Romance scam letter(s) from Orlando Dante Berti to Irene (USA)
Letter 1

Capital Fund investment International
Oakhill house,114 Tonbridge,
Hildenborough Kent TN119DZ,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 00 (44)2070600268
Fax: +448447742342

Dear Valued Investor
With great pleasure in serving you and giving you our best fund management services, we wish to notify you that we have finally and conclusively carried out your share purchase instruction. This purchase was done as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners. This Memorandum and Article of Business Association was received by our Offshore Investment Business Directors during their meeting with your partners in Dubai United Arab Emirate (UAE)Present at the meeting were: Messier ARD AL-GHADERAH, Sheikh ZAYED BIN ALTAWAD, Sheik ALMA-TOBA RAJIK, MR ORLANDO DANTE BERTI,Sheik EVANA KHALEEFA ,ENG MOLUNDA-MANOR DAWAZE AND SIR JAJA MORO-NJA .These were your partners present at the meeting with you being represented by MR ORLANDO DANTE BERTI A Consultant Fund Manager with Capital Fund Investment International and your fund manager) while Capital Fund Investment International was represented by, MR Ominder Dhillon , Mr. SLY HUGO AND MR JOCEY VANDER GREEN. It was at the meeting that our business directors received the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners.

It was on the percentage share of income as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association and also explained orally to our directors that this share capital purchase was made by the company today,Wednesday,26th November 2014 acquiring in your name the total of 128,572 Capital Fund Investment Magellan Share. We contacted your Fund Manager MR ORLANDO DANTE BERTI, requesting to know if you have our permission to issue all your Investment Capital Shares under a new Investors Certificate including this shares and he gave the authorization which he said was what you requested.

Based on this, we wish to confirm from you if we are to issue your total Capital Fund Magellan share of 188,572 under (1) Capital Fund Investments International Investors Certificate since the Investors Certificate for the first 60,000 Capital Fund Magellan share has not been issued to you. In the memorandum and article of Business Association which was submitted to Capital Fund Investments International by your partners during the business meeting with our directors in Dubai .The memorandum has the address below as your business address. We will plead that you confirm to us through an email to this business unit the address stated bellow is the correct address authorized by you to your fund manager MR ORLANDO DANTE BERTI, for the issuance of the Capital Fund Investment International Investor Certificate for your Capital Fund Capital shares. The provided address is: I will be expecting your email confirmation before we will Issue this certificate as that of your partners has been issued while we wait for your detail confirmation before we issue yours. We will also want you to notify this office if we are to mail the Investors certificate to you through Priority Courier Service (DHL) or make the delivery to you through Your Fund manager who has informed us that he will be returning to meet you the moment he concludes his official demands here by 10th of December 2014 as our work reservations for him shows. We will need your quick and specific response on this so that we can issue your Investors certificate with others. Thank you for your faith in Capital Fund Investments International. We hope our investment service has never disappointed you. You are free to contact this office anytime if you need any information regarding your share capital investment or Profit Return on Investment (PRI) Yours in service
Sylvester Duran (MS)
Letter 2

Irene my Joy, I guess you are still in bed, and I wish I was there to cuddle with you and make sweet and passionate love as the morning unfolds. it was such a very long day yesterday that was why I could not email you to notify you on how my day went. The share Sell Bid went into the night as we had to recess around 5pm when we got information about the new Capital price increase. We had to wait till 7pm to confirm if the new price will remain or will fluctuate back but unfortunately it fluctuated back and the Share sell Bid resume at the old price. The 188,572 Capital share were all finally placed for sale in your name at the rate of $62 per Share. The total sum realized from the share sell was $11,691,464 Dollars (Eleven Million, Six hundred and ninety one thousand, four hundred and sixty four dollars). This was the total amount secured from the selling of the shares yesterday which took us till 11.43pm to close. The share sell bid attracted few of our investor from Europe which made instance purchase of the shares. The Capital share sell Bid payment settlement takes 3 working days as the company policy stipulates. The company makes their payment settlement from any of their bankers which are in UK, Switzerland, Spain and South Africa. They may process the payment of this money to us depending on the country of the investor that purchased the share.
