Romance scam letter(s) from Craig Riley to Beth (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Beth,
Thank you so much for reaching out and taking the time to get to know me. I hope we can talk a bit and see if we share the same beliefs, views, and thoughts about life....not necessarily to agree of course as I believe we're all entitled to our own but to know whether we do find a connection to get to know each other on a deeper level.
You know whenever I meet someone the first thing they ask is "what do you do"? I really chuckle to myself because as much as our careers are necessary and important .. It's really not who we are as people. We all have a story by this time in our life and that's the part I think we need to share. I'm a General Contractor, I got my BSC in Business Administration from the University of Melbourne and went for a MBA Project Management/Business Administration in Oxford University... A little about my job...let's see, Very involved to explain but basically I manage large supplies as well as large projects. I help big firms and hotels with the installations and supply of good and well trusted electric appliance, the furniture and basically designing and styling of the entire building.

I've not asked you how your experience has been in the dating world. How do you find online dating and have you met some nice men or been with any one for any length of time. This whole process if pretty new to me and I think I'd mentioned it was from the encouragement of my daughter and friend that I even decided to venture into such a thing. I must say it's worked out quite well since finding you and I look forward in the hopes of moving forward each day to something closer and meaningful if we both should feel the same as we progress.

I'm 58,widowed,have a dog ,4 horses and have one daughter who visits with her aunt in Texas frequently . She's into her junior year of college in Boston . I was lucky to find love the first time around and I miss her very much but she left me with so much love and not pain. She had taken ill suddenly and we knew our time together was shorter than we had ever planned. We talked a lot about our life together and left nothing unspoken. I gave myself the time I needed to heal her loss as it was great but her words to me will never be forgotten. She told me love is a single soul inside two bodies so she'll never leave me but that we all possess immeasurable space inside for new love to enter and never to close that channel for a chance at finding it again . It won't be the same but old things pass and new things come and to treasure that new love. She was a special woman who taught me so much about love and life. We lost her 8 years ago and my daughter and I remain very close but she worries too much about me and thinks like her Mom that its time to date and be open to new possibilities .
I'm a sincere man and I know what it takes to have a loving relationship and won't settle. I believe in fidelity and commitment to having each others backs at all times. Making the woman in my life feel like she's the only girl in the world. I admire an independent woman and like that we would have different interests but would be able to take part in sharing and be a part of each others enjoyments. I like to cook but prefer to have a cute sous chef by my side to help. LOL Like to travel and when I'm home just enjoy the simple things...talking a walk, watching a movie, having a Chivas Regal and listening to music, spending time with my daughter when she's not too busy for her Dad. Lol We both enjoy playing scrabble and watching silly movies together.
I was born in Australia but did live in England through my college years. My Dad was born in the U.S and his sister still lives in Texas as I mentioned above. That's the Aussie side so you can understand why my daughter enjoys staying with her Aunt... She's fed extremely well .Lol I'm currently at the Four Seasons as I am new to the USA and looking to purchase real estate but not sure where to settle yet so maybe you can give me some good advice . I'll be relocating so I'm looking for a single family home . I've already sold my home in Texas so I'm anxious to find something soon.

I had two great parents...both late. My Dad's nationality was Australian and My Mom was British. I've no siblings but have very dear friends who are family to me. I don't believe blood makes you family. It's the people in your life that are always there for you.
I'm a laid back guy who doesn't shout or look to argue. I like to communicate and believe there is a solution for every problem. I don't like sulking but believe if you don't ask you don't communication is key, I can't read minds and won't expect you to read mine. I'll won't judge or be judged...just like to talk of feelings. That's neither right or wrong and everyone is entitled to their own so it's hard to disagree with a feeling. Unless you walk in another person's shoes , I believe we all live our life differently and that's what makes the world go around. I wish I could right many of of the wrongs and have so much compassion in my soul...I think it's what runs through my veins instead of blood. But I'm only one man and if I do one thing to better this world I've done something and I try everyday just by my gentle nature and helping another in need whenever I have the opportunity. I'll never tell you about it though because the true giver is the one who gives in silence and never boasts.

