Romance scam letter(s) from Tony Scott to Paul (USA)
Letter 1

Ha! You make a good living checking people's IDs? Thailand, no less! This board is pure fantasy. You really think that many people actually get connected from this site? Have you ever gotten connected from this site? People don't meet on websites, they meet at parties and organized BDSM events. They meet in person. This site is just for in the meantime, late nights, people messing around and gathering ideas. Some of these people live in Nowheresville, and so can't even travel to a regular sex partner until massive prior plans are made. I only picked that photo because five wks ago my computer got stolen with my entire photo library on it. So tried to find one that closely resembled myself, came up with that. Interesting. I thought the guy looked totally average. Must be cuz I live and work-out in West Hollywood, "Boy's Town." Everybody here's an actor, a model, a porn star or something like that. He would fit in fine. And so do I. Why you snooping into gay boy's business anyhow? Unless you got a huge cock hiding up your twat, STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS! Non, je ne regrette rien!
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