Romance scam letter(s) from Matthew Bradford to Sandy (UK)
Letter 1

hi darling , sorry for not answering your text and email in time . just got to my room and realized i left my phone at a restaurant when i left it charging . i will go for it tomorrow morning , so sorry if i have kept you waiting . all you need is to buy the o2 recharge card and send me the voucher numbers . how much can you afford ? i dont want to bother you with this and would make sure i pay you back . how was your day ? did you work today ? i am working all weekend but would make time to call you . what are your plans for tomorrow ? do you mind giving me your address so i can send you something for vals day ? if its too soon then i will keep what i have in mind till we meet . hope you dont plan getting me the top up as my val's day present . would be an awkward one . sorry i know i think crazy at times but i like to think wild and free at times like a bird . dont ask how i know how birds think ? having you to email and wonder if you will have a message waiting for me is something i have longed for since my divorce and i hope this relationship leads to something unforgettable in our lives . i am going to join you in lala land now and would check my mail when i wake up . sleep like the baby you are and hope i cross your mind when you wake up .
hugs and kisses ,
Letter 2

why are you up so late ? hope my email didn t wake you up or you don’t have problems sleeping . please forget about this o2 things if you are not comfortable with it . its too petty to bring anything like doubts between us at these early stages when we haven t even met . if not then the best way is to walk into a shop and get it . if that doesn t work then i don’t know of any other way . just don’t worry about today , you can take time and do it in the afternoon when you are in town . thanks for being truthful , i really appreciate that but hope you will agree with me that what we are about to share hash t got a price tag like a top up .
going to bed with a smile on my face and its all cos of you
Letter 3

hope you are trying to say i have been chatting with you all this while just for o2 top up . so funny , kisses . smiling all the way
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