Wishing you the most glorious day....and being thankful for today...I've met YOU! Tell me about yourself as well......Craig
Letter 2

Hi Beth, Oh I love curry though not too much of it....I do not know how to make my own curry but I like it...Did you mean Vegemite or Vegamite...? I believe in your philosophy and I do not want to judge or preach to you..I like the fact that you said religion was created by we humans....I believe that and as my mom always said we worship one God but in diverse means.... Yeah it was supposed to help teach you something and its good it did teach you...Would love to play golf maybe you could give me a lesson or two...Yeah the Globe trotters are legends...Comedy and Basketball who could turn it down... It was a blessing meeting my late wife...She was everything to me...I had what you spoke about but it was cut short by death and now I am looking for it again...Though it can never be like the first but it can be better.... I wanted to share a little about my background with you. I was born in Australia but grew up on a farm in South Africa and enjoyed it very much. My mum and dad met in an airport here in the states. My mother lived in Australia with my dad before moving to South Africa where my dad had a small gold mine and decided to relocate there for good. We moved there from Australia when I was 6 years old. My dad bought a farm not too far from the mine so I started riding horses when I was 8 and milked the I did all the crazy farm work. I also worked in my dad's jewelry shop when l was growing up so I know how to make jewelry and very creative with it. I plan to open a jewelry shop someday when I retire. I spent most of my childhood life in South Africa but moved back to Australia where I attended University. In my second year in University, my dad passed away. He had brain tumor. It was a big blow for my mother so after university we sold the mine and moved back to the Australia and have been traveling in and out mostly with my job. I had to take a few courses in interior designing and civil engineering to be able to acquire my working license. My mother passed away 8 years ago around the same time my wife passed on. It was very hard at that time to deal with both situations but here I am now very strong and emotionally stable. I still have the farm back in SA and visit there once in a while. I have just 4 horses and few cattle. I do not have much family here in the states. Just one Aunty that I share a close bond with her as she is DIABETIC. She resides in Texas. I go to see my daughter as often as I can...I also try to give her space so she doesn't feel like she is being watched by her dad...I want her to live her life and learn from her mistkes...Not like I don't try to correct her though...But experience they say is the best teacher...S o I let her experience life in her own way... Haven't really taken advantage of anything as my 3 months here have been more of working and having a nice time with my daughter...But I do like the city as it is busy and fun.. Its ok to be who you are I do not judge people...So its cool...I do not like dishonesty, infidelity and lack of communication...Ilove it when someone knows how to share his or her mind even without speaking a word...I like having that connection whereby even before you speak I can tell where you are going to... I am a morning person...Although sometimes I don't mind the night too...Especially when that someone special is with me....I love animals and cats are no different...Musicals...hmmm I think they are really nice when the songs they are singing along to carries a message...I try to rest...Go to the movies...Play a bit of golf and also I love watching soccer so in otherwords I try to keep the other half of my brain active... I guess being romantic is all about what the other person perceives it to be. I do make a special effort to do so. I think it's an important part of a relationship to make your partner feel desired and cared for. It's not just the usual things that are romantic to me such as flowers and candy and candlelit dinners but everyday romance like listening intently to her when she needs someone to be understanding , a touch or a loving look that tells her how much I love her. In the next five years, I see myself retired but still being a productive person of society maybe helping out in a charity or working part time just to stay active and have a sense of purpose . I see myself with my significant other making plans to travel and enjoy our new life together. Success to me is not how many lives have touched mine but how many lives I've touched that's important. My idea of an adventure can be anything... All of life to me is a new adventure with everything I do and anyone I meet. The three things that I've not come across yet in a woman is one who can be totally optimistic in all situations and believes everything happens for a reason. We don't plan our lives but need to have the belief that our life is already planned for us and we need to embrace it and just let life flow . A woman who is totally content and truly at peace with her past, open to new possibilities in the future and enjoys each day for all it brings. Hopefully this gives you a small "window" into knowing more about me. We appear to have many things to discuss, and hopefully in time, we will begin to learn about what makes us "tick", what's important to us, and what visions we have for the future, and what we want in life. I hope you agree with me? I hope I haven't over rambled again. LOL.. I just believe in communication as one important starter with respect to building a healthy and strong relationship. Tell me about your family background and how life was with you growing up? what is your idea of an adventure? What's on your bucket list? When in a relationship, how much personal space do you generally find you need? How important is it to you that your partner is accepted by your family and friends? I like that we are taking time to learn more about each other and discover more about us. Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about me too. Craig aka Hotstuff PS I am so sorry for my late reply as I was busy planning my business trip and have a lot of work on my hands.
Letter 3

That is someone using my pics I must say....Contact the person and let me know what happens please.
This is identity theft
Letter 4

I am off the site and that is what I am trying to do and also please report the profile...
Why would you think I am playing games and also you are out there looking for some other man so why communicate with me?
Letter 5

I thought I sent you some pics...You never got em?
You are playing games with me Beth and I don't appreciate this
Letter 6