If the Investor is from Europe, then they may release the payment through their paying bank in Spain but if it is from a middle east and Africa, the always release the payment through their paying bank in South Africa but when the Investors is not from any of this places, then they use their paying bank in UK. By right, the company will contact you soon with details on how the payment will be released, the procedure and the time that you will be receiving the payment.
This is the major reason why I am still here in UK. Once this payment settlement is complete, I will then have time to balance my work with the company. I will also have to give them the detail table report on my official trip to Dubai and then conclude with the investors/partners from Dubai whom I hope will be returning back to Dubai once this payment settlement is concluded. All I will need from you the moment I arrive, is your time because we will have a lot of planning to do. We will have to agree on where we will live and establish my new business. We will have to look for a good house to buy, that will be so special and okay for us, we will have to plan for our marriage and plan our life and future together.
We will have a lot of planning and investment to do with this money.
If possible, we can start a joint-business and see how we grow together in the business. This will enable us be together both at home and at work. We will really need to sit down and plan.
The only thing I am sure of is that we will not have to worry about money again. I have suffered so much to work out this much and I am grateful that I will be spending the rest of my life with you. I'm not going to say I love you, because you already know that i do, but even then, i will still keep saying it everyday for the rest our lives, "i love you unconditionally ". This love letter is not just for the times we've talked, I found myself anticipating the next word that fell out of your mouth, it's not even just for the times you said that you loved me, this love letter is to thank you for being you and letting me be part of your life, for not building a wall that I couldn't see through, for telling me I'm beautiful, when I feel so ugly, for sticking with me through good and bad. With all these things you do for me, is there really any reason not to say 'I love you' even when I know already that i do and shouldn't even bother saying it to you when I've already built my world around you.
I just want to thank you and thank whoever sent you for me to put my faith in you. This letter is just a patch on what I feel for you, the rest is a private conversation between our hearts. You are my angel. Kisses !
Letter 3

Hello Irene my angel, how are you doing today?, I want you to always remember that i love you so much and i will never ever take you for granted.
I believe that in life , everyone deserves the best, and what is better than love itself and being happy? to be in love is equivalent to a heart and spirit at peace with each other in one body. When a person is in love, life can be quite satisfying. As humans, there are no promises made to us when put on this earth, and we're not guaranteed anything, but subconsciously we all seek the same thing, directly or indirectly, which is true love. Sometimes, with all the struggles of life, we really do take for granted soooo much, like peace, freedom, safety and "a show of affection.... We always demand more. Yes, I would like more, but I always try to stay in a place of gratitude, for all that I am blessed with. I am healthy, free from pain, have mental health....and even though I've had quite a bit of tragedy in my life, I still have many blessings as well of which you are the most significant one. I know by now you might be wondering where all this is coming from, but I just had to put these thoughts out there.
I would like to get together and meet you Irene, and i cannot wait for that day to come. One can write a lot but meeting a person face to face, can be so much more revealing and soothing at the same time.
I put a thought out there in the universe a few months ago, that was to give my heart such a deep wave, as I've never experienced before, to feel a love that never before could I have imagined. and then I let that thought go, cause I realized, if I never were able to experience it, I was still okay, and I would still find and be in a place of joy as best as I can, and also be grateful for the wonderful life situations that I am blessed with.
But then you came into my life, and its been a win win situation for me all the way. I am so lucky that I cannot possibly complain. Yes, it does seem that love is the most amazing emotion, it is the energy we all seek and it is all around us. And i can feel that energy whenever i think about you. I am so very lucky i am experiencing this kind of love in my life. Many people live and die and never experience that kind of love. I had a dream last night and It was very amazing, we made sweet love last night as i held you so tightly and we reached ecstasy heights together.
