Romance scam letter(s) from James Matt to Maria (Greece)
Letter 1

i will be sending the marriage from and engagement ring on Monday , listen to me my dear all i which i seek from you is love and understand, and i will love you for ever
Letter 2

Honey, how are you and how are you doing? I hope you are doing fine? The Lord has done it for us, I just came back from the court (Hereford Magistrates Court) and they have granted us permission to get married provided we fill the form and return it back to them to proceed with the documentation and signings.
They have also agreed that I can get you to my country as soon as the marriage forms are returned. Honey, I think the Lord is being wonderful to us this day or what do you think give me your full name, house address, mobile number and email address so that i will send the marriage form and engagement ring to you and other things which you are will love to have for your Xmas
i love you
Letter 3

Honey, I have given the company your data and I believe that they will call you once they get there, just do whatever they tell you to do and most importantly fill that form and return it to the address in that form, so that you can be able to save our marriage. Honey, you have to understand that my situation now, I am in the sea now approaching the Mediterranean sea, therefore, we may lose service at any moment and also get it at any moment. Just return that form so that I will come as soon as I come back so that we can be happy forever. make use of the money in the package carefully, i love you. HERE IS MY MOBILE NUMBER WHICH YOU CAN SMS ME WITH +447564163835 AND AS WELL CALL ME WITH MY COMPANY NUMBER BECAUSE I ALWAYS GET COMMITTED WITH MY COMPANY +447031741553.
Letter 4

my dear love i want you to know that i have love you and nothing can ever break the love which i have for you. i am happy that i found you my endless love, you are my joy and my happiness, since you came into my life, reading your massage gives me reason to leave, and i love you the must, please as soon as you get my package which i have send to you today fill up the marriage form OK check your email box you will find the scan copy of the receipt of the package which i send to you to see, as well to prove that all in which i need from you is endless love take good care of yourself and always check to know when the package will be deviled i am leaving to my project as i have told you, as soon as i am done i will be with you.
Letter 5

My Dear, here is the receipt of the package which you are to receive , i want you to know that i will be happy to meet you over there GREECE as soon as i am wind up with my project here, like i told, inside the package are the things which i brought for you, such as necklace and other things which i believe you might love to have them.with your commitment to this relationship, you will achieve your dream, i am a man of Honor and i give respect to whom respect is due, you will find a little amount of money(15,000pounds) which you are to use in taking good care of yourself, and as well work on your paper's back home because we are to get married as soon as i am there, all you have to pay is delivery charges, the key to open the box is 233 right and 332 left.i will be going back to offshore in other to wind up my work, when you receive this package call me or send me a massage that you have got it. OPEN THE ATTACH ABOVE THE MAIL YOU WILL SEE THE THINGS I BOUGHT FOR YOU.
Letter 6

madam if you don't wanna make your payment write a mail to us to send it back to uk
Letter 7

Letter 8

madam you are ask to send the sender name, if you can't send it never you send this again.
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