Romance scam letter(s) from Williams Brooks to Alison (Australia)
Letter 1

Greetings!!! How are you doing pretty? My name is williams, I hope this will mark the beginning of a pleasant communication for us, but I am not always online. So please, reply to me - willybrooks50 at outlook dot com to further discussion and I'll tell you about myself after receiving your email.
Letter 2

I'm 49 yrs old, 5"7 tall, Blue eyes, brown hair, Oceanic and originally from Australia. I moved to the State with my dad in 1982 when my dad was offered a job as a private research analyst in the Geological Society of America. Though it was hard to start all over again in a new country leaving all my child hood memories behind but as time flies i got acquitted with my new environment and i have been enjoying my stay here in the States, I was once married but was cheated on by my ex that lead to my divorce, It's a complicating story but will share with you as we get to know each other. I have a lovely daughter from my past marriage she's 12yrs old, High school and looking forward to University after the summer. I'm a marine engineer and i run my own private marine company here in Dallas TX. I like working out, reading, movies, long walk & holding hands in the beach, adventures, travelling & sight seeing. Tell me more about yourself if you don't mind, I will enjoy reading more from you.. Attach is a recent picture of me and my daughter i hope you like it. Till i read from you again, Have a fun weekend.
BTW, can you send me some recent photo
Letter 3

Thank you for your email, I really enjoyed reading about you and i must be honest you know how to introduce and talk about yourself in details. Let me quickly tell you some really bad experiences i have gone through in relationship.
In 2008 i figured my ex was cheating on me with the help of a private investigator i employed to follow her around without her knowledge. I know it sound weird employing a private investigator to follow your wife around without her knowing but like they say drastic situation requires drastic actions. I was watching my marriage crush in my eyes, She was changing very quickly and turning into someone i don't know. We used to be very happy as a family but things changed when she was offered this new job out of town that she has to drive 30 mins to work daily. At first i was thinking maybe the new job is so demanding that's why she comes home late not knowing she was having an affair with a colleague of hers. It was so heart breaking when i received pictures of her and her colleague flirting around, I confronted her with the pictures and she couldn't lie about it. We tried the help of a therapist to find out why will a loving wife cheat on me. Is there any way I'm lacking in the marriage but that couldn't help as she was way over this marriage and wanted a divorce. Divorce was filed in 2008 and finalized in 2009 that's how we got separated. She has since been married to her colleague, My daughter choose me over her so i have full custody of my daughter and she visit her mom on vacation/holidays. My daughter is 12 yrs old, her name is Tracy and she's a 5th grader. I'm a bit of a contradiction, but I'm very proud to be an alpha male with a big heart. In other words, I am a very take-charge kind of guy who knows what love means and is not the least bit afraid to show it. I'm as well connected to my emotional side as my smarts, and require both for a healthy and happy life. I'm a person who's ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting, genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going. I'm very passionate in all areas of my life, I'm very responsible and try to eat right, workout and live a healthy life, I stay active and have a good time doing it, I believe in a healthy relationship, I value honesty and trust, That's what I'm all about and I think it's important to understand and accept each others strengths and weaknesses.
Like you know I'm originally from Australia i was born and raised there, I moved to Austin TX in 1997 when i got a job offer as a marine engineer to manage a marine company. I worked there for 11yrs and started my private marine company when i moved from Austin to Dallas TX. That was after my divorce, I was practically raised by my Dad cause i lost my mom in a car crash at a very young age of 4, my Dad who refused to remarry employed a 24 hrs nurse baby sitter who takes care of the domestics and take care of me why i was still young cause my dad was always working. He was a great father and the best Dad in the world for me. He taught me to face my every day life as it comes and never to crash down when facing the worst situation in life cause there's always a way out. He was diagnose of cancer of the lung in 2005 and unfortunately he passed on March 24th 2010.
I have been hurt in relationships, but I hope never to become bitter. One thing I don't want is to be afraid to love, I like this quote from a book I read, ?°Don't be afraid of intimacy or shrink back from bearing our true estate with people. If we do that, we will become as cold as plastic and shelter ourselves from every purpose of our existence. Human clay finds it's moisture in relationships and will evaporate into dust without them. We learn so much from others, especially about ourselves. Okay enough about me. Why don't i get to know more about you, Your likes and dislikes in a man, Your goals and ambition, What you enjoy doing for fun, In what way will you prefer to be treated by your man, What's your qualities in a man, What plans do you have for the future, I would enjoy hearing some more about you, Enjoy the rest of your day. Please do not hesitate to send me more of your photos. It will brighten my day
I have to run now Williams
Letter 4

