hard, I thought about you. And it really helped me! My presentation lasted about 15 minutes. The first 5 minutes I was very nervous, but then I realized that I can do it. And I did it! I started to easily communicate with the audience. In the end I got a few questions and I answered them easily. When I finished, I went back to my place. Then I waited for the end of the conference.
About 12 hours chairman began to announce the results. He said into the microphone, that representatives of different companies highlight the work of five students. One of them is my project!
My joy knew no bounds! I'm happy! We were asked to visit the Rector of the University for details! We went to the first floor of the University. There I saw a woman and a rector. The woman is very serious. We started to talk. She said that she is the director of "Russian Agricultural Bank". This network of small banks that specialize in helping farmers in Russia. She is a representative of the banks in the city of Saratov. She said she appreciates my project and my ideas. I was happy to hear that! She offered me a job and said that tomorrow I can visit the bank and discuss all the details of the contract. If all goes well, I will be an employee of the bank.
My John! I think this is a great achievement for me. Tomorrow I will meet with Victoria Alexandrovna (the director of the bank), and I'll find out information about my possible future work.
I'm happy! It gives me great prospects for the future life! Thank you for your support! Thoughts of you gave me a good result. You give me energy for life. You help me in achieving good results. Now I want to hug and kiss you. My life changed after meeting with you. And I do not want to lose you!
Maybe it's a coincidence that the great events in my life came after meeting with you. But I think it's related events! You and my performance. I do not know how it would have happened if we had not met with you. I do not want to think about it. All is well!
My mother also very happy for me. I think this is the beginning of a new phase of my life. New life.
I send you some pictures. They were made especially for you after university!
Tomorrow I will go to the bank. As soon as I find out all the information, I will write a letter for you.
By The Way. On the uneasy way! Well, I do not know ... concerns. I have never been abroad and it is something unknown to me. I agree with you and I want a real meeting too. Let's discuss this in more detail later, after a meeting with the director of the bank. This will give me more information about future steps to study and work.
I never thought about the future (in terms of career and work). Yes, I finish university and get a bachelor's degree. Economic education! Plenty of choice to find work, I think.
Now I'm going to sleep. Your boy Sergey. Many kisses in your sweet lips, and love!
Letter 13

Hello, my sweet John!
Yes, thank you for your nice letter with warm words for me. Your support gives me great help in achieving good results.
Your questions to begin with. I do not have a qualification in English. I just have a very good level! The screen resolution on my computer - 1280 ? 720.
You know my feelings for you. I like your bright eyes, beautiful smile, deep heart, kind nature. Now I am happy because fate gave you to me, and a new job. This is a new life. I want a new life with you. I always think only of you, and I want to be with you.
I have good news. I want to tell you about my day.
Well, about 12 hours, I visited the office of the bank and talked with the director. She offered me tea and began to talk about the bank. Then we began to discuss the specific details of my contract.
From April 6, I start my new job. I'm going to have a trial period (1 month), and if all goes well, I will get the rank "The bank manager." My salary will be about 500 euro. This is more than the average salary in my town. I think this is a very good result for me! I think it will give me a free life.
I agreed in the contract. The new work completely satisfied me, because I can combine work and study at the university. The Bank offers a very flexible schedule.
Also, Victoria Alexandrovna said that they will try to use my project to be implemented in real life. I think it's real, but it's hard. It takes from one to five years, but if it happens, I get a lot of money for my idea.
After the official part of our meeting, we talked about everyday life. Victoria Alexandrovna asked me a few questions about my family and about my character. During our conversation, she asked me: "Sergey, you ever traveled abroad?". I said no and this is only a dream for me. Then she told me that she has ten trips to Europe. She said that now is a good time to travel abroad, because then I can not take time off from work for about one year. She also said that she uses a reliable travel agency and gave me the address. I thought it was not important to me. Then I left the bank and went home.
Now I am in bed for about three hours. But I do not want to sleep. I think. I think about us. I think of you. And now I want to tell you about my thoughts.
Well, as said Victoria Alexandrovna, I will not have free time (for long trips) for one year. But now I have the free time of about 1.5 months. Maybe we can use this time for our meeting? For example, I can visit you within 2 weeks. What do you think? The real meeting will show our compatible and our future.
Yes, I've thought a lot about it. I have never been abroad. I do not know what I should do for it - documents, visas and so on.
But the main thing is you. I understand that you are an honest man. You're smart and kind and I'm sure that you'll never leave me in the lurch. I appreciate these qualities in you.
Yes, I'm afraid. Man from Montenegro gave me a bad experience and I have fear. But I am ready. I am ready to do it. I want to do it. I want to be with you. I want to hug you and gently kiss your sweet lips. I want to feel the warmth of your hands. I want to touch your body.
This will be the happiest days of our lives. We will have a perfect time together. We'll get the maximum enjoyment from every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every moment spent together.
I fall in love with you, John. I hope that we will use this the perfect chance for us to meet. We will do what we want. Give me an answer, and write your thoughts. I'll wait for your letter. Kiss on the lips and neck, your boy Sergey.
Letter 14

