Romance scam letter(s) from James Norman to Joanne (Netherlands)
Letter 1

Hello Anne Thank you for your email, I am really glad to be doing this with such optimism; you seem like such a gorgeous and intelligent woman. I should let you know that I have tried to cancel my membership on that site, I've got women sending me messages, only interested in recreational sex, it has made me very very weary, I am only interested in a serious relationship that can lead to something viable.. Needless to say that I find you very attractive already, your smile is so beautiful, very hard to look away. . Hopefully we get along. A bit about me: I own a railway consultancy firm in England ( Semi-retired) but Netherland has always been my second home, I am here at least 5 times a year to see my Mom who is Dutch by the way, I am due to retire in a couple of weeks so I am already making necessary plans to moving down here to settle down, I love it here. I'm in Amsterdam at the moment, might need to visit England a few times to conclude my retirement plans but generally I am happy with my Move. I'm just a bit overwhelmed with looking for a house to buy, there are either too Pricey or not up to standard...

I will just quickly say that all I am looking for is someone with a good heart, who's capable of loving me the way I am ready to love her. I will to like to know more about you, and carefully build a foundation based on friendship, companionship and of course honesty. Friendship breeds Love. The reason why a lot of relationships have failed today is because they were never friends with their partners. Communication is very Key in every relationship, it makes things a lot easier. I look forward to talking every day, share our experiences (Bad and Good), tell our funny stories, tell me about work and your family and kids, Laugh together and become great friends, great friends always turn out to be the best lovers. I always tell people that a relationship is like a piece of Cake, where Friendship is the cake itself and Love is just the icing. Like I said want someone to love and be happy with. I am not looking for someone to mess around with; I want someone I can show love and be happy with the rest of my Life. All this years, I've not been with any woman. After the death of my Wife 6 years ago, I've dedicated my life to my work, and suppressed my needs and my ability to be a great lover. I will give anything to be that man again. So tell me a little more about you, Tell me more about your work and exactly what you do? Are you talking to other people at the moment? Do you believe in Love and its attribute? Do you want to get married? Do you believe in God? I will like to know your view on these issues. I hope its not a lot of questions.. I had an oblique childhood, I was born in Florida were my Dad is originally from but my parents separated quite early and my Mom left, she kept traveling from places to places, so I have moved quite around I must say. I've two sisters who live in Tennessee at the moment and are both married. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with my email...Anything else you want to know about me? Please ask, I'll be more than happy to answer. Regards, Glen
Letter 2

Hello Anne, it was very enjoyable to read your email, Thank you for responding to some of the questions that I asked in my last email, I appreciate your honesty and articulation, it is very admirable.

Its funny how I decided to Join the dating site, To be honest, I didn't want to meet anyone, the death of my wife was too hurtful, I just wanted to remain single but Spencer ( my assistant) will have none of that . I am very optimistic about this, I am really interested in knowing you more...

I am sure its hard to believe that for six years I saw no one, No one at all. The death of my late Wife was so hard on me, I didn't know how to move on, I kept blaming myself for not being there at the time of her death, It was really hard Anne. I have an adopted son, He's 9 years old, He's the king of my heart, His name is Mike. I also have twin sisters who live in the US, they are both married and have kids. My relationship with them has gone sour and we haven't spoken in 11 years. Sigh, Sad times.

I hope things works out for the best, Please think Happy thoughts...

Furthermore, I am going to take time to answer the questions that I asked you. Like I already said, I'm a railway consultant, I run a company that conducts and supervises the construction and repairs of rails around Most part of Europe and Asia...My job required that i travel very often, I've been to about 32 countries in the course of my job and somehow, I enjoy it. you can check it out if you like. When I am say I am semi retired, It means that I am selling off my company but I've a couple of contracts to conclude before I eventually let it go. I've been on This dating site for a few days now, my assistant convinced me to sign up after so many years of being alone and lonely. I am not in talks with any one else at the moment, I've a busy schedule plus I think you and I would get along just fine, I don't need any distractions...

I believe in Love and all its attributes and its such a beautiful feeling when the one you love, loves you back. Like I always say, I would like a honest, loving and caring woman who will always be there for me,who would let me love her and care for her too, a woman who can be my best friend and I can tell everything to, Laugh, talk and walk together. if I find that Woman, then Yes, I want to get married.

I read books and I love to watch movies, as there a new thing to learn from every movie.I think each word we write brings us closer and closer to each other, soon we'll become best friends and Maybe Lovers...Time would tell..

I don't follow politics much but I know a little about everything..

That's a recent photo of me on the website, it was taken about a year ago... I will attach a more recent photo of me and my son on this email to give you more clearity..

