Romance scam letter(s) from Simon Cruz to Valentina (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Jeicce,

I must let you know that..I was born in Seville, Spain but was moved to Obdam, Holland when i was just 3yrs old by mom so don't expect that Spanish accent from me but lil of Dutch plus European accent is all you can dig from me lol, she's from Obdam and dad a Spaniard, they both met at a trade show in Germany and later got married. Firstly I decided never to date any woman from the US here again cos most sucks when it comes to real & serious relationship also feels divorce is their tradition and ways to take revenge on their hubby on his shortcomings while in union with them not thinking of the havoc and damages it does to the kids upbringing. So I don't see age,look or distance as a prerequisite for a relationship that is meant to stay. So i think we can get to talk from online hear and get to know each other more and later workout the distance cos i possessed a dual citizenship of both US & Spain.

I am here online in search of my dream type of woman..One who will be passionate,caring and ready to take me for who I am.

I was just introduced into the online stuff by a friend cos after my ex wanted divorce, I felt it so bad that i was weighed and toughed that i started drinking stupidly which almost made me lost track of life.. Another thing i need to let you is that, I've Meneire's diseases a hearing issues which made me to lose 65% of my hearing balances and causes disorder to it but sure with my next surgery it would be fine and get back to normal. So u can text or call me any time u so wish and will get back to you.

My dad is passed when I was 3yrs old so raised by mom and she now lives in Obdam, Holland presently, cos she's ageing and its telling on her so do go there every 3months to check on her if not too busy. So ask me any question and I'll be open with my response..

These are my descriptions...I'm 45yrs, 6'2tall, 188lbs, eyes brown, hair dark brown....waist 36''and European mixed Hispanic. I just moved to my new property in Miami Beach, FL cos I just put my house in Mission Hills, CA under renovation, some few ago.

So free feel to write me more about yourself and take some recent pics for me as well cos I'm sure you're beautiful both inside and out. Pls prove me wrong you're here to revive my thoughts about American women. Lol!

Letter 2

Hi Jeicce,

It's honor reading more about and this would help me to learn more of you. I'm the old fashioned type of a guy and it will be a great pleasure if you can give us a chance to explore each other cos I've been outta the dating scene in a long while but will like to give this a try with you again. Most especially when you don't have the full American background. I'm gonna be a bit busy today but youre free to send me text at anytime and if I don't get back to you instantly i'll definitely respond back.

Do have a great and fruitful week ahead of you.

Letter 3

Hi Babe,

It's so cool reading from you again this morning and seems to me we both are treading the same path of life when it comes to what we want outta life cos I'm the easy-going, passionate and emotional to a fault with the one I fall in love with. These qualities makes some women to take advantage of my vulnerable heart but won't change my ways cos I'm brought up by my mom this way. For my accent I hope you wouldn't expect me to speak like an American cos I've only been here for 10yrs? I work with Burch Thomas Oil Co which as its HQ in Seville but do have a subsidiary office here in states and our office here deals with flipping and renovation of properties then we also do int'l jobs by building roads and drainages for the third-world countries.

My Meneire's diseases developed over time when I was still working on the vessel as a rig supervisor and this is a cause of a loud noisy environment then but I'm sure my upcoming surgery in London or Seville, Spain will surely fix it by God's infinite mercies.

For me I don't really see look, distance or whatever issues the other person is going through as an obstacle when dating but just the inside of my partner matters to me cos we sure can resolves every other issues through perseverance, open-minded thoughts, passion and to crown it all TRUST.

About your personality, I feels you 're a very detail person which means openness to me. I'll try to learn more of you and will know your likes and dislikes before we can go real intimate cos I hate to pick up fights in my relationship, i'll rather walk away instead of pick up quarrels all the time. So let's both believe we wanna make this happen and go from here.

I divorced my ex 7yrs ago and that's the last time I ever dated cos I'm so scare of dating an American woman again. My ex divorced me claiming I don't have time for her while I'm busy working hard to make good living for the family. Though I learned my lesson that money isn't everything cos creating time for my family should comes first but wouldn't really blame myself for everything that happened cos she never sit me down to discuss how much my been away from home hurt her and the union but instead she started cheating on me, so she should be blamed for the break-up I guess. The union lasted for 6yrs without a kid but I guess she's happy being alone and that's why didn't bother her about having kids but need to let you know I'm not impotent and also nothing is wrong with my fertility so can have kids any time I want but jut weary of not having time for that now. So not sure if I still wanna have kids!

Lemme know what you feels about me after reading this email babe..

Hugs & Kisses..
Letter 4

Hi babe,

Your email is acknowledged and it's my pleasure knowing and hoping to give this a shoot wih me. Plus I must commend you're a better writer than I'm lol, Also your ability of being able to speak Spanish gives you an edge in this relationship cos you'll be my interpreter maybe when next I go visiting Sevilla. Will look forward to at least your text messages today cos I do smile a lot with butterflies in my belly whenever I see one from you. Do take it easy and don't stress yourself too much today dear.