Anyway, I am sorry i could not reach you on the phone yesterday, it was due to circumstances beyond my control. i want you to know that i miss you dearly and i cannot wait to start a new life with you my sweet Irene.
Love always,
Letter 4

Good morning to the only woman for me, how are you doing today?. I am glad to inform you that on Tuesday 9th of December 2014 which is exactly Seven days from today, I will be flying back to United States and to you and never to leave you again. I remembered today when it was a month left for me to meet you and then 3 weeks and from 3 weeks to 2 week and now I count it in days. You don’t know how happy this makes me feel; that I will be able to talk to you in person and not by email, that I will call you my love and not write it. I will say I love you and see your expressions and not wishing to know what your expression will be. Meeting you will change many things for good and I promise to always love you. I believe that the feeling I have now cannot be explained in my email but I think since it is the only means I have to share it with you, I will do it from here. These were all that came into my mind when I opened my computer to email you and remembered that it is just 7 days left and it will be in person and no longer by email. If I tell you that I miss you so much; it will be as if it is the same word that I have always said .I can tell you that today has been different. I have been thinking about us and how we are going to spend the remaining good and last part of our life together. What I decided this evening is to use the whole of tomorrow to write down how we are going to spend every weekend from the very day I set my eye on you till the next 365 days when we will celebrate our one year anniversary in grand style. If I have the power to leave UK today and come back home, I will be in the next flight flying back to come and see you because I miss you so much. I could not sleep last night thinking and dreaming about you that I cried when I woke up this morning because you are not by my side. I wish I can just stand up and travel back to you but I can’t because of my practice license and traveling document that are still with the management of Capital Investment International. You know as a man, it is not everything that happens to you that you complain to your woman when you can handle it but it seems that I will tell you now so you will understand how important this money is to me and why I need to be here and conclude this transaction myself. As I am writing this email to you now, all that I have with me here in UK cash is just $1500 Dollars. I have reserved this money so that I can use $1000 out of it to open the account with our paying bank in your name if need be. The payment arrangement which the company uses to pay their investor requires the investor to open a Bank account with Capital's paying bank in Spain. This is where the company will issue the draft from the shares since it is an Europe Investment Bid. Once they issue it, they will deposit the draft into the investor's account with the paying bank since the draft will be in the investor's name. The draft will clear the same day for fund availability to the investor from where we will transfer it to our bank account in United States. Like I said earlier, the company still have my traveling documents and practice license. It is normal for all consultant fund managers and international staff to summit their practice license and traveling documents to the company when they are in UK but this is different.
When I completed my resignation with them, I requested that they return the two documents to me which they refused. They told me that I owe the company the sum of $250,000 dollars which was the money they used to renew my practice license for 2014. Under normal circumstances, it is the duty of Capital Funds Investment International to renew the practice license of their Consultant fund managers which they have done over the years so I had to ask them why they are asking for the refund of the money this time. They told me that the company renews it for their Fund manager to use and work for the company and not to use and work for themselves. So since I am resigning and no longer was a staff of the company, I have to refund them the money. It is very annoying because this is the end of the year and I have worked for them over the past 6months with the license . We had serious misunderstanding but they maintained that it was the company policy and nothing personal .That was when I immediately regretted ever working for these men. This was what my mama was crying all the time she was alive. The man they were praising few weeks ago is the same man that they are treating this way, the same man that has served them and has been the best over the years. Even if they do not want me to go, they will not make me change my mind by being wicked to me after all these years. I accepted that i will refund the money and collect my practice license but I will definitely pay them back. Anyway, this is why I said I have to remain here till when they conclude the transaction tomorrow and the money is released to you .Once we confirm the money, I will instruct you and where you are to send the sum of $250,000 to me from the money so that I can pay this people by Monday and join my flight back home on Tuesday .You can now see how important this transaction is to me and why I must remain here until everything is completed. If i had extra money, I will just pay them off and come back home and close this transaction from there but this Dubai transaction tied all my money and life savings into it. I did not tell you I was also investing money as my partnership contribution in my little quota. I paid the lawyers that I consulted, I paid to register a company which is necessary before you can do business legitimately in Dubai. After the first night, I was the person that was taking care of my Guest house and personal bills. I paid Quota Clearance Contribution on our deal which my other partners contributed $420,000 while I was asked to contribute $265,000 ,which i did. To cut the long story short, I spent the total sum of $776,000 dollars in Dubai as my contribution to the success of this deal. On getting back to UK from Dubai, I had left in my account the sum of $180,000 dollars out of which I paid $174,000 for the Clean Report certificate, making my total expenses $950,000.(Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand USD)Now what is left with me out of close to One Million dollars that I had before the beginning of this deal is this $1500 dollars and a few cents. As a consultant fund manager, I am paid quarterly by the company so my last payment was received in August before they invited me to come down to UK. It was this payment and my savings that helped me to pay my own contribution in this deal. The next payment I will be receiving from the company was supposed to be by 1st of this month December, that is if I had not resigned, but since i have submitted my resignation, i automatically have forfeited my pay for this final quarter as the clause on the contract duly states. And from August to know is a long period, so you can see my situation for now. Though I know that this problem will be over by tomorrow or next but I want you to understand why I am handling this as fast as I can so that I can conclude it before coming back as I can not leave it pending and come back or I lose everything I have worked for in life. What I am sure is that once I conclude this deal by next tomorrow, we will live a financially secured life till we die. Like I told you earlier which I will still tell you in detail maybe on phone or when I come back, I invested almost everything that I have saved to secure all the clearance document required for this transaction just to make sure that the transaction is 100% legal. I don’t want anything that will make me lose my money so I paid heavily just to be on the safe side. I even secured some document that I was advised that was no longer important which I knew professionally that it is important just that it is sometimes over looked this days. I am a professional and have done this for investors over the years and will not give room for any mistake on my own transaction when I have never made a mistake on the transaction of others. Another thing I will like you to know is that this fund is being paid as profit return on investment from Capital Funds Investment international. What I am saying is that there will not be any direct tax on the transfer when it is done rather the money will be taxed the moment it is invested or anytime we want to transfer it out of United State but transferring it o the United states is tax free so my love be rest assured that this is a tax free transaction. I will give you more detail on this when we talk on phone, I just want you to relax and follow my directives so together, we can conclude this within this few days left. We have struggled and worked on this for almost one month now so we cannot make any mistake with just one day or two left. So you can see my love, why my life depends on this deal completely. I invested all my life savings in it and thank God almighty that it is a success. Thank God almighty that what we are talking about today is how to secure the release of the money. Thank God almighty for many things for at least, I can retire happily and peacefully in the company of one woman that I love so dearly. Honey, lets talk about something I was thinking about today. I know that our first weekend will be in a very quiet place, where only I and you will be staying indoors with no clothes on our body from Wednesday evening to Monday morning(don’t say that am crazy! I mean absolutely no clothes. When we leave there, our week will be occupied with locating a good house to buy and planning on where to establish my business. After that, then we will plan on places to visit together before coming back to settle down for another life of part time business and much fun. All I ask for you my love is to allow me to spoil you. Please do me this favor. I have to tell you this again; you mean the world to me and much more.
Without you, my life is all just a bore. I cry so many nights thinking of you and the life we will one day have together, but I think of now and ask if our love is strong enough. With every woman I dated before I married, I saw something in them I loved yet they never had all of it, but you do, my joy.