Looking forward to reading from you Again Anne


Letter 3

Hello Darling, How was your day? I hope this would be the last thing you read before you to bed... I can't express in words the Joy that I get just from communicating with you.. Imagine the joy you once had, when you opened the mailbox of your house and found a stamped envelope containing a handwritten letter that you are looking forward to. What a great feeling... Unfortunately, the evolution of technology has destroyed the simplicity of things.We forget, just simple things make deep people happy. Women have forgotten how is to be women. They have become just consumer products of a superficial society, trying to protect themselves from past experiences thereby forgetting the core values of selflessness and trust... It's a pleasure to discover that I was wrong... It’s pleasure to discover you through the depth of the soul, It is said that if it moves the soul, then the body moves. It's just one of those days where I want to pour out my heart to you. I just want you to see me the way I am, I want you to walk with me in this adventure of Love and let our emotions overwhelm us.. I am consumed with your mental energy, you have hit me in a place where no one has dared to, I can't get enough.... It is such a beautiful feeling to feel this way. What baffles me is how comfortable I am with you, how I want to tell you everything, I'm going crazy thinking to myself ' I wonder what Anne thinks about this' always trying to get your opinion on whatever...( In my mind of course) lol... This is the beginning of a new era, I just want to be happy and of-course be happy with you...I've absolute fate in this.. Let me quickly assure you that I don't intend to mess with your emotions, I mean every word I say, I don't know where I get this energy from, but I am not giving up on this. Its only a foolish man that sees good and let it go... I am not usually bamboozled with nice words and beauty, I can't afford to go in and out of relationships, I don't have a heart for that, and my Heart is too delicate.....But I have thought this through, a lot of times, It is priority to me now, I don't expect a completely smooth sail as we would probably have our differences but this is what I want to do. I want to be with you Anne, Life itself is a Risk and success is measured with the amount of Risk anyone is willing to take.. you are definitely worth the risk, I see the honest, pretty, smart and enthusiastic woman in you and all I want to do is love you. I completely understand if this is a huge step for you but if we put out hearts to it, it will work. This feeling is unusual, especially for some one I've never met, I can't explain it. Don't get it wrong, aside the fact that I've let my emotions control me, I've thought about this, i have thought about the possibility of living in another country forever and I see this happening, I see it clearly and I'll do all it takes to make it work. We can sync our plans together and see that it works, don't let it bother you, I just want to be close to you... I've the gift of discernment, It is not very common but I can tell when something would work or not, it has never failed me, just give me your hands and let me take you to a happy place. It is the first time I am doing something Like this, I am usually very stuck up and suspicious of every thing, in other not to get hurt, I guard my heart with reasons I have made up , even though most of it don't make sense. You are such an Adorable woman, I understand that you can never completely know some one, you only know as far as they want you to but I can see beyond those words that you say to me, I can see a woman who knows how to love but has been deprived of the act itself. I don't know everything and I am not a perfect man but I am ready to give my all into this, to make us happy forever, I'll pay attention to every detail. It such a difficult commitment to make, I know but I am ready. . I am sure you are reading this email thinking , 'Hold on', 'Wow', 'Glen is way ahead of himself', 'he doesn't even know what I sound like', 'you hasn't't even met me', ' He doesn't know what I smell like' there is no way he can feel like this already', 'Calm down'..'This is overwhelming' but this is how I feel already and I thought you should know.. So many many things I want to write about and talk about but we will take this step by step. Rome wasn't built in a day. I just arrived London today, it was impromptu, I've an early morning meeting, Its the reason I am only just responding, I am leaving the house search till I return, I don't want to rush it, maybe we can look together when I come back I attached one of my favorite songs by Javier Colon, I hope you like it I Look forward to reading from you again, Your emails get the best part of me, I don't know what I will do if I ever stopped getting them... Glen
Letter 4

Thank you for your email, as I read it, tears rolled down my eyes, I know for a sure that I've found my woman. I don't know how this happened to me, sometimes I stop half way and delete every word that I've written because I don't want to overwhlem you, but at the end of the day, you deserve to know how I feel. I surprise myself too, with all of these that I say to you, I am not usually this bold and confident, but I have such a affirmative assurance that you are the one I want to be with..

I understand your fears and worries but of what benefit is it to me to say these things If I didn't meant it? I certainly won't derive any pleasure in hurting you. I think you should concentrate on knowing me and enjoying the moment instead of worrying. I know for a certain this will eventually work out fine..

Valuing a relationship is not merely done by seeing each other everyday. What counts is how much in our busy lives we remember each other

I have been thinking and wondering what i want from you and this relationship.

I want to wake up every morning in your arms not wanting to go get dressed for work because your warmth and embrace is all i ever want.

I want you to be that one i look forward to having a blissful evening with after hours of work.