Hugs and kisses,
Letter 5

Hi dear,

To start with babe, I decided to suspend my questionaire till maybe later tomorrow or sometimes during the week cos it's important we both sitdown and think deeply if we truly want this, I'm the kinda guy that wears his emotion on my sleeve and I simply can't go through emotional breakdown again for now. Please let's make sure we're ready both cos I'm ready baby.

I was reading your emails again, you strike me as one who has a decent amount of straightforwardness which I can appreciate. I will even go as far as saying you might be fun to be around lol. And no I don't like to exploit people's emotions to the degree it will turn to my advantage. That is a pretty dull way to conduct one's life I think. First one to lose the battle is your own self with that attitude.

Don't forget I changed countries ---- leaving family and friends behind and not necessarily missing them, and I forget for what reason now -- I embraced different cultures and mentalities that are pretty much opposite to where I come from here in the states. I fend for myself and I struggle, but that is how I learned to live my life and I'm comfortable with it. I'm not obsessively detail-oriented as you'll see but my experiences in life as stood the ground firmly for me, but I do have a good amount of self-discipline I use to give structure to my life so that what I care about can run smoothly, and I can concentrate on my defaults, and there are many of those.

I am actually the intuitive type and I flex and I adjust as needed. As you come to know me you'll see that I'm actually more reckless than what it shows through but I don't let that rule me because I did have my experiences. I can discern. People have told me in multiple languages that I am funny. But I think that that comes from the fact I can be brutally sincere, I'll leave it up to you to decide how "funny" that is.

What I am not looking for is a woman that wants a surrogate of his own father for a partner, I can't stand that or a maid, or much worst a controllable woman. I socialize but I also am a bit of a loner, I enjoy being alone and do things loners do at least once in awhile. I need my own personal space, I will not crowd my partner except obviously when it comes to wanting to spend time together and make love, in that case I will be very much open and vocal about my desire. I have a discrete and healthy sexual appetite and specifically I would let you know if you've been away too long.

What else, well I usually prefer women of my age range or older frankly because they are more passionate and know what they want but we'll see.

Yours sincerely,
Simon E. Cruz
Letter 6

Hi sweet,

I think we're a good match and I'm looking forward to have a phone chat with you but just not sure what's wrong with my satellite phone since it fell off me last week. I'll have to try to give you a call today and we'll see if it will not cut off on me like it's been doing in recent times.

Letter 7

Hello hun ..

For real I never thought about doing this for now but i think you're inspiring me again..I just don't know what to say but i'll start somehow..
I need someone who will be there for me and can take care of me and i will do the same i need some one who is very serious and will need a serious relationship that can lead to a long term relationship... I just want to get to know you cos I have been hurt before and I don't want to be a victim again... I am looking for a woman who will be there for me, a woman that is willing to accept affection, a woman that isn't afraid to fall in love with me and stay there...

I have been hurt before and I have let my love hurt me, I am cautious but I think that I will never love again if I don't try... Every time I have given my heart it always gets ripped out, maybe i'm too much of a softy and vulnerable guy. My only problem is that I have never been afraid to give my love to someone, and I always get hurt in the end... Well, if things go right between us. later on. I hope you don't intend on doing the same... Do you know how someone will feel if this happen to him\her ?

These are things I like to do in my relationship............

I like to kiss and hug, and cuddle, but I won't smother you... lol I'm an honest, thoughtful, caring, clean, independent, fun, one woman man. Full of energy I like walking on the beach & boardwalk, going to the theater, traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or out, or just working around the house. I'm in a position to go anywhere, so distance is no problem.I hope to find love and I don't mind working for the right relationship, but it takes two. I prefer to be on the beach, fishing or talking with you about the seashells you found or the fish you caught that was bigger than mine.The key to my heart will be the woman who wants to be close to me, holding hands, hugging, spending OUR time together doing the things we both like to do, like seeing a good movie, working out, or just sitting at home nestled in front of a Tv on a cold winter night. A woman with some energy, not a couch potato. She needs to be a well groomed, thoughtful, caring, a happy with himself, that likes to talk as well as listen, who wants a friend that leads to love, that accepts as well as gives. One who wants only one man in her arms. I'll be faithful to you, and there when you need an ear that listens. Kissing you when you least expect it as a good Christian I need a woman with some caring, loyal, loving and honest, a woman to share the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour. I don't have delusions of perfection but there is a large area in the middle of the road that is big enough for the two of us to be. The woman I am looking for may have children or not i don't care. Someone who has their own dreams and their own goals but wants to share them, someone who believes in the power of friendship and that, like anything else, friendships require work and understanding,honest, loyal, faithful, understanding, caring person for friendship and or marriage. they must have a sense of humor and who is out going also someone who believes in giving a person the benefit of a doubt,Someone who can share their world without losing their identity.

So i'll still need to know how serious you are about me..Now i'll expect you to answers these questions about yourself.............