My mother told me, when I asked her how will I know I've found the right one, and she replied, "You will know, you feel it deep to the core of your soul," and I never believed her until the day you walked into my life. Without you, my life wouldn't be whole. I love you so very much. My Joy, this all seems like a fairy tale but one thing about this one is that it is real and I love you with all my heart because without you, I don't know what I will do. When all the obstacles through out my life come and go and you still stand firm, I will know then I have truly loved you without question, without hesitance, without wanting or needing a reason. My breath will have returned, for you have taken it away a thousand times without knowing it. My heart will have restored its regular beat, for you have never been aware how deeply it needs rhythm since it came in contact with you. My eyes, needing their sight once more, for all they have seen is your beauty in the soul you possess, my Joy has been restored. For I have missed you. When you don’t write me, my heart stops beating. My eyes seek and when they finally find you my breath quickens. Now here, I dance in your sunshine and will forever more so long as you are there to share this dance with me. I have been excited from the moment that I met you. To hear your name gives me chills and I get a fuzzy feeling that runs through my body, the way you laugh on the phone, your smile, these are some of the things that I love about you. I am so very glad that we met and I am glad that you are mine. I cannot wait until the day that we belong to each other completely. You fulfill me. From the time that you and I met, it has been nothing but joy. I am very glad that the both of us are still together after 2 months. It is because of you that my days are filled with joy. It is because of you that my dreams are so easy to achieve. I am a very lucky man and you are a very special person. I believe our relationship is a lasting one. We are going to be able to do things that we never thought were possible and it is going to be great. I want you to know that I am willing and ready to be there for you. I will do all things for you and with no bit of doubt. I love everything about you and I hope that you feel the same way about me. I love you with every ounce of my life. You have been the light that shines when it is dark in my life and I thank you for it. I thank you for everything that you do and have done for me. There have been many of times when I have found myself saying, "That is why I love her," but I have never told you, with time, I will let you know. This has been the best time of my life and I have no regrets. It's wonderful! Every morning I wake up smiling just because you're beside me in spirit, I lay listening to your breathing and feel the warmth and comfort just knowing that you are there. My favorite part of the day is when you roll over and embraces me; the feeling remains with me all through the day and lasts until the next morning when we do it all over again. I never want the feeling to end but unfortunately, i wake up to see that it was all in a dream.... It is amazing how many months have passed since the first time we became who we are. I feel as if this is all a dream and soon enough will have to wake from it. I hope not. My sweet Angel, I love you with all my heart, body, and soul. When you email me, you seem to make all my worries disappear. I have never had a woman, such as you make me feel so loved, needed, and oh so happy! I know with you anything and everything is possible and my dreams , our dreams are destined to come true. You will forever be etched in my heart like a permanent mark for our eternal love, a soul mate's reminder that I will never again be alone in my search for true love, for you remind me that you are truly sent from the heavens where only the Angels, such as you my love, can turn an iced heart of glass and melt it, turning it into a soft warm puddle of bliss where the future is secure and all will be well. I am so proud and honored and completely overjoyed knowing that you will be my Wife and I your husband. The love I feel for you is quiet often hard to put into words. I promise you, my sweet Angel, I will go the distance to show you how much I need you in my life and how much you will always mean to me. The love we have is that of only soul mates' true love for one another which will never be doubted or destroyed. Honey, this is only one small way for me to express my gratitude to you. I am so blessed to have you as part of my life. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. The person you are is what keeps me going through all the ups and downs these days. You are my best friend, and the greatest lover imaginable! With you by my side, we can make anything happen! Together as a team, we are untouchable! I am sure that I will conclude in the office early today since I have nothing to do for them again. I will return to the lodge early and will be lonely because i miss you so badly every moment i am alone. I will love to talk to you on phone today at least to hear your voice and keep me company. I hope you will be close to your phone in the evening. I want to thank you for always being there for me. I look up to you and cherish you in so many ways.
Thank you for being my backbone. Never will I want to be apart from you when I come back to you. I love you with all my heart, Honey! I love you forever, always remember, Keeper of the Stars, my own personal warrior, you are my "wildthing", It was meant to be and so are we!