I want us to become the envy of every couple we come across.. I want them to look with envy as you give me a kiss in the park telling me how much you love me (i would kiss you anywhere on earth if you dont really no option ah?)

I want to have everything with you.Those adventurous times of going round the world, those little times of getting dirty in the garden, those cuddle up nights in the couch watching boring tv, those long nights of storm were we would remain in each other arms all night, those nights of passionate lovemaking till dawn.

but who says it will be all rosy?

I also look forward to those nights of quarrel, then later we would sit down and settle it all and everything ends up with kisses, I look forward to those days of me sticking by your side no matter what comes your way,the nights when i would look into your tears filled eyes and tell you everything will be ok and still tell you how pretty you are when i know thats the last thing you want to hear.

I want us to share the same soul
we always looking out for each other
when you cry, i cry
when you smile, i smile
when the going is good we will have lots of fun together
when the going is rough, our shoulders will be each others pillow to lean on
We share the same dream and aspirations

This is not too good to be true, its not a dream, we can live it, give me your hands Anne and together we will go to that happy place together.


Letter 5

My Sweetheart..
Thank you for your email, all I needed was a bit of assurance that we are together in this, I can't seem to stop thinking about you.. I seem incapable of anything other than thinking of you, it is as though I am in some kind of alternate universe where everything revolves around you .... even my sleep is interrupted with constant imaginations of a life with you...

I don't think this is a normal, I can write you a thousand words telling you how I feel but I don't think its suffices...

I drift between excitement and anxiety ,joy and fear ,one minute grinning like a lunatic the next in tears.. The practical side telling me I am bonkers to be falling so hard for a woman I have not met, My heart beating an immediate response of but She's the ONE..

Internally I appear to be going through all of the motions of love, my heart feels whole and strong and attached to yours in a way that immobilizes me . I ache to touch you.. kiss you... climb inside you and bury myself within . I want to wed myself to you for all time....

My heart wants to rejoice in full song and I pray continuously, Please God let me love her with the passion in my heart with the romance in my soul with the intelligence of my life's experiences.

I want no more than to begin each and every day with the intent to be a better and more loving Man than the previous day, I want to make you feel treasured , wanted ,desired, needed and above all gloriously happy..

I want to attend your every need,desire , fantasy , be your Husband for Life, your emotional anchor, your safe harbor,Everything you need now and always...

I've no problem with your English, I understand everything that you say, I need to learn some dutch too, can you teach?

Seem like you had a lot of fun yesterday, hope you said only good things about me, I am too embarrased to talk to anyone about you yet, I can't believe that I feel this way about a woman I've never met. What did you do today? I spent some time with Mike, we went out to play some tennis even as soon as we say a bit of sun, I've attached a picture for you...

I am a bit overwhelmed with pressure at the moment, hoping to get this contract on Wednesday but I want to make an effort to talk to you everyday. I will let you know as things unfold I will message you on whatsapp...


Letter 6

Good morning my heart, These passed few days have been special for me, I really enjoy talking to you and I can't wait to spend the rest of my Life with you..I have been completely overwhelmed with preparing for the bid,been working non-stop since the break of the dawn, Please say a prayer for me.

Your words are so tender, yet full of passion. You don't realize the things you do to me with the words that you say..

You give me peace and no discomfort whatsoever. Be clear that everything I do is done thinking about what you would think, with much love and affection. The sweetness of voice and the intensity of your care alleviates the distance that separates us. You are wonderful, you are very special, and that is why I dedicate all this love and affection to you. I want to feel this way forever..

I am glad that we have started off on the right foundation, In friendship and honesty, no secrets. I reckon that once the foundation is right, the building will stand forever. I care a lot about you Anne, I hope you realize that and I know how easy it is to make promises and commitment at the beginning, when everything is sweet and new, but this how I feel and I want to feel like this forever. My promises are not empty, I want to build on all the emotions I have and I want to be with you for all the right and wrong reasons.

You always put a grin on my face and poetry in my heart. You're the shining star I cast my dreams on, the cup I pour my hope for tomorrow into. When my footsteps are falling too fast, you make me stop and reflect. And when I'm stalling in my tracks, you get my feet moving again.

There's a special and in-explainable chemistry between us that speaks through our hearts and makes every moment of life sweeter. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I do know that I care about you, and that my heart begins where yours ends.

You completely blow me off balance and I've Completely fallen for you, all I want to do now, is love you...more and more...

You know what is Beautiful Anne? Read the First word again of this sentence again...

Letter 7

I miss you too, I don't easily give up but your accusation were deep and without bearing. I don't want to be with someone with trust issues always suspecting everything.

I care about you a lot but if you want this to work you have to give a me a 100%.

I am in California at the moment, I will try and ring you tomorrow..


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