Good morning Sweetheart , I would imagine you're sleeping like a baby right now and I think to myself how wonderful if I could be next to you holding you in my arms. Love is a feeling that can't be described because it's the balm that helps to ease all the frictions of life between two people who make a commitment to each other's growth for the rest of their lives . I'll never stop learning and growing now that I'm in your life and you are my only true love darling . My love for you can be counted on today , tomorrow and for always . I'm missing you so much . My words will always be spoken in ways to build our relationship stronger each day and straight from my heart to yours and our love will be the healthier for it. You have my seal set upon my love for you that I'm always true and faithful and I've the same confidence in you . I count myself a lucky man to have found you. All my love , Craig xxoo
Letter 7

Hi Beth, Yes really...Seems like you have a problem with closure and i don't know if I should say that's a good thing or bad thing but I certainly do not like it...I asked what you want from me...And if after I sent you that mail all you can say is Really...Then is speaks volumes of the kind of person that you are... You have to let someone in sometime dear...Love isn't compulsory neither is necessary but it just happens to us...So if you feel being this simple is how you have decided to handle what we with each other then I won't force or push you to go at the pace I have decided to move with... Beth the heart wants what it wants and certainly I am one to follow my heart and if it tells me you are the one then why wait...I wouldn't neglect what I feel just because I haven't met you yet...Of which I feel like i have already...We might not have met in person but I have met your heart and I know what I want...We are not kids anymore and by now we should know what we desire,..Appearances and physical features do not matter to me..All I want is what is in your heart...The love trust and honesty you have to offer... So if you do feel I am moving too fast for you then by all means do slow it down..But I am one to speak my mind and this is me telling you how I feel....Hope you had a wonderful night rest...
Letter 8

Good morning Sweetheart , I would imagine you're sleeping like a baby right now and I think to myself how wonderful if I could be next to you holding you in my arms. Love is a feeling that can't be described because it's the balm that helps to ease all the frictions of life between two people who make a commitment to each other's growth for the rest of their lives . I'll never stop learning and growing now that I'm in your life and you are my only true love darling . My love for you can be counted on today , tomorrow and for always . I'm missing you so much . My words will always be spoken in ways to build our relationship stronger each day and straight from my heart to yours and our love will be the healthier for it. You have my seal set upon my love for you that I'm always true and faithful and I've the same confidence in you . I count myself a lucky man to have found you. All my love , Craig xxoo
Letter 9

Hi Beth, With you i am having the time of my life and I do not want it to end...You have been a blessing to me and I cannot think of a life without you...How I love the sound of your voice and with every word you send to me I grow fonder of you...Our lives has taken a new turn and we are writing a new chapter in our lives of our very own love story...A smile has become my thing and happiness hasn't this close to me in a while...Joy has become part of my life and its all thanks to you....You mean the world to me and I will not trade you for the world...Everytime I try to send you a mail..The words seem not to be enough and I feel I can keep going on and on but then I do not also want to start blabbing and then seem like I am boring...So this is me telling you this the only way permitted by the Dictionary....I LOVE YOU...
Letter 10

To My Love, Yes, it is ME again.
My mind is always thinking..about everything. My life now..your life now. So, my words now will tell you some thoughts of US that I have. You know, saying I promise to love you forever...well, it`s just not long enough Babe ! When we finally meet..and talk till we fall asleep..we will then have made a small dent into learning about each other. So, our life began at that moment. Hopefully, and I have prayed..we would take the big step..and say our vows.
We would tell each other how we feel..what we have in our heart. As I have already saved are my Salvation. For richer or sickness and in health..til death do us part. I will take it a step further...WE WILL GROW OLD...GET THRU SICKNESS...ALWAYS BE SIDE BY SIDE. I will always have your every situation. I will protect you...keep you safe. No harm will come to you. My broad shoulders will be there to comfort you...and just to hold you...and say I Love You. Darling, you are the only woman I will ever make love to.
As I want to be the only man who you allow to touch your lovely sexy body. We are meant for each other....we desire each other. YOU ARE MY SOULMATE. I would like to travel with you..take you around the world..and make passionate love to my Wife in every port. We will grow on each other everyday...and explore our minds and body to the highest ! You are My Queen...I am your King ! I am being guided by a higher power that has allowed me to enter your heart.
I always knew I would find that special happens to be YOU.
As we grow old we walk in the park...other people ...younger...will be jealous of us...they will stare and wish they will love each other as we do when they are older. I want to be with you this very I can truly show you how much I love you.
You will let yourself go and have the most intimate encounter with a man !
With your Husband...
I will stop now..however, I am not at all done...there is so much to say.
Loving You,
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