Your Broke Boy!....Lol
Letter 5

Bahnhofstrasse 38, P.O. Box,
8010 Zurich Switzerland
Bank Phone: :(+41)-435-082-373
Email: Attention Dr. Irene
Thank you for contacting Suisse Credit Union PLC. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you regarding our Non Resident Online Offshore Account Set-up Procedure/Requirement. The account set-up code verification was concluded by our bank which enabled us to prepare other documentation needed to open a Gold Checking Online Offshore Bank Account (GCOOBA) under the European Banking law. We received clearance from the Admin Department of Our bank to open communication with you on the steps and requirements to open this account. This account is called The Non Resident Investors Offshore Gold Checking Online Account (NRIOGCOA) and different from every other account because of the benefits that comes with the account. It is only opened for foreign Investors that are receiving payment through our bank. This account permits them to operate their bank account in the currency of his nationality instead of in Euros which is the official legal tender here in Europe. It gives them the legal coverage for the fund considering the huge amount that is always involved in their transaction. The account permits easy interbank transfer and allows huge interbank deposit which helps investment Firms to transfer money from the Draft Deposit Account to the Investors Account in his or her country. It is only The Non Resident Investors Offshore Gold Checking Online Account (NRIOGCOA) that can receive money in any currency from a Draft Deposit Account .It is compulsory that you must open this account with our bank to handle your transaction with account Set Up Code (00V7CODE917) .The code shows your transaction to the sum of ($11,691,464.00) Eleven Million, Six Hundred and Ninety One Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Four USD). It is only this Account that can accommodate the Draft Deposit Account transfer of this amount under the Europe Financial law .Under the operational ethics, rules and regulations of our bank with regard to Draft Deposit Account transfer from our bank to another bank, we cannot make the direct transfer of this fund to your bank account in your country without having an intermediary Non Resident Investors Offshore Gold Checking Online Account (NRIOGCOA) opened in your name. The account will be opened by you online using our online banking services. It will make you the authorizing signature to this new account which will be in your name so that during remittance, you will have the power to authorize for transfer of this fund in bits or bulk using our online banking portal.
Below are some benefits on this account if you operate it with our bank. - No Credit Checks/Tele Check/Check Systems
- No Banking Reference Requirements
- 24 Hour World-wide Access to your funds; ATM available.
- Transfer money into your bank account anytime, anywhere, no limits
- Wire Money around the world
- Make online and offshore bank account setup easy
- ATM cards can be issued in a variety of different currencies and card colors.
- ATM Card can be used anywhere in the world. Card center comes with phone customer service.
- 24/7 excellent online real-time banking system.
- National Private and Security
- No extra charge for ATM card
- Bill payment and wire transfers can be done online in all currencies to all countries.
- Transfer to and from any bank in the world
- Complete offshore protection
-Profit Return Tax Free in US and Canada
_have Access to international wire and SWIFT payments through Internet Banking A Non Resident Investors Offshore Gold Checking Online Account (NRIOGCOA) is opened in our bank with a Minimum Opening Deposit (MOD) of ?20,000.00 EURO (Twenty-thousand Euros) this is equivalent of $28,600 USD (Twenty Eight Thousand, Six Hundred USD) This Account opening deposit payment of ?20,000.00 is to be made by you to our bank through the US based Fund Handling and Accounting firm that handles transaction involving Suisse Credit Union PLC and investors with Capital Fund Investment International. Under the Operational Agreement we signed with Capital Fund Investment International, all payment from a Capital Fund Investor that are based in US to our bank will be handled through A Fund Handling Firm ,this arrangement is to guarantee bank balance &accountability and to provide immediate record on our transactions with them when needed. This means that all account opening Deposit payment or transaction payment from you to our bank must be made through this firm in United States which Capital Fund Investment International will provide you with their bank account information when you contact them that you are ready to make this payment To make this payment, the Investor (You) MUST contact Capital Fund Investment International to provide him /her with the Bank Account Information of the Fund Handling Firm, for him/her to make this the Account Opening deposit Payment in her country. Capital Fund can decided how best to receive this payment for their investor and notify you. The account opening deposit payment is not a fee so will be added to your draft payment sum to make up the account balance when your account is opened. Once you have made the payment to them, Capital Fund International will issue an Account Opening Deduction Authorizing our bank to debit the same amount from their account with us and activate a Non Resident Gold Checking Online Bank Account for the Investor. This arrangement was made to ensure that the Non Resident Investors Offshore Gold Checking Online Account (NRIOGCOA) is opened solely for Investors with a Registered Investment company and not to be maneuvered by Intended customers that may want to gain from the Tax Free benefit of a Non Resident Investors Offshore Gold Checking Online Account (NRIOGCOA). The account opening deposit payment arrangement helps us to receive the money the moment it is paid by the customer in his/her country without the 3 working days delays which it normally takes for international transfers from United States to Europe Here are the three main requirements you are to provide to us within the next 72 hours to enable us open the Investors Gold Checking Online Account in your name.