Hi, my dear John!
I'm sorry I did not write to you yesterday. Internet had connection problems, but today everything is good!
About my work in the bank. Flexible schedule means that I can combine work and study at the university. 5 days a week (Monday - Friday), 5 hours a day. Not bad, right? Also, in extreme cases, Victoria Alexandrovna will give me free days (if necessary for the study). Our university and the bank has any agreement, I do not know, to be honest. Salary will be in rubles, of course! I wrote the amount in euros to a better understanding for you.
I feel good after reading your letter. I was worried because I did not know about your answer. But now I'm really happy, because you want our meeting too!
It was a difficult night for me. I can not sleep for a long time. I was afraid to see your negative answer, but you want our meeting too, and it's wonderful!
I trust you, John! Try to imagine yourself in my place. I have a bad experience with a man from Montenegro ... it's very hard for me to try to meet with someone from the internet again.
But I try to forget about everything from the past. And I want to meet with you. This is a new, one of the most important steps in our relationship. It will be a great event for us.
I talked with my mother. Well, to be honest, she was very afraid and asked me not to repeat old mistakes. But I said that I trust you and I believe that everything will be fine. My mom gives me a choice and support me. She believes in you, too.
We can be together soon, my John! We'll see how we can live together, our compatibility. We will get answers to all our questions. We can discuss all things and talk about our future.
I think our trip possible in this period! Visa and all necessary documents are not hard if I use a travel agency. This is only my thoughts. I do not know.
A couple of hours ago, I decided to see the approximate information about the trip. Yes, you're right! I have to do a visa, international passport and some other documents. Also, as I understand it, the tickets is not a problem and I have a great choice. But I was a bit surprised when I saw the approximate total cost of the trip. I am afraid that I do not have enough money to pay all the necessary documents and tickets. I also learned that I have to have forward and reverse tickets. Otherwise, I can not leave the country, according to the laws of Russia.
I can visit a travel agency tomorrow. There I get all the accurate information about the trip (prices, necessary documents, tickets).
I do not know for sure. But, most of all, I can not pay for the trip. I'm embarrassed, but maybe you can help me with payment?
If you have problems with money, i will return them to you when I start to work in a bank. What do you think? I hope that all will be well.
I trust you and appreciate you, John. I am happy that we found each other. I believe that the meeting will be successful and we will think about the future together.
I am waiting for a letter from you with impatience. This is a very important time for us, because we solve serious questions for our relationship. I imagine our days together ... you and me. And we can do all that we want. I want to feel your warmth, your body ... sweet kiss on the lips.
Your boy Sergey from Russia with love.
Letter 15