Did you ever think that my hearing disability nature could ever be a problem with or within our relationship i.e Not being able to communicate with you except through my browser ? Do you ever find someone you have been thinking about to fall in love with or you have fall in love with ? What is your favorite color ? What is your favorite kind of flower ? What is your ideal night out with a man ? What do you think the 5 stepping stones in a relationship are ? If yes, name them for me. What is your favorite time of the year ? What is the one thing you want most out of life ? What are the main things you will not allow someone you would be with to do to you ? What makes you angry ? What makes you sad ? What makes you happy ? What makes you laugh ? What is your dream vacation place ? What would be a relaxing getaway for you ? If you were stranded on an island what are the three things you would like to have with you ? If a genie granted you three wishes what would you wish for ? (no wishing for more wishes) What is your favorite time of day ? Does God play a big part in your life? What is your happiest childhood memory? If/when we meet, What is the first thing you would like to do ?

Attached are pics of my from last year when I went to Rio De Janeiro for a road construction project... So you'll see my love for pet in here lol.

Letter 8

Hi honey,

Here are the response to the same questions I asked you :

About my hearing disability..Its never a problem cos I can read lips so good, my hearing as improved too and can speak frequently as well so my Meneire's diseases is well managed and can't come in our way.

My last relationship really taught me a lot cos I used to be vulnerable when it comes to loving a woman but now I want to give my time to learn and study that woman i'll be loving next cos she dumped me for my been away most times for work when I used to work as a technical supervisor on the rig way back. So will love to fall in love again but want to take my time.

My favorite color is White and Blue.

My favorite flower is Rose and Jasmine.

My ideal night out is in a quiet restaurant where we'll have a table for two,red wine and a good continental dish,candle light and slow music even if I wont be able to hear very well but will still feel the rhythms along with you.

Communication,Caring,Honesty,Trust,Passion & Unconditional love.

My favorite time of the year is summer and I'm sure it is for most people too cos then you can wear what you feel like wearing not unlike winter when you hardly choose what to put on.

That very thing that I want most out of life is simple.. Want to meet that woman that will love me for me and also accept me for who I am .

One thing I wont want my partner or people close to me to do to me is taking advantage of my vulnerable loving heart.

Making me angry... I don't get angry that easily but when I do i'll talk to the person about it and forgive or let it go cos

I'm such a easy person to please and also easy going to a fault.

I always wear my smile even when I'm not feeling too good within myself,it will be hard for you to know.

Being happy and laugh is what I love to do all time cos I used to be a jerk myself and will laugh when I see funny attitude or things around me. You know I can't hear ? so love to read people's lips and watch their motives too.

Any of the Caribbean Island country will be a dream vacation place for me cos I learned they've got exotic beaches and relaxation places over there.

My sidekick browser & phone cos I can't do without it being my only means to communicate,My bible cos I do believe in his words and also water the offspring of life. Lol

Hmmm.... For three wishes, we definite want GOD to restore my hearing cos I do feel inferior at times when people gossip about me,would want to be a millionaire so I can be a good philanthropist helping out the needy and last will want to stop all the disaster and war of the whole world.

Yes GOD do play a good part of my life but still want to get closer and know him more.

My best childhood memory was when mom used to take us out on yuletide day to see places cos I didn't really grow to know dad,he died way back in Seville, Spain when I was just 3yrs old.

I'll give you a big hug plus some real good kisses not kiss or peck..Lol.

Hope I answered those questions so real good ? Attached are some of the pics I took in Venice, Italy last year when I went for vacation there.

Letter 9

Hi babe,

Just wanna brief you about the meeting I'm having with consultant. There as been some lil drama going on btw me and my present boss and it's about salary and incentives increment. The boss I work for now is a distant childhood friend then in Obdam but he was from Seville and that's where his family traits is from.

We connected back after I lost my job about 4yrs ago when my divorce with ex really got into me and couldn't concentrate on my offshore job again, I got layed off and I went back to school for a degree course in construction and was majored in field engineering. So after the degree he offered me to work for his company which major deal in oil rig(Burch Thomas Oil Co.) and I accepted the offer with my previous experience about offshore work but later introduced to him the ideal of construction business which he looked into and we got started been the fact that, he's the funds to finance but I'm the brain behind this. I'm the one who write-up project proposal, bid for the project, go for proposal presentations then execute the project once our offers is been accepted.

The truth lies that, I've the finance to go alone in this business which I can also apply for permit by myself and start my own construction business cos I can't start working for someone that won't appreciate me. Giving mere increment in salaries and incentives is taking so long for him which I don't wanna pick up a quarrel with him. So I've decided to walk away and start on my own with another experienced engineer as me (Stephen Jones).

I'm a very optimistic person and I believe things would work out fine with me if I go alone. Also will be meeting with both my financial adviser and insurance agent to seek their opinion about this. I hope I'm having your back-up as well? Why's that, I'm always an open person and won't take a decision alone without telling my woman about it. I consider you as my woman to be and that's why I'm sharing this with you.

Say a prayer for me that, I meet favor with this consultant and I'll be smiling big in a lil time. Thanks for taking your time to share this with me.


P S: Me yesterday at Tradewinds Apt Hotel here in Miami with a client I went to meet for business discussions.
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