Romance scam letter(s) from Armand Evans Vittorio to Candace (USA)
Letter 1

Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile. So you want to know a little bit about me? Well pull up a chair and I’ll tell you a few things! Let me start by saying there's never a dull moment in my life. What many would describe as an ordinary life, I would describe as an extraordinary life. I work hard, take my responsibilities seriously, and have a great time! I love to laugh, be silly, and keep … things light - but I know when it's time to be serious too. My friends would describe me as…”different”, ”a nut”, perhaps ”witty”, maybe “a character” or “amusing”. I think they would all agree I’m a good guy with a great sense of humor, and a good friend. God has given me the gift of laughter, and I use it a lot. I love to make people laugh, and seem to be known by my own laugh. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that someone knew I was there before they even saw me because they heard my laugh. I hope that’s a good thing! So how would I describe myself? Freakin’ awesome.
Letter 2

Good morning Candy Sweetie how are you doing and hope you feeling well and ok for today, It is so nice to talk to someone who seems like such a gentle woman.You make my heart flutter and you bring butterflies to my stomach. What a feeling... I haven't felt in a long time. As i sit here right now thinking about you....wonder what you are doing? what you are thinking? how much will you grow to love me? how much your kiss will mean.... i love the first kiss, it makes me feel all warm inside just thinking about how good it will feel to have someone love me. to have someone know i exist. someone to cuddle with on the couch & watch a good movie, someone to hold when i am feeling gloomy...most of all to feel your love pouring in to me. I am thinking of you and will speak with you soon....Will be going to the Los Angeles for the conference meeting i have with the Muslim Clothing's Of Los Angeles to see if i got the contract from them here. I hope all is going fine and well with you down there have a wonderful day. Armand
Letter 3

Hello Sweetie Candy, How have you been?
My mind goes with you so I want to do what my mind tells me. I am writing you this email to tell you how much you mean to me, and to thank you for coming into my life. You are something I never thought could exist for me. You are one of the best things that has happened in my life, and I don't regret being with you. In the beginning, things didn't seem that well, I actually had my doubts about you. I wasn't sure you were actually taking me seriously. But, it was too late to look back; I had already fallen for you and I wasn't really looking forward to giving up too. Well, time has passed and I have discovered new things and a new me. You have truly changed me. Still, in a way, I'm happy because I am actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which I just cant explain, but I know it's there waiting for you to come and uncover it. I want to receive love and trust from you when you truly mean it. All I ask from you is to show me you care and not hide anything and also have trust in me the way I do in you. I'll be home all day here, No outing i think would be home, Need to search online where the best material to serve the Muslim Clothing's of Los Angeles could be found and make the race in time, I really enjoy meeting you, You're a blessing to me, Last night fun pic here plus evening with Dino and the one signing my contract bid for me at the conference....Looking forward to hear from you soon Armand
Letter 4

How are you? I hope you enjoyed your day and it was productive as mine. I was thinking of you and missed you throughout the whole day, I know this probably sounds crazy, but i really do not mind being called "crazy" cos the feeling i get when i think of you is pretty awesome. Nothing else would have been better.just getting on my computer to write you a quick note to let you know how my day was and you being in my thought all day. Right now I'm working on the final documentations of the project. Glad enough to let you know I'm through with the presentation and I'm pleased to let you know i had a Magnificent presentation. I said "Magnificent" in the sense that something incredible actually happened. I reckon i was the third person that presented at a round-table of 12 contract staffs. At about when i was suppose to do mine, I connected my laptop to their projector in other to start off with the exercise.When the picture of you which i saved on my computer popped up first which sure got everyone wondering what happened and maybe doubt if i was going to come up with something interesting for them to hear. Beautiful enough, i got a whole lot of compliments from almost everyone around. I must confess you have brought out the very best in me.After the presentation of the projects, We had a 3 hours break for them to conclude on the Winner for the contract. I was called up and awarded the contract. Right now am the most luckiest and happiest man on earth. I'm so excited i wish you were here with me so we can rejoice together. I am going out with my son to celebrate the contract i promise to email you tomorrow and attach some pictures to you. I was awarded the mega contract from Muslim clothing company..Sweetie i have really put out a lot of effort into this contract thanks for your support. Good night sweet dreams. I will email you tomorrow.
Letter 5