Hi, my dear John!
Now I'm really happy, because you want our meeting too! Already, I understand that we have found sincerity and mutuality in relationships. Whatever happens, I will not forget about you.
Well, today I visited a travel agency. I have consulted with the manager and learned all the necessary information about the trip. I said that I want to visit the city of Manchester (UK). She replied that I can visit your city with no problems.
Necessary documents for me:
- International passport;
- The visa;
- Health insurance;
- A document from the work (the information on wages);
- Bank statement (information on the existence of debts).
Travel company can do all of these documents in the short term (3 weeks). This accelerated preparation of papers! In another case, it takes more than one month.
Then we began to discuss the tickets. She asked me how long I will be in your country. I said that about 2 weeks. The manager offered me some tickets. I chose the most suitable. I give you basic information about them: Ticket: Moscow - Helsinki (Aeroflot, flight number AY-6844):
Departure from Sheremetyevo, Moscow (March 21, 18:45, Moscow time);
Arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (21 March 19:35 Helsinki time); Ticket: Helsinki - Manchester (airline FlyBE, flight number AY-2933):
Departure from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (March 22, 8:25, Helsinki time);
Arriving at the airport in Manchester, Manchester (March 22, 9:25, Manchester time); Ticket Manchester - Helsinki (airline FlyBE, flight number AY-938):
Flight from Manchester Airport, Manchester (April 4, 17:50 Manchester time);
Arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (April 4, 22:30 Helsinki time); Ticket: Helsinki - Moscow (Aeroflot, flight number SU-6666):
Departure from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (April 5, 13:25 Helsinki time);
Arriving at the airport Sheremetyevo, Moscow (April 5, 15:05, Moscow time); Also, a travel agency gives train tickets Saratov - Moscow and Moscow - Saratov.
This means that we will be together for 2 weeks. I think that we can do whatever we want and we will have enough time together for the first meeting. We'll be the happiest people. Our dream will come true!
The manager said that the airport has internet room. I can write letters to you, when I am in Moscow.
In the end, I asked the manager to calculate the full cost of the trip. Well, 500 pounds (all necessary documents, plane tickets [forward and reverse], railway tickets [forward and reverse])!
Well, my John. Thus, we have the exact information for my trip to you. We are close to our common goal. We can do it! I want to be with you. We will enjoy every moment spent together.
Now I have a savings of 200 pounds. Our meeting is an unplanned event and I could not save enough money. I hope that you understand me. I'm embarrassed, but I ask you financial help for our meeting. You know my feelings for you. You're an honest man, and I trust you, John. I want to ask you 300 pounds. In this case, I can pay for the trip. Of course, if you want, I will return your money as soon as I start working at the bank, as I wrote earlier.
I hope that you will help me. We can be together very soon. It depends only on us. The journey begins? Waiting for your answer!
Billions of kisses on your sweet lips, warm embrace. Your boy Sergey, with love.
Letter 16

Hello, my sweet John! Thank you for your letter. I am glad that we have serious plans for our meeting!
Today I visited a travel agency again. I told the manager that I want to use e-tickets from EasyJet. I like your way, John, But it does not work. Travel agency offers only full travel (tickets + documents). I can not get the documents without tickets. In this case, I have to go to Moscow because the British Embassy is located there. It is about 1,700 km (round trip).
Then I asked about the tickets for another date. She does not have direct flights, unfortunately. Look In: Ticket: Moscow - Helsinki (Finnair, flight number AY-156):
Departure from Sheremetyevo, Moscow (March 20, 20:10, Moscow time);
Arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (20 March 21:00 Helsinki time); Ticket: Helsinki - Manchester (airline FlyBE, flight number AY-2933):
Departure from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (March 21, 8:25, Helsinki time);
Arriving at the airport in Manchester, Manchester (March 21, 9:25, Manchester time); Ticket Manchester - Helsinki (airline FlyBE, flight number AY-2938):
Flight from Manchester Airport, Manchester (March 27, 17:50 Manchester time);
Arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (March 27, 22:35 Helsinki time); Ticket: Helsinki - Moscow (Finnair, flight number AY-153):
Departure from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki (March 28, 09:30 Helsinki time);
Arriving at the airport Sheremetyevo, Moscow (March 28, 12:05, Moscow time); The cost has not changed! Frankly, I do not know the exact prices for each service.
500 pounds is the total price!
- Train tickets (both ways!);
- Air tickets (both ways!);
- Express preparation of documents (not cheap!);
Thus, we get 500 pounds. It will be something incredible and unforgettable. It will be a great event for us. I miss you ...
I read your story about a bad experience! I understand you. I really have serious plans for our future. I want to look at our relationship in real life. I try to forget about the man from Montenegro. And I'm ready to go into the unknown with you.
Now we have important time and we have to make a decision! I understand your caution, but it can change our lives! We found the sincere feelings and understanding.
By the way, my name is Sergey Tregubov, ha-ha.
Write me your thoughts. I hope that everything will be fine and we'll be together soon!
Your boy Sergey, with love and kisses!