1) Account Opening Form which you are to fill online
2) Account Opening Deposit Payment of $28,600.00 USD (Twenty Eight Thousand, Six Hundred USD) to be made by you as it cannot be deducted from the principal sum which is still in Draft payment and needs this account to clear.
3) Copy of Investors Certificate (We have received this from Capital Fund Investment International on your Behalf)
Please remember to upload the Scanned copy of any of your identification or photo or send it to us to assist you in uploading it. This is to serve as the Account Opening Post Card Identity. The account opening Form is to be filled by you online through our Online Banking Portal and submitted to the Account Department of our bank. You can fill the online Account Opening Form by opening our online banking site bellow

Enter the Site and Click on “Open Account” to open a page where you will see,
"Click here to start now ”“Click to open the page where you are to fill the personal detail Form. Fill your personal details and click NEXT to complete the next page where you are required to choose your account login Username and password and account memorable questions. After you have completed your registration, it will display a new page where you are to verify the information you have submitted to confirm if they are correct. Once done, you are to click on register to complete your registration and log out of the site. In case you find it difficult to upload your photo on the place where you are required to upload your photograph, just skip the page and email the photograph to us to assist you in handling that when we activate your account. Before the account opening registration online, you are then required to make the account opening Deposit payment for Gold Checking as stated above through the Bank account that will be provided to you by Capital Fund Investment international. You are to send to us the Copy of the wire Transfer payment slip as proof of payment showing that you have paid the account opening fee. It is only after you have made the account opening deposit payment that we will issue you the account Login information with instructions on how to access your account and make transfers from this account. Once this account is opened in your name, we will deposit your Draft sum of $11,691,464.00 (Eleven Million, Six Hundred and Ninety One Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Four USD) into the account from where you can transfer the money to your bank account in United States. Thank you for your interest in our banking services. We pray for un-ending friendly banking relationship with you and hope to serve you better as a customer of Suisse Credit Union PLC. We will be expecting the Account Opening requirements so that we can establish your account. Please Note that Your account will NOT be activated until the requirement are complete .This account must be opened with the complete requirement within the next 72 hours or your transaction Draft payment from Capital Fund Investment International will be terminated . Sincerely yours
Edward Mario Varden
International Correspondent Director
Letter 6

Hello my wonderful treasure, you are so kind hearted, I cannot match your beautiful soul, but I promise to love you forever. I got the picture of Cash in his karate uniform, he looks like a Oh my beautiful Irene, what will my life be without you?,
I cannot even imagine it. Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouraging words, I actually feel your energy over here and I feel my spirit being uplifted every time you say a prayer.
I will tap into your positive energy because I cannot do this on my own. I said a prayer this morning and I believe the Lord will show you favor as you try your possible best to raise some money. I will be alright my sweet Irene, I felt uplifted after we spoke on the phone, the love we share is so strong that I can feel it right now. I love you so much my warrior woman, and I trust that you will come up with a solution real soon. I will keep hope and faith alive and await to hear some good news from you later today. Have a splendid day ahead.
Kisses from my heart,
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