Hi Sunshine Candy Good Morning
A good message for a good darling woman, From a good man for a good reason, At a good time on a good Sunday in a good mood to say Good morning to you my sweet (Candy) I hope you sleep well and wake good, Its an awesome day for me, I'll be in the church for thanksgiving on the new job that was just award to me i think it worth what i need to give God he's grace and a big special thankful prayer, Well hun I'll know about the movement over there this noon after church, The agent said this is in person talk once we're through at the church, I also have to see the Muslim Clothing's Tomorrow we'll need to have a little talk there with them about when to start their job, and let them know would be outing for like a week in bringing materials down here from the Thailand, Wish is very important to get so everything will have to share with them in the Los Angeles Muslim Clothing's, I hope your day goes well with you, looking forward to hear from you soon. Armand
Letter 6

Hi Sweetie Candy I'm finally back home right here hun, I had a great day down there at church the service was so nice, I give the good big thanksgiving and say so much wonderful prayer to him on answering my prayer on winning this job, I am home with Dino but guess he's heading out for some friends, I'll be home all my self here i think but talking to you won't let that be lonely or bored i know because you bring me smiles always. Hun now I've give the man my passport with some cash, I'll have my Visa by Tuesday morning for the Thailand so will be talking to the company tomorrow morning too, I'll be there just in Thailand for 1 week in getting the material for good 5 days and have my goods ship down here in my home at Pasadena, Dino might not be at home alone but with friends around, He don't like Dad going but he'll take care of him self, I hope you won't leave me at this spot its important for me to be there and get things needed back home then start business, But returning home i think meeting you would be my first thing before giving the job a start. I'll have to take my phone down to the Verizon in roaming activation so that would be easy for me to get in touch with you, I don't mind paying whatever that bills would be you worth more than that, I hope your day is going well and good down there kiss and hug to you... Armand
Letter 7

Hi Hun How are you doing, I hope everything is fine out there for you, I am doing well and ok right here, I have a good time with the Muslim Clothing's on my leaving for Thailand in getting good material, They've agreed with me for the movement down there just 1 week trip, Well the Muslim Clothing's confirm i'll have my check once i got everything down there maybe getting there after 3 days and got them pictures of things I've got....Glad you showed a friend my picture she's nice by saying such to me i smiles...Hun no there's no problem on that i will get it Tomorrow morning I should have my Visa before the noon..I think flying Wed morning would be nice, I check online to see the flight that could move me there so Wednesday morning would be my flight, I got my phone roamed, So texting and call would be working out there too....I hope everything work out for me. Hun thanks for staying by in getting to know each other, I'll be grateful to see your patient with me once i return before giving the job started. I'll visit you down there we could see and met in person to talk and know the true who we're....Have a great night kiss and hugs Armand
Letter 8

Good morning Hi Sweetie, I know you're still sleeping down there but about to wake, i hope you're doing good and your health is fine and good, I smiles writing you an email, You're the reason why i smiles, I thank you for giving me the chance from day 1 on the website wish make your time so important to me, I can't play with such, its priceless....I am back to the lodge and its almost 7 pm here for me, I finish today search around Bangkok here i see different materials and many more thing, I was told products will be out more on Monday, I see more example i love and would love getting here. I really believe if i could get things here down home, My job would be a wonderful thing to do wish can give me many more different of contract, I am laying on bed thinking about you (Candy) How would we feels seeing each other looking at our self and having some conversation, I'm Imagine what would that be to both of us but God knows the best, I want you to know you're a darling i enjoy my time spending together with you and would be so much happy seeing us grow more than this, i hope you have a good day and wonderful weekend. Armand
Letter 9

Good morning Candy Hi Sweetie, How are you doing right now, I hope you sleep well I am so excited about this Job i won and working on, I was happy today, Would you believe after the Muslim Clothing's know i am coming down here in Thailand in getting material and hand over a letter to me in order to come here with and give their share older company here Thailand Clothing's in getting all my payment done, I only visit here earlier today in the company, After getting them the letter from the Los Angeles Muslim Clothing's they welcome me very well and appreciate i could come down here in getting Materials for this job i am working on with their partner out there....I show the letter to the company here not up to 2 hours after some meeting between them, Hun you won't believe they hand over the check of 5.5 million dollars to me that will be cash here, I can't believe this but i hold on this check and really it makes me more happy and really i feels more special and grateful to God, Its my first time working on this such big and heavy fund business. Now i got the check with me in the room, I am starting everything tomorrow in visiting where to get my materials each of them from tomorrow upward and will be cashing the check by Monday in order to start making payment for everything, They work here Sunday too i think i will be out Sunday too and won't be out for long cause its rest day but will be getting things starting from tomorrow, I've got little cash on me here in the wallet so i can start making the use of that from tomorrow upward before i will be cashing out the check by Monday in the bank here....I missed talking to you I know we don't talk much dew to being busy just want you to take good care of your self out there and have a good life kiss and hugs for you looking forward to read from you soon Armand
Letter 10