Letter 17

Hello, my sweet John!
Thank you for your letter. Yes, I'm a little disappointed if we have to cancel our meeting in March.
But I do not understand a few things. You write: "As I've said before, I am quite happy to reimburse part of the cost when you're here with me!"
Then I see: «It is not possible for me to send money to your country at this time».
Why? The problem in me?
Then why are you asking: "If there was a way to send money, how would you propose we do this?"
I do not understand you, John. You're a very good man and I want to be with you. I want to meet with you as soon as possible. You are very dear to me. But your recent letter gives me a feeling of uncertainty.
Waiting news ... Your boy Sergey from Russia.
Letter 18

Hi, my John.
I received your letter, and I feel bad after reading. I wanted to stop reading after the first paragraph ("1. I do not want to send money to a 3rd party that I do not know. (Ie Travel Agents).").
Well, it's sad that you think I'm a third party! You write about feelings and love. But at the same time, you call me a third party. Funny!
Or I understand something wrong? I do not ask you to pay the travel agency. I propose to make a transfer to my name and then you will be sure that all is well. Or?
I do not know what I should think. You write opposite things!
First you say you can not send money. Then that are you going to return the money to me when I'm in the UK. Then you do not want to send money to a third person. What does all this mean? I do not understand you! Stop playing with me, please. I can not stand it!
Letter 19

Hi, my dear John!
I am glad to read your last letter. I am happy that you trust me in the end!
I hope you know what you're doing. But in any case, I promise I'll do everything for us and our meeting. This is our meeting, that could change our future. I worry a lot, but I hope everything will be fine.
Well, what kind of bank data you want to see? I've never had to deal with transfers of money from abroad! What and how is it?
Please write me more information about this process.
Your boy Sergey, with love from Russia. I hope that soon we will be together!
Sorry for the short letter, just tired today and I want to go to sleep.
Letter 20

I still can not sleep. Just received your letter. Write a quick answer, and I go to bed with the thought of you!
Well, a couple of minutes ago, I visited the site of my bank. I have read that I can get your money within a week. Oh, that's a long time!
Remember my email after visiting a travel agency. Preparation and delivery of documents takes 3 weeks.
Tickets will be on March 20. This means that I have to pay for the trip up to Friday (February 27). Do we have enough time?
I do not know, but in any case my data:
Name: Tregubov Sergey Konstantinovich;
Location: Russia, Saratov, street Zarubin 53 / 57A, 410012;
Name bank: VTB bank;
Account number (BIN): 40817978512090000026;
BIC: 043602955;
Currency: Euro;
Swift-code: CBGURUMM;
This is the data that I have found. Hopefully, that's right.
Now I opened Google and wrote "fast international money transfers." I do not know, but one of the most popular answers - WesternUnion and MoneyGram. Do you know anything about this? I do not know.
Write your thoughts. I hope that everything will be fine and we'll be together soon.
Sweet Dreams. Your boy, Sergey from Russia. Many kisses!
Letter 21

Hello, my sweet John!
How are you today? I think about you and about our meeting soon. It gives me a feeling of happiness!
Waiting for your letter with impatience! Sergey, with love.
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