I apologies for my late responses to your email. Thanks for giving me a few in your likes and dislikes. I think we should schedule a time to talk over the phone hope you are cool with that? +19034596030. You did not send the photos i did ask for.
About what I'm ultimately looking for in a relationship, Someone who's able to communicate well. A woman who likes physical touch ( hugging, holding hands, cuddling, etc) Someone who can recognize the value in contributing time and effort towards keeping their partner satisfied for the long haul without compromising their self or their beliefs, A person with these general qualities: honesty, self-sufficiency, supportive, patient, kind, humorous, loyal, and trustworthy. Someone to set goals about the future with and then work together to meet those goals, Someone who enjoys similar leisure activities, Someone who will be my companion in the adventures life can offer, Someone who will hold me accountable for my actions (for example: ability to tell me I'm making poor decision or acting like an ass - hopefully in a kind I enjoy the physical side of love and hope to find a partner that is like minded. Leisure activities: I'm very active in outdoor activities from long walk, beach sports, golf, football, rugby and enjoy watching other sports, I try to workout in the gym every day, not always possible with my job though, but I try hard to take care of myself keep fit and eat healthy, I enjoy being around water (Ocean, Lake, Pool, Jacuzzi). Even the smell of ocean air energizes me, I enjoy listening to music especially in live venues, I like exploring new places ( historical, natural wonders, geographical areas). I enjoy playing games like scrabble, cheese and some times card. I enjoy learning about the human condition, I wonder what I might enjoy with you! I guess time will tell.
Do you know my ex was an Irish-American woman who was my university girlfriend, She's originally from Dublin Ireland but she was born and raised in Austin, TX, We both graduated same year dated for a while and thought we should take a step further in our relationship which lead to marriage, We were so full of love, fun and happiness as young couples, I used to think we had the best marriage ever cause that was our very first marriages, It was a shocking surprise when i noticed certain changes about my ex's attitude in 2008, She was not that university lover girl who charmed me in the school library years back, That lovely girl who never want to leave my side for a second, Suddenly there was this distance between us we weren't communicating as happy couples any more cause she either had an exhausting day at work or some colleague of her screw things up at work, This happened for while until i couldn't take it anymore cause i was watching my marriage crashing in my eyes, She was always having series of emergency meeting out of town it was weird to me so i employed the private investigator i told you about on my previous email who follows her around without her knowledge only for me to shamefully find out from the private investigator she was having an affair with her work colleague,( Picture of her with her colleague flirting prove it ) It was a heart breaking news, When i confronted her with the pictures from the private investigator she was like silent like a cat got her tongue OMG!!! I still cant figure out till now what made her did that. We tried the help of a therapist but still we couldn't get that wonderful marriage back, I couldn't remember hurting her in any way It was so terrible because the situation break my heart and made me lose my long time trust for her. Though I did forgive her but i did notice things weren't comfortable with our company anymore, She couldn't stand her shame and asked for divorce. We both talked about it and thought it was the best idea and agreed on it. The divorced papers was filed in 2009, After the divorce was finalized i made a choice of moving out of Austin TX and relocated to Dallas TX, After i moved to Dallas TX months later my dad passed on, I was then left all by myself and Tracy in this wicked world, I thank GOD now I'm raising a smart young kid, She's the joy of my life and I'm so happy i have such a charming daughter who grab the attention of anybody that get close. I bet she will charm you with her smile when you get to meet her in person, I have a nanny who takes care of her why i work so that's no problem. I don't do the bar scene that's why i thought of searching online for that genuine woman if one still exist out there.
I guess you know more about me now and what am looking for, I would enjoy reading some more about you in details if you don't mind. Tell me will you want to give love a chance in your life? I find you very interesting and would want to get more closer to you. Williams
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