Hi Sweetie Candy Good morning, How are you doing, I am cool here i got here safe yes, I write you very early of your time while i know you'll be sleeping, But everything is good, Hun i am here now, I've a letter from the Muslim Clothing's while coming down here this is so much happiness note but tomorrow the Taxi man has promised to work with me while being here...I've to see the Thailand Clothing's who are share older with the Muslim Clothing's partner so to let them know i am around here, It seems my check will come from the Thai clothing's here....Its 12:30 Date 01/23/2015 another day i will need to sleep now its late and tired already my self will keep you updated, Just take good care of your self and have a nice day there kiss and hugs for you Armand

Letter 11

Good Morning How are you doing Cutie Candy, How are you doing hun, I missed you glad i could write you with the WiFi in the lodge here, I got here in the lodge over 2 hours ago, after the arrive to the Bangkok airport, Glad its safe its right now 08:35 pm right here while you're still on bed or about to wake there, My phone isn't working yet maybe the next day that should be working fine but i chose to write you an email here in order to let you know i arrive safe and fine...I missed you and thinking about you so much darling, You're the sugar in my tea and the butter in my bread thanks for sharing time with me, I am looking forward to hear from you relaxing here on bed will be checking the email till you respond ok have a nice morning Armand
Letter 12

Good morning Hi Sunshine Candy how are you doing, Did you sleep well and wake good, I hope all is well and fine with you, I am sorry we didn't have a good time in communicating last night, I was parking for the trip as well was trying to arrange everything done here for my self, I did get there in the company in letting them know i have to fly in the morning...So i was told once i got things sent to them right here to show as picture confirmation for my materials i will get check from them to cash out there and get to sort everything, I was either told that will include every payment on this contract award to me wish is $5.5 million dollars, I really smiles and happy after this meeting its really something i am happy with....Hun i will give you a call once we text each other so this would be our call before my flight of 12 hours down to the Thailand Bangkok....If possible getting there i was unable to text, I'll wait till i got network on my roaming phone....I'll missed you and will be thinking about you...Hun i am having the mini laptop with me so we can use email there and use my phone in communication with you...I hope your day went well and all is good down there for you kiss and hugs for you. Armand
Letter 13

Hi Sweetie Candy..Wow don't know what to say. Speechless(that's a first). Ha! Ha! I also had never in my life or wildest dreams expect to find someone who can speak such kind words and praise me the way that you do and it is greatly appreciated. You make me feel so good inside. It's a feeling I can't explain but somehow it feels right?! I just wish we had a better connection so I can get to know you better. I know how you feel about me but want to know other things about you as well. I never thought that a person could get so attached to someone this way. I will be honest and say my guard are down and my heart is expanding and I know once I get to know you better it will be worth it. I have been staying up later than normal too just so I can get to know you better. I wish you could be as open and confident as i say I Love You and I know in time you will say it, but I have only spoken with you for some few times now and it's just a little too soon for me to think of falling for you but i am, I hope you understand. I definitely have VERY strong feelings for you and I hope for now you will accept my love with hugs and kisses.? I am a true Cancer. I don't know how much I believe in Astrological signs but from what I am read my Sun zodiac mix with any of the sign, so it is stating that we have high compatibility(how ironic). Girl i must confess that you give me goosebumps and a feeling that I have truly never felt before. I pray for us that we will be compatible and that we can enjoy a happy life together. I have to go to bed now so I am looking forward to the morning i talk to you, Just let me know too if you are ok there I will understand. I am not gonna give up on us so don't let that worry you if you don't get to talk to me on a given day. Your health is important to me and if you don't get enough sleep you are going to get run down and sick. Me too if I don't get my butt to bed. You are in my thoughts daily, Hugs and Kisses. Armand
Letter 14

Good Evening Sweetie How was your Sunday going darling, I hope its enjoyable for you and everything is going fine and well ok there with you, I wake this early morning its 8am just up from the bed here but feeling strong and ok....I'll be out today first thing to be done is getting my check cash out from the Bank here then will have to bring it back right here in the lodge to have it safe so i'll have to take from it here if needed anything to do with fund, I'll later continue with my search of materials and know prices, I have my jotter with me me and will not every necessary things needed to get here but i'll have more focus as long i hear from you and get to talk to you every blessed day, I'll let you know once i return down here in the lodge ok have a wonderful and good evening ahead and sleep tight when its time for bed kiss and hugs Armand
Letter 15

Good morning Hi Hun its 10:25 pm here, I got back to the lodge not quiet long, I had a stressed and long day, Leaving the Bank around 1pm i mistakenly lost my Wallet i have few things there but the most smiles was i never let my Check inside that so i don't have much worried beside from that little fund there lost with it with some cards but will work on them returning back to the state. I have the check taken to the bank but the bank inform me i won't be able to get the check cash out because not being citizenship of the Thailand won't give me the opportunity in cashing that out, Beside if i am willing to get an account with them first then will come back in the next two days for that, So i think that would be the best choice to follow, I make the fast lane to get my personal account there and make the check deposit there asap so in two days time will be there to confirm my fund deposit to the account so will be there Wednesday to confirmed it paid into the account in order to have my fund useful. Here been thinking about you, I never think lot much about the wallet its hurt but will make a plan on that didn't have much on me here but will be fine i have just 2 days to get cash to be used so its not gonna bring me sad that much just little pains the wallet with few cards and the fund there but everything will be fine, I got little Dollar here to cope with till i get there back in two days time, I missed talking to you sweetie, Not good to sleeping at this time while we're just waking up in the America so it makes me stay awake for a while more but will sleep soon once i got my shower, I had a long and stressed day OMG it takes me 1 hour in searching for the wallet still couldn't find it but will be ok. I hope everything is going fine there darling, I really can't wait to set my eyes on you give you the wonderful first day hug and blow you the long kiss with a cool touch, I can't just stop thinking about you, Imagine what would happen after setting eyes on each other, I am happy here and can't wait for that special day, To let you know Cutie Dino will clock 20 years on Feb 08, I would be honored to give you the wonderful invitation for the little party for Dino Birthday, I hope your new week start fine and pray everything go well and ok for you cutie have a wonderful day kiss and hugs for you Armand
Letter 16

Good Evening Hi Cutie Good evening to you, How was your day and how is life there with you, i hope everything going well in order for you out there and you're having a good day with your self, please do not stressed your self much out there, Always know someone out here is thinking about you. Well hun for today i am just going out in different companies to see materials and booked them down, so once i got the confirmation solved at the SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK I'll just start making payment for them all and prepare for home returning, Just can't wait to met you soon. Leaving now we talk again later in the day have a nice evening kiss and hugs for you hun Armand
Letter 17

Good morning How are you doing hun, I am back to the lodge, Oh to be a man is not a day Job Lol its fucking stressed and long day for me, Making money is not easy i am going true lot of stressed here, Its fine i got my shower just now so writing you an email before i could get my sleep soon, I visit 3 companies best materials are sold there with good qualities, I am seeing the bank by 2 pm tomorrow in order to smiles at my account balance after seeing everything is deposited there. How was your night, Did you sleep well and hope you have a wonderful night down there, Please always take good care of your self and never let anything worry you lot about me down here, i am fine and will be cool everything will be ok and fine here honey, I wish you the best day ahead i know you're still sleeping down there....Kiss and hugs for you Armand
Letter 18

Hello sweetie A good message for a good darling woman, From a good man for a good reason, At a good time on a good day in a good mood to say Good afternoon to you my sweet (Candy) I hope you sleep well and wake good i hope your last night is awesome and wonderful for you down there, Hun i had a long and a wonderful day so stressed and long for me but everything is going well. Hun i visit the companies right away i make inquiry of everything i need i should be rounding up here between Sat or Sunday and Monday i should be leaving this country in moving my materials right back home, Hun after leaving the Company i visit the Bank late evening i was told and confirmed the bank is created already and account open for me they also got my check deposited for me in the new account of (SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK) You can see below the document giving to me i was so happy, But I'm unable to get the cash out from the bank after they deposit my check inside that new account, They said tome at the bank dew to not being citizenship of this country here in Thailand so they open the Transfer account for me. I find out what can i get done after talking to them on the service over night here can't even close my eyes cause i am worried here lot, In order to make get the cash useful for me and getting my materials, I was told will have to contact one of the family in contacting the (SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK) here with an introduction of him or her self first then listed how i am to him or her then give them this full details below, I've been thinking here after getting done with them in the service My Full Name
The Amount i deposited to their bank
Their Bank Name Then they told me after my family contact them the processing will take place and once they get back to him or her out there in how processing she or he can make things easy then i will be easy to use my cash and they said to me that should be someone i trust and have faith and believe in. So sweetie this is what i go true yesterday and right when getting to the lodge i continue with them true the service, Now hun I'm back to the lodge can't sleep much here and will be here to talk to you after the long day i have, I am cool indoor here and my smiles is i have the fund already deposited into the new account with confirmation of the (SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK) I can't wait to get my materials paid off then get them ship down home asap i can leave here asap for coming home, Meeting you is all i am thinking about can't really wait to be around and be so close to you down there, I hope you have a good day and hope things are fine down there with you have a nice day and talk to you soon